Chapter 600: The Land of Holy Spirit

Long Yi and the others looked over. Sure enough, they saw a large cave in front that was roughly ten meters wide in the depths of this forest. It appeared dark without any light.

For some unknown reason, a kind of inexplicable feeling appeared in Long Yi’s heart. There seemed to be something attracting him.

“Everyone, don’t you feel this cave looks a little strange?” Yamei sized up this seemingly bottomless undersea cave and asked with hesitation.

“It is quite strange. That Heaven Slaying Squid couldn’t inside, could it?” Sijiate said.

“That is absolutely impossible. Didn’t you all also see that huge tentacle of the Heaven Slaying Squid? That alone was more than 100 meters thick. This cave is not big enough to hide even that one tentacle,” Karl said.

Long Yi raised his hand, and five light balls appeared. Although the light magic element was very thin in water, it was more than enough to maintain a few light balls. Then, with a flick of his finger, those five light balls flew towards that cave.

When those light balls were roughly 100 meters inside that cave, they encountered an obstruction and were immediately extinguished.

“Long Yi, should we go in and take a look?” The purple shell on the back of Yamei flapped as she asked. She seemed to be very interested in this big cave.

“I think we should go and take a look. Does anyone have any objections?” Long Yi looked at everyone and asked. As a matter of fact, it was not wise to venture into this cave when they were already in such a dangerous undersea forest, but Long Yi’s intuition told him that there was something in this cave; otherwise, he wouldn’t have this kind of feeling.

Liuli took the initiative to shake her head; she would naturally always follow Long Yi. The Yamei siblings and Karl also expressed that they had no objections. Since their lives had been saved by Long Yi, they would not cower back if Long Yi wanted to enter. Moreover, taking risks was engraved in their bones.

Seeing that everyone had agreed, Long Yi created a few light balls again. Shrouding everyone in an isolation barrier, they swam toward that big cave.

After arriving near the cave, they saw that there was a forty-five degree slanted slope to the cave’s entrance. Long Yi used his hands to feel the cave wall and discovered that it wasn’t formed with mud nor rock. It was very hard and smooth. They swam 100 meters and reached the place where Long Yi’s light balls had been extinguished before.

“Eh, it’s the end. There is nothing in the cave.” Beneath the soft glow emitted by the light balls, everyone looked all around but discovered that there truly only was a dead end in front of them.

Long Yi frowned. Impossible! That feeling… How could this just be an empty cave?

Long Yi strengthened the brightness of the light balls, and the surrounding area was illuminated brightly. At this time, he suddenly discovered a few ancient magic runes engraved on the left wall.

“If some lines were added, and these magic runes were circled, it would resemble a transfer magic array!” Long Yi had studied a lot of magic arrays, and from an initial glance, he felt that these magic runes were very familiar, so he came to this conclusion.

“How about we give it a try?” Karl asked.

Long Yi had already had this plan. He transferred magic power to his fingertip and drew the connecting lines. No long after, a transfer magic array was completed.

“Now, as for inserting two pieces of magic stones, they should be eh…” Before Long Yi finished speaking, he saw that the magic runes that had already existed before they had come began to emit a faint radiance. This magic array could instantly activate! It unexpectedly didn’t need magic stones as an energy supply.

“Should we go in?” Sijiate asked foolishly.

“Nonsense, if I don’t enter, I will not be able to rest nor eat in peace.” Karl’s eyes shone. He couldn’t wait to know where this transfer magic array would teleport him.

Everyone came to an agreement, and taking a deep breath, they entered this transfer magic array.

Long Yi held Liuli’s slender waist and only saw a blur in front of his eyes. When everything cleared up once more, he discovered that he was in an open field covered with overgrown weeds. The land below his legs felt real, and the air around was fresh. However, looking up, he could see blue seawater over a hundred meters above where all kinds of strange sea fish swam.

At that moment, the Yamei siblings and Karl stood up in the midst of a thick clump of grass not far away. They looked surprised and bewildered.

“Strange, how come we were transferred to the Land of Holy Spirit in Undersea City? Let’s leave quickly! It will be troublesome if we are discovered,” Karl looked all around and said in a low voice.

“What is the Land of Holy Spirit? Isn’t this the wilderness?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. In the past, he had always thought that Undersea City was a city in the midst of the sea, but to his surprise, it turned out to be a place with a huge barrier that isolated the seawater. However, this was better. Although he could absorb oxygen within seawater to survive because he had reached the fifth layer of AoTianJue, a human was still a human: it was not so comfortable to soak in seawater all day and night.

“In the War of Gods and Demons a hundred thousand years ago, the Sea Race was also involved. At that time, the greatest Sea Emperor and his millions of people died here in battle. Later, this land was sealed off as the Land of Holy Spirit, and no one was allowed to disturb the late emperor’s sleep. If someone was discovered here, he or she would be sentenced to death,” Karl explained.

So many corpses? Long Yi spread out his spirit power, but he didn’t sense any grievances. He then chanted an incantation and used Undead Summoning Magic. A few grotesque skeletons of the Sea Race crawled out of the ground and stood in front of Long Yi.

“Ah!” The Yamei siblings and Karl screamed at the same time and looked at Long Yi as if he were a monster. In the Sea Race, there were also magicians, but there weren’t many, and most of them were proficient in either water or spirit magic. Undead magic merely existed in the legend; moreover, necromancers were regarded as envoys of the Devil.

Long Yi didn’t feel like explaining to them. He just examined these skeletons of the Sea Race, and shaking his head, he said, “Look at the appearances of these skeletons. They are absolutely not a hundred thousand years old. They are at most over a hundred years old.”

The attention of everyone shifted to Long Yi’s words, and Karl exclaimed, “Impossible, no one has ever set foot here! No one is allowed to enter here other than the Sea Emperor who comes here annually to commemorate the dead.”

“I don’t have any reason to lie to you all, but do you all know what this is?” Long Yi took off a small plate from the neck of one of the eight-limbed skeletons.

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“Isn’t this the identity plate of a Sea Scorpion Clan’s elite scorpion guard?” Karl took a look and exclaimed in shock.

“Are you sure? Karl, the elite scorpion guard was established two hundred years ago. How could they appear here?” Yamei asked.

With this, everything felt that the matter was somewhat fishy. This was the place of the Sea Race where their clansmen who had sacrificed their lives a hundred thousand years ago in the War of Gods and Demons were buried, but now, skeletons that were less than a hundred years old had appeared here; moreover, no one had been allowed to enter this place from the past to the present.

Long Yi sized up all the skeletons around him and found that there were no scars on them; thus, he was unable to discern their causes of death. He thought for a bit and twisted a front limb of this sea scorpion skeleton and examined it. After a while, he announced, “It seems that all of their essence blood was sucked dry before they perished. There is no marrow power inside this skeleton.”

“Then, doesn’t that resemble how the Heaven Slaying Squid kills? Didn’t Frank die like that?” Sijiate asked.

The complexion of Karl changed, and the final tragic appearance of his good brother Frank appeared in his mind. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Examine! I must examine this matter!” He sensed a huge conspiracy at foot here.

At this moment, Long Yi’s ears stood erect, and he said in a low voice, “Someone is coming, retract your aura and hide.”

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Having heard what he said, everyone retracted their auras and hid in the invisible isolation barrier of Long Yi. They squatted down in the thick clump of grass.

Not long after, along with crackling sounds, a group of fifty tall humanoid figures appeared. They wore armor and held spear-like weapons that dazzled with pallid light. They were still far away, but their bloody killing intent rippled in the air.

This squad of fifty people advanced in a neat formation and passed by several dozen meters away from where Long Yi’s group hid.

“Which clan’s army is this?” Long Yi asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know. I can’t see their true faces.” Karl shook his head.

The Yamei siblings also expressed that they had never seen this army.

Perhaps, this was an army trained here in secret, and the Land of Holy Spirit was only a cover for them. Long Yi thought this was so.

“Let’s follow them and see where they are going,” Long Yi said.

The group of five followed this squad with some distance left between them. With the strength of Long Yi, tracking such a squad was very easy.

After roughly an hour, this squad stopped in front of an unassuming rock, and the person taking the lead took out a triangular plate and placed it above this rock. A white light flashed, and this squad unexpectedly disappeared into thin air.

The group of Long Yi rushed over to that rock and found that there was a groove embedded within this rock. If he forcibly moved this stone, then he feared that he would alert the enemy. Like that, the losses would outweigh the gains.

“Long Yi, what should we do now?” Yamei habitually asked Long Yi. She always felt that there was nothing in this world that this man couldn’t do.

Long Yi closed his eyes and sent out his spirit power to examine whether there was any barrier or so on around this place. He was sure that whatever it was that had emitted that white light was not a transfer magic array because it didn’t have the magic fluctuation of a transfer magic array, it had just been a simple magic power fluctuation. Could it be that there was an invisible magic gate here?

After a good while, Long Yi helplessly shook his head and said, “There is nothing here. Now, we can only use the most cumbersome method. We must wait here: I don’t believe that they will never come out.”

Everyone thought for a bit and felt that this was the only method they could use.

Long Yi dug a hole not far away. He then disguised it and covered it with an isolation barrier, beginning their wait while listening to Karl and the Yamei siblings talk about the current circumstances of the Sea Race, especially their insinuations about the circumstances of Mermaid Clan. He truly wanted to know the current situation of Bifei and Xiaomi.

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