Chapter 319: Love Token

“Extreme Heaven Peak; Cheng Yu greets Martial Uncle Qing Feng.” Cheng Yu walked into the main hall and saw Qing Fengzi seated at the host’s seat. Meanwhile, Xin Feng who had lost to him stood beside Qing Fenzi.

“En. Is there any matters for Martial Nephew to make a trip down to my Extreme Earth Peak?” When he heard that the Sect Master had received a high-grade soul artifact while the other elders had also received a middle-grade soul artifact, Qing Fengzi had no idea if Cheng Yu would still gift him a soul artifact after yesterday incident. However, he was still somewhat anticipating it.

After all, middle-grade soul artifact was still very valuable. Furthermore, Limitless Palace had limited such treasures. If Cheng Yu was able to gift him one, he would happily accept it. If Cheng Yu were to not gift him one, he would truly feel somewhat unpleasant.

“Martial Uncle, I have just entered the sect and have no understanding of certain rules. Hope Martial Uncle could take care of me when somethings happen. Recently, I have been out training and obtained quite a few numbers of decent treasures. Today, I wish to gift Martial Uncle this Blue Dome Sword. Hope Martial Uncle would accept it.” Cheng Yu didn’t bother to beat around the bush and took out a bluish sword.

“What a good Blue Dome Sword. This sword is simply extraordinary. Martial Nephew really wish to gift this sword to me?” When Qing Fengzi saw the sword that was hovering in the sky was a middle-grade soul artifact, he was delighted.

In fact, this was also after Cheng Yu had consulted from Qing Xu. Since he didn’t wish to have any conflict with Qing Fengzi, he might as well resolve the previous misunderstanding and need not mock the other party.

Qing Fengzi’s weapon was just a low-grade soul artifact.

“Of course. Nephew would never dare to deceive Martial Uncle.” Cheng Yu replied.

“Good. Since it’s so, then I will accept it. In the future, if you face any troubles in Limitless Palace, you can come to find me anytime. You are all Limitless Palace outstanding disciples. I hope you two would help each other out and improve together.” Since he had accepted Cheng Yu’s gift, Qing Fengzi gave some encouragement.

After all, the younger generation had gifted him a treasure. He, as an elder should not be so petty. Besides, if Cheng Yu had truly invoked any troubles, why would he seek help from him? Since it was so, what harm was there in giving out a blank cheque?

“Thank you, Martial Uncle. Nephew would certainly remember Martial Uncle words. If there’s nothing else, Nephew would take my leave first.” Since Cheng Yu had already gifted the gift to him, there was no longer a reason for him to continue staying behind.

“Sure. If you have time, you can always come over to my Extreme Earth Peak to have a stroll. You two Senior and Junior Brothers could also compare notes with each other occasionally.” Qing Fengzi smiled.

“Yes. Nephew bid his farewell.” Cheng Yu bowed before leaving the main hall.

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“Teacher, are we going to let him off just like this?” When Xin Feng saw Qing Fengzi was holding onto the soul artifact and was appreciating it, he was in envy. However, when he sensed his teacher seemed to have taken a fancy of Cheng Yu, it caused him to feel displeased.

It was especially so when Cheng Yu had arrived at the main hall, he had only given Xin Feng a glance. After that, from the start to the end, he never once paid any more attention to Xin Feng. It was as if Cheng Yu had treated him like the air.

Originally, he thought that other than gifting his teacher a gift, Cheng Yu would also apologize to him. However, from Cheng Yu actions, he could tell that Cheng Yu had never once placed him in his eyes at all. This caused him to grow even more furious.

“What us! That’s the issue between you and him. You fail to love up to expectations, yet you blame others? I have no objection if you wish to deal with him but don’t lose my Extreme Earth Peak’s face.” Qing Fengzi harrumphed coldly.

As a law enforcer elder, he wasn’t so narrow-minded to the point of having to deal with the younger generation personally. Although this incident did cause him to lose a lot of face if he were to use this incident to deal with Cheng Yu, what would others think of him?

Besides, Cheng Yu had just gifted him a decent treasure. Why would he fall out with Cheng Yu? If he does so, how was he going to face others as well as to wield his law enforcer hall? Furthermore, he believed that after this series of present gifting, the other elders would definitely have a favorable impression of Cheng Yu. When the time comes, wouldn’t he invoke everyone anger if he were to deal with Cheng Yu?

“I……” Xin Feng grew anxious and was speechless. That’s right. He, a Nascent Soul Realm was defeated by a Golden Core Realm and still needed an elder to step forth. In the future, how was he going to mingle around in Limitless Palace? Although he was in displeased, he could only endure it silently.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu……”

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu……”

Cheng Yu strolled around Limitless Palace due to boredom. He bumped into numerous disciples as they all greeted him respectfully. This caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely satisfying.

But what Cheng Yu didn’t know was the majority of them was ordered by their elders. Whenever they bumped into Cheng Yu, they had to be more respectful. This could be counted as payback for Cheng Yu’s gift!

That being the case, the remaining portion of the greetings actually came from their heart. It was especially so for those who had personally witnessed Cheng Yu’s battle with Xin Feng. The tyranny of Cheng Yu had been deeply engraved into their mind, so much that most of them had worshipped him as their idol.

All the mountain peak in Limitless Palace was covered in cloud and mist. All the buildings were concealed within the clouds, making it faintly discernible. It was as if all the buildings were hovering above the sky, making it seem like a paradise which gave out an extremely mysterious feeling.

“Aish! What a beautiful place. If only a few women at home could see this, they would certainly fall in love with it.” Cheng Yu arrived before an immortal lotus pond. The lake water was extremely clear and was filled with dark green lotus leaves, together with the snow white lotus. Adding on the red golden fishes that were swimming around the lake, it created a calm atmosphere.

“This won’t do. I must return back tomorrow.” While Cheng Yu was enjoying the beautiful scenery, he couldn’t help but think back to the girls in the secular world. He truly wished to return back immediately but he promised Qing Xu that he would stay for a couple of days.

“At this moment, how I wish I could play a song.” Cheng Yu took out the jade flute and thought.

“It had already been a day. Yet, it’s still so fragrant. I’m truly curious as to what perfume did that woman use. Was it Chanel? Gucci? Estee Lauder? Or perhaps was her body fragrance?” Cheng Yu smiled erotically while continued sniffing.

“Why would Junior Sister Xin Yao jade flute be in your hand?” Just when Cheng Yu had submerged himself into his fantasy, a cold voice echoed out behind him.

“Who are you?” Cheng Yu turned around and took a look. It was a grave and stern man standing behind him.

The man seemed to be around 20 years old and some masculinity could be seen in his looks.

“I’m Extreme Earth Peak Chief Disciple, Xin Heng!” Xin Heng spoke coldly.

“Oh!” Cheng Yu exclaimed nonchalantly before turning his head back and looked at the jade flute. He intentionally placed the jade flute at the side of his mouth and gave it a puff. Unfortunately, Cheng Yu had learned all sorts of stuff but never once touched on music. Other than whirring sounds, no other tune was produced.

Xin Heng complexion turned cold when he saw Cheng Yu’s actions. He clenched his teeth as fury could be seen in his eyes.

He was able to tell the jade flute on Cheng Yu hand belonged to Xin Yao because the jade pendant suspended on the jade flute was the one he followed Xin Yao to Black Heaven City to buy it. Furthermore, the flowery braid on it was knitted by Xin Yao personally.

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Xin Yao had never once allowed anyone to touch the jade flute before, including him. But now, the jade flute had actually appeared on another man hand. This person was the one who had just joined the sect, Cheng Yu.

What was even more abominable was that the brat had actually placed his mouth on the jade flute. That had been played by Xin Yao before! When he thought of this, the veins on Xin Heng hands immediately crusaded out. It was significant to show how angry he was.

“You have yet to reply me. Why is the jade flute with you?” Xin Heng interrogated once more.

“What a failure. I’m still unable to play it after blowing it for so many times. Seem like I have to look for Senior Sister Xin Yao to teach me.” Cheng Yu ignored him but continued playing with the flute. After that, he stood up, preparing to leave.

Although Cheng Yu muttered very softly, Xin Heng was still able to hear it loud and clear. This caused him to grow even more furious.

“Tell me. How did you get this jade flute! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Xin Heng suddenly appeared before Cheng Yu as he glared at Cheng Yu.

“Why should I tell you that this jade flute is given to me by Senior Sister Xin Yao as a love token?” Cheng Yu replied in disdain.

“Nonsense. Why would Junior Sister Xin Yao pledge her love to you? You better be frank!” Xin Heng expression turned ugly. He would never believe it was real. But this jade flute was Xin Yao beloved item. It was impossible for Cheng Yu to steal it.

“If I don’t say, you will continue to question me. Once I told you, you chose not to believe me. What else do you want me to say? Besides, Senior Sister Xin Yao has good taste. Just by a look, she was able to tell my impressiveness and know that I’m extraordinary. Hence, she gifted me this flute as a love token. What’s impossible in this? Perhaps, am I uglier than you?” Cheng Yu replied rhythmically.

Men would easily develop a favorable impression of beautiful women. But they would develop an ill will to other men if they were to be more handsome and confident than them. Therefore, Cheng Yu was extremely displeased with this person. In addition, this person acted so overbearingly, as if he was interrogating him. This caused Cheng Yu to feel even more unpleasant.

Just a glance, Cheng Yu knew that this person likes Xin Yao. Your sister. I must anger you to death!

“Seem like you will never speak the truth if I were to not give you some lesson.” Xin Heng would never believe in Cheng Yu’s nonsense. Having known Xin Yao for so many years, she had never once fallen in love with a random person at first sight. Let alone gifting the jade flute out as a love token. Contrary, it might be stolen by this brat?

“Bring it on then. I would like to see how strong was the chief disciple of Extreme Earth Peak.” Cheng Yu was able to tell this person strength was deep and unmeasurable. But he had yet to breakthrough to the Spirit Severing Realm. It was unknown as if he was in the Middle or Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm.

It would be great if he was in the Middle Stage of Nascent Soul Realm. But if he were to be in the late stage, it would be hard for Cheng Yu to receive a move of his. But even so, Cheng Yu was not someone who would cower when facing a person stronger than him. Just nice, he could be treated as his sparring partner. In any case, sooner or later, he would have to face the experts from Kunlun.

“Hmph, don’t think that just because you could defeat Xin Heng, you’re unrivaled in the Nascent Soul Realm. I will let you see what is a true Nascent Soul Realm expert.” Xin Heng replied coldly.

“Less nonsense, let’s fight!” Cheng Yu replied in unrestrained.

“Hmph! Then why not try accepting a fist of mine?” Xin Heng laughed coldly before attacking out.

When Cheng Yu sense the aura on the other party, he no longer dared to be negligent as he congregated all his qi on his palm. He secretly circulated 3 golden core strength and faced the incoming attack.

Boom! Both palms clashed into each other. Both of them was shot back immediately. Cheng Yu was sent flying several meters, directly knocking into a big obelisk as he vomited a mouth of blood.

“Stay your hand!” It was at this moment, a voice was transmitted over from a distant place.

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