Chapter 5: Let Go of My wife!

Wang Shu chose not to take Lan Yue. Yes, they were husband and wife, but his heart told him against it. After he left the room, he went to look for his butler.

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“Young master, you!”

As the butler saw the greed in Wang Shu’s eyes, his heart couldn’t settle down. He hoped that Wang Shu won’t snatch all the money Lan Yue had brought with her, since their living standard was already low to begin with.

Wang Shu understood what his butler was thinking, so he didn’t ask for money even though he really needed it. “I hope you can safekeep the money for me, and buy something nice for Lan Yue to eat. It’s all my fault to begin with…”

“Young… young master!”

Wang Shu left as soon as he finished those words, leaving his butler speechless in the corridor. Does this sound like something my idiotic young master would say? The butler questioned himself.

Wang Shu went outside the city. He reached a random forest location and pulled out his phone to look for a fist and sword technique that would suit him.

Originally, he should’ve stayed with Lan Yue, but doing so would create an awkward atmosphere. Instead, Wang Shu chose to use this chance to level himself. Only when you get stronger will no one look down on you, belittle you.

Today’s event was proof to those words. A marriage of two prestigious people, yet not even one person came to congratulate them. Wang Shu soon found what he was looking for.

[Name: Nine Breathing Fists]

[Level: Lvl.1 Fist Technique]

[Explanation: By using this technique, one can gather blood qi into a single point and release it in a certain direction. This fist technique has nine layers. For every layer, one can create a separate gather point, then combine them together for a stronger outburst. Mastering this technique can let one gather up to nine gathering point, releasing a power that can rival even a second level fist technique]

[Price: 1 SC]

[Warning: There is a requirement for a strong body after reaching the fourth layer of this technique. One may want to also train a body tempering technique, or else once you meet an opponent stronger than you, the backlash from using your body parts as the gathering point might cause your body to rupture]

“Good, I’ll pick this!”

Upon the above description, this fist technique fit perfectly with what Wang Shu wanted. Wang Shu’s expression changed after reading through the technique booklet.

“Ugh, it only has the training method from first to third layer. If I want to further the training, I will need to activate the second level of the system. I’m not in a rush anyway. I will think about after mastering the first three layers.”

Wang Shu was not worried about the incomplete technique booklet given by the system. After all, once it came from the system, all you need is to have money.

Wang Shu immediately became immersed with his training, without knowing his time passed faster than roller coaster.

With the moon shining vividly in contrast to the dark sky, Wang Shu trained like a mad man.

Within the Wang Family’s household, Lan Yue and the butler patiently sat with a table full of delicacies, but no one lifted their chopsticks.

The moon had passed over the oak tree, but Wang Shu never showed up.

It was wedding night yet the husband is not home, the old butler didn’t know where to put his face. He originally thought that the young master had grown up, who would’ve thought that he still went out to play. One can’t change their old habits that easily. The butler uttered with a guilty conscience, “Lady Yue, young master might be delayed by some matters. Don’t worry too much about it.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Lan Yue already placed herself as the wife of Wang Shu. But the first day of their wedding, Wang Shu couldn’t even be found. It didn’t matter who, no one would feel good about it, especially a sensitive person like her. She was already under pressure by being married to him. Her mouth said that she didn’t care, but her heart said otherwise. She had cut off all ties with her father just to get married to Wang Shu, and she still had to face a situation like this.

The butler realized what Lan Yue was thinking through her body language. More and more, he felt that Wang Shu was a trash, which lead him to think that Wang Shu had taken so much gold with him. He feared that Wang Shu was spending it on alcohol again.

“Lady Yue, please wait a moment, I will go look for young master.” Unable to hold it any longer, the butler decided to go look for Wang Shu. From a young age until now, he had given all his love to nurture him into an adult, but now he had only one thought in his mind; to look for this animal and beat the hell out of him.

“I’ll go with you!”

Lan Yue stood up and was ready to leave with the butler, but the butler felt uneasy. It would be weird to bring Lan Yue to the red-light districts  to look for Wang Shu. Lan Yue also understood what the butler was worrying about, and said, “From the time I married into the Wang Family, I’m a member of the Wang Family.”

“Sigh, what a good milady our Wang Family has.”

Even the butler felt that it was a waste for such a great lady to marry Wang Shu, as he continued to sigh in his heart.

The two covered the dishes on the table and got ready before heading out with the butler leading the way.

In a forest outside of the city


It took Wang Shu till midnight to finally master the first layer of Nine Breathing Technique. Accompanied by a shout, his fist smashed onto a tree trunk that was as thick as a wrist. A wave a blood qi burst from his fist, causing a ‘kacha’ noise as the tree trunk cracked in half.

“Oh yeah, I might get addicted to this!”

Looking at the broken tree trunk, Wang Shu was filled with self-confidence. Clenching his fist, he thought to himself. This is what I call power, what I call a sense of security.

The changes within his body made Wang Shu brim with confidence. From now on, no one will dare to call him trash again. And with the help of the Invincible Exchange System, although he started off late, he believed that he could catch up in no time. Only when you have power, you can protect what you want to protect.

Slowly adjusting to the changes on his body, Wang Shu continued to indulge himself to this feeling of power.

In just a short one-day time, Wang Shu actually mastered the first layer of the Nine Breathing Fist Technique. If words got out, it would cause a ruckus within the city’s walls. A trash? Oh please, this must be a genius; a genius within the geniuses, and this genius had worked so hard.

“Sh*t, I can’t believe I forgot that.”

Wang Shu suddenly remembered that today was the marriage between Lan Yue and he, originally wanted to make up to Lan Yue. He never thought that he would immerse in his training to such extent. He rushed back to his house.

“Ugh, they must’ve gone out to look for me!” Seeing the many dishes on the table with the chopsticks neatly placed as if they were never used, Wang Shu quickly came into conclusion that Lan Yue and the butler went looking for him since he didn’t come home.

Wang Shu had a bad premonition and once again, rushed out without changing out of his sweaty clothes.

Xue Feng city’s Feng Yue street

The butler and Lan Yue went through more than ten brothels. Not even a hint to where Wang Shu was, they became anxious and worried.

“Lady Yue, maybe young master did not come here. He might be involved with another matter, or sleeping somewhere in the house.” The butler felt embarrassed and apologized for his bad judgement.

“Let’s look for a bit longer. If we really can’t find him then let’s head back. Just like you said, he might be sleeping somewhere within the house.” Lan Yue nodded.

The two went to another brothel. Of course, only the butler went in to look for Wang Shu; Lan Yue stayed outside and waited.

After fifteen minutes, the butler came back out with a disappointed face. Seeing that the butler hadn’t found Wang Shu, Lan Yue had a complicated feeling. She didn’t know if she should be happy or sad since she had both feelings; happy Wang Shu hadn’t come back, and sad because they couldn’t find him.

“Oh, Eldest Miss Lan? Instead of staying home, what are you doing in here in the middle of the night? I also heard you married to that trash Wang Shu, is that true? Let me guess, you came looking for Wang Shu since he hasn’t come home right? Haha, leaving his newly wed wife at home to look for another lady, what an idiot!”

Just as the butler and Lan Yue were about to leave in search for Wang Shu at another brothel, a sharp sound came from behind and they were immediately surrounded by Gao Xiang’s drunk friends.

As Gao Xiang showed up, both the butler and Lan Yue felt uneasiness throbbing in their hearts. Before, Gao Xiang feared the status ‘Lord Lan’s daughter’. He had thoughts about Lan Yue, though he wasn’t brave enough to do anything. Plus, her sister Lan Xue was always with here, which made it impossible for him to do anything. Lan Xue was a famous genius who reached fourth layer of Blood Awakening phase before the age of sixteen.

Gao Xiang was not like Wang Shu who trained for many years and still stuck at first layer, but he was only a second layer so both were the same half-ass in cultivation.

Right now, without the protection of Lord Lan, and Lan Xue was not here, Lan Yue realized something was off. She sent an eye signal to the butler and hastily ran.

“Don’t need to rush, Eldest Miss Lan. I, Gao Xiang loved you so much, why didn’t you tell me that you got married? You really hurt my heart!” Gao Xiang did drink a lot, but he was not drunk. After observing the surroundings and realizing that Lan Xue was not here, he braced himself and ordered his underlings to stop them from leaving.

“Gao gongzi, Lady Lan is already…”

“Scram, you old sh*t, don’t kill my mood here. This woman must accompany me for a drink!” Without letting the butler finish, Gao Xiang kicked him, and he fell to the floor. He rolled to the side, smashing his head against a stone stair and blood started to drip from his head.

“Butler Wang!”

Lan Yue wanted to help the butler up, but as soon as she moved, Gao Xiang forcefully lifted her chin to face him. His eyes were filled with greed and lust, “Eldest Miss Lan, today is your big day. Don’t I deserve a drink with you?”

Lan Yue understood that she couldn’t resist, so she coldly said, “Gao gongzi, please have some self-respect!”

“Hehe, Eldest Miss Lan, you think you still are the noble and pure lady you once were? Haha, what a joke. You think I didn’t know that you have cut all ties with your father and married into the Wang family. Let me tell you something, that trash doesn’t have much time since his father betrayed the empire. General Wang has already been captured, now the only thing awaits him was his conviction. If you are smart, then follow me from now on. Relax, you are different than those hoes. Once I’m done playing with them, I’ll throw them away, but not you!” Gao Xiang pulled Lan Yue chin closer to his face, his eyes sparkled with pride and confidence.

“What nonsense are you saying?!”

Lan Yue acted as if she was struck by lightning; her whole body lost its strength and she sat on the floor.

“Haha, haha! Lift her up, let’s go have some fun!” Gao Xiang laughed haughtily. Calling his underlings to lift Lan Yue into the building, he called upon the waiter to order a table full of delicious food and good wine.

“Young master! Young master! Where are you, young master?”

The butler wanted to save Lan Yue, but seeing the nasty looking guards standing outside, he cancelled those thoughts and went looking for Wang Shu.

In one of the streets, a small slim figure completely blended in with the shadow of a tree. One could only vaguely see a pair of eyes staring at Gao Xiang who was drinking, and Lan Yue who looked like she had lost her soul.

“You reap what you sow…”

A voice of a girl came out from the shadow.

On the road

“F*ck! Don’t tell me they actually ran into trouble?!”

When Wang Shu thought of butler and Lan Yue went looking for him in the Feng Yue street, he quickly rushed there, but his heart couldn’t settle down.

“Not good, I might get myself in danger if I go in blindly like this. Need to think of a backup plan!”

Thinking that he might meet danger, Wang Shu once again pulled out his phone, He browsed through the weapon and armor sections. Seeing nothing that suited him, he then went through the item section.

Something caught his eyes just as he opened the item section.

[Name: Electro-Flame Bomb]

[Level: Lvl.1 item]

[Usage: It will cause an explosion as it comes into contact with a physical object by smashing. Its explosion can pulverize rocks]

[Price: 1 SC]

“This shall do it!”

Without a second thought, Wang Shu immediately bought two. His system coin balance changed from 9 to 7.

A small box suddenly appeared on his hand. After opening it, there were two black thumb size balls within it. Even without testing, Wang Shu could feel the rampaging energy emitted from them. He carefully hid it and continued running.

“Young master, where did you go? Mistress Lan was taken by Gao gongzi!” Not long after, Wang Shu found the butler. When the butler spotted Wang Shu, he started to cry while running towards him.

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Wang Shu calmly asked, “Tell me everything, no need to rush.”

Without questioning Wang Shu’s calmful judgement, the butler explained every detail on what occurred.

“Motherf*cker! That dog, piece of sh*t! Let’s go! If I don’t get him to beg for mercy tonight, I’ll change my name!”

Feng Yue street

“Eldest Miss Lan, just one sip!”

Gao Xiang brought a cup of rum near Lan Yue’s mouth. He tried to use one of his hands to hug her by the shoulders, but Lan Yue did not cooperate and dodged to the side, making him hug air instead.

“Hmph! Slut, don’t say I didn’t show you courtesy! Make her drunk!”

Gao Xiang angrily threw the cup on the floor and ordered his underlings. The only thing left in his mind was to have fun with her body tonight. As for how the word ‘death’ was spelled, he didn’t give a damn.

Gao Xiang was blinded by lust, but his underlings weren’t. They anxiously looked at Gao Xiang, as though they were asking if it was alright to do this. Although Lan Yue had cut ties with her father, she was still the daughter of Lord Lan.

“What are you guys looking at?! Get her drunk! I’ll take the responsibility!”

Already in a bad mood, his lust and anger started to burn as his underlings questioned his logic.

“You dare! Let go of my wife, NOW!”

But as the underlings were about to do so, another voice came from the outside.

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