Chapter 6: Promise

“Let go of my wife!”

Wang Shu’s angry voice entered the room. Next, people saw him strode in.

“Hmph, a trash who don’t know how to die!”

When he saw Wang Shu, Gao Xiang smirked coldly. Snorting, he sent a look to his underlings, and two dreadful looking henchmen jumped down from the room. Gao Xiang wanted to capture Wang Shu and make him watch as he made love with Lan Yue.

“Wang Shu, please run away! You can’t win against him!”

Lan Yue, who was originally in despair, suddenly stood up and shouted. She never thought that her idiot husband would come to save her. As she heard him calling her wife, she didn’t know what she had felt in her heart was sweet or bitter. If only he wasn’t an idiot…

“Brat, do you have a death wish? You dare interrupt our Gao-gongzi’s pleasant time!”

“Brat, if you kneel now and call Gao-gongzi ‘master’, he might let you live!”

The two henchmen had evil smiles on their faces as they continued to bully Wang Shu. To go up against the famous trash Wang Shu, they believed they can finish him off with only one hand.

“Go die!”

Although Wang Shu had the strength to rival them, he didn’t want to waste time. Planning to take the first move, an Electro Flame Bomb appeared in his hand, and he threw it by their feet.

“Ha, what kind of… AH!!!”

The two naturally saw that Wang Shu had thrown something at them, but they paid no attention to it. As their faces filled with contempt, they were interrupted by a big explosion. In an instant, they were both engulfed by a flaming light and the next moment, their bodies exploded into smithereens.


Even Wang Shu miscalculated the explosive power of the Electro Flame Bomb. It exceeded his imagination by ten folds. Feeling the power wave, he retreated a distance before coming to a halt.

The explosion came and went very fast; it took only a couple of seconds. But within these couple of seconds, half the building was gone and there was also a deep hole on the ground. The two henchman who had been standing there were nowhere to be seen; only bits of their flesh were splattered outside the hole.


Seeing the power of the Electro Flame Bomb, Wang Shu swallowed his spit. Isn’t this power too high? I would have been done for if I hadn’t raise my Blood Awakening phase to the second layer.

Gao Xiang, who had been watching with playful eyes within the brothel, was sent flying, smashing into a pillar while his jaws dropped in disbelief. Lan Yue fell to the ground, not knowing if she was dead or alive.

“Young… young… young master!”

The old butler who just arrived was also stunned. When did our young master possess such a fearful thing? Almost destroying the whole building…

“What a fearsome ball!”

In the shadows, a girl whispered in a shaken voice.


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In the midst of the crowd’s amazement, Wang Shu, with a face full of self-satisfaction, walked towards the brothel. The old butler caught on to the young master’s intention and followed.

“Brother Wang, it’s a misunderstanding! Everything was a misunderstanding!”

Seeing Wang Shu enter, Gao Xiang looked as if he saw a devil, and started to beg on all fours.


Playing with the Electro Flame Bomb, throwing it up and down, Wang Shu’s question sounded rather off.

“Hehe, of course it was a misunderstanding. Today was Brother Wang and Eldest Miss Lan’s wedding. For celebration, we specially invited Eldest Miss Lan to have a drink. We were preparing to call Brother Wang over, but we had never thought you would arrive this early.” With his life on the line, Gao Xiang couldn’t care less about his face as he spoke lies without batting an eye.

Wang Shu turned around and saw the butler lifting Lan Yue up.

The butler said, “Young master, Miss Lan had only fainted. No injuries were found.”

“Alright, I forgive you. In exchange, you’ll have to kneel and call me master for me to let you live!” Wang Shu didn’t want to leave the situation just like that. Last time when he was poisoned, it must be this guy’s doing. And now he dares to sully my wife! Wang Shu said as he gave Gao Xiang a slap.

In contrast to Wang Shu’s thought that Gao Xiang would resist a little, he threw himself into a dogeza and continuously smacked his head on the ground; said, “Master, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please spare my life!”


The original plan was messed up. Wang Shu had planned that if Gao Xiang did resist a little, he could have beat the crap out of him, but not only he did prostrate, he actually called him master, which was unexpected. Now Wang Shu wondered what he should do from here on.

“Ok… Erm… Since Brother Gao invited me for a drink, I can’t refuse, can I? Say, how much are you planning to spend?” Although he wanted to finish him here and now, but clearly Gao Xiang’s time for his death didn’t reach. Wang Shu didn’t have enough life to spare if he were to accidentally provoke those old geezers from the Gao Family.

“100 silver coins!”

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Gao Xiang couldn’t guess what Wang Shu was thinking, so he put an estimated price. But after seeing Wang Shu’s expression worsen, he quickly changed, “1000 silver coins!”


Wang Shu added no words. He only frowned and played with the Electro Flame Bomb by pitching it a little higher in the air.

Gao Xiang got scared to the point that he almost pissed his pants. He hurriedly changed his price, “Ten thousand silver coins!”

“That’s more like it. Hehe, I never knew Big Brother Gao is that generous. But my wife here is not feeling so well, so she can’t accompany you for a drink. As to not disrespect Brother Gao’s generosity, I humbly accept half of the money. I’m a very reasonable man.” Wang Shu finally showed a smile.


Gao Xiang made couldn’t process for a moment, and then realised that he was scammed. This Wang Shu was not asking for a drink; he was obviously extorting money from him! But since he did agree, the only option left was to pull out a stack of silver notes from his spatial ring and unwillingly hand them over to Wang Shu.

“Haha, Big Brother Gao, my good friend!”

Wang Shu took the stack of silver notes with a natural smile, resembling an innocent flower with a cunning merchant face plastered on it. He took a couple of glances on the spatial ring. To tell the truth, he really wanted one.

“Hehe, If Brother Wang likes it, I will send someone to deliver one for you when I head back to the family. It will be inconvenient to give you this one since I have many things inside.” Gao Xiang was quite perceptive. He understood what Wang Shu wanted and answered with a forceful smile.

“Wow, how did I not notice that Big Brother Gao was so understanding! I really have misunderstood you before.” Wang Shu suddenly felt that Gao Xiang had more usage than what he had imagined. Maybe in the near future, he can become my ATM. Thinking so, his murderous intent dulled down a little, and his eyes changed to look like he was staring at a chest full of gold.

Gao Xiang got the shivers from changed look Wang Shu was giving him. He thought that Wang Shu really wanted to kill him, so he quickly said, “Brother Wang, what I did today was wrong. If you ever need help, you can always ask me! I will make sure to accomplish it perfectly! Eh hehe…”

“Haha, no problem. It’s kind of late now, I’ll take my leave today, brother! I promise to ask you out for a drink next time!” Wang Shu’s mood changed drastically. What a treasure trove! Based on my memories, this guy is like grass that’s easily swayed to any side. Maybe I can find some use for him.

He walked to the unconscious Lan Yue, lifted her up and left with a broad grin.

“May we meet again!”

Gao Xiang, who was almost got the s*** scared out of him, stared at the departing Wang Shu with an unhappy face.

“Young… young master!”

The butler looked at Gao Xiang, then looked at Wang Shu like he had seen a ghost. When did my idiotic young master become so cunning? Is he still that idiotic young master I once knew? The butler had many questions, but he undoubtedly followed Wang Shu.

The two chose to call a carriage instead of walking to head home.

“Butler, go and warm up the food. Lan Yue and I will come shortly after.”

When they returned, Wang Shu dismissed the butler and carried Lan Yue back to his room. Although the butler wanted to ask many things, he knew that they were best left unclear, so he went and did as he was told.

“Lan Yue, I had let you suffer…”

Wang Shu placed Lan Yue on the bed. Looking at her beautiful face, a sense of guilt arose within his heart. Luckily, Lan Yue is only unconscious and did not suffer any injuries.

Pulling out his phone, Wang Shu recharge his SC with all the silver notes Gao Xiang gave him. His SC account changed from 7 to 57.

[Name: Conscious Awakening Pill]

[Level: Lvl.1]

[Usage: Allow the consumer to wake up]

[Price: 1 SC]

“Alright, I found it!”

Wang Shu bought the pill and quickly fed it to Lan Yue. After consumption, it took a while before Lan Yue showed signs of waking up.

Cough* x3

After a series of coughs, Lan Yue slowly opened her eyes. Confusingly observing her surrounding, she panickedly sat up when she saw Wang Shu and said, “Wang Shu, run away now! You can’t win against Gao Xiang, you must not…”

But as she reached half way, she realized something was different. It finally came to her senses that she was in Wang Shu’s room, her cheeks turned slightly red as she shut her mouth.

“Ha ha, my stupid wife!”

Wang Shu hugged Lan Yue tightly in his arms, gently stroking her head and said. Lan Yue also leaned on Wang Shu’s arms, feeling never before calmness.

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“Lan Yue, I’m sorry! Today was our wedding day and I…”

“Please don’t continue, I understand!”


The kindness Lan Yue continually showed him made Wang Shu felt even more guilty.

“Lan Yue, one day, I promise I will give you the biggest wedding ever. I will let everyone in the world know that you are my wife!” Wang Shu stared into Lan Yue’s eyes with a serious expression as he swore.

“Wang Shu, you… Ah!”

Lan Yue started to nervously avoided Wang Shu’s eyes. She wanted to move away but was struck with Wang Shu’s passionate kiss. She was then pushed down… (Censored) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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