Chapter 7: Blood Bean

The most joyful time would be the shortest. In a blink of eye, the sun rose to tell you it’s morning.

“Young Master, wake up! Gao gongzi came to look for you!”

The voice of the butler came through the door. Wang Shu, who had little to no sleep, became irritated. He didn’t understand why Gao Xiang would come looking for him so early in the morning, but he still got off his bed.

He turned around to take a glance at the sleeping beauty and suddenly, his body was fueled with energy. After he fixed his clothes and stepped out, he saw a fawning Gao Xiang standing by the entrance waiting for him. Wang Shu asked with what seemed to be a smile, “Oh, Big Brother Gao, what brought you here? You came so early in the morning instead of lazing around in bed, did something good happen?”

Gao Xiang spends almost everyday indulging in women and alcohol; this was something that Wang Shu was certain of. Normally, he would sleep till midday before getting his ass off the bed. This was why Wang Shu found it weird for him to be rushing here this early in the morning.

Hm? Wait, something is off… Why do I feel that his Blood Qi is stronger than mine? Gao Xiang had a confused expression on his face. He hadn’t seen Wang Shu for several days and now there was  a feeling that Wang Shu’s Blood Qi is stronger than his by a small margin, which brought some doubts to his heart. Last night, due to the accident, he didn’t notice Wang Shu’s aura.

Sh*t! He found out.

Wang Shu didn’t deliberately subdue his Blood Qi, causing Gao Xiang to realize something. In fear of causing unnecessary trouble, Wang Shu immediately retracted his Blood Qi’s aura, turning him back to the idiot trash with a Blood Awakening phase first layer he once was.

Observing that Wang Shu’s Blood Qi aura was normal as before, Gao Xiang became suspicious, but he still proceeded with the purpose of why he had come here, “Hehe, I came to bring Brother Wang great news! I heard that Qing Feng Pavilion will auction a pill that can guarantee you to raise a layer in the next half month. I’m scared that you might miss this chance, so I hurried over to tell you. And I also brought the spatial ring I promised Brother Wang. I hope you can accept it.”

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Gao Xiang pulled out the spatial ring and handed it over. On the outside, he seemed like a generous person, but his heart was actually bleeding. A small spatial ring cost at least ten thousand gold coins. The only reason he owned one was because he’s from the main branch of his family. If anyone from his family were to catch on that he had given someone a spatial ring, he might end up with broken legs as punishment. Otherwise, with his usual arrogant attitude, he would definitely not come here alone, but bring seven or eight underlings with him.

“Oh! Big Brother Wang, you really are a generous person. I was only joking at that time; you didn’t need to take it seriously at all!” Wang Shu never thought that Gao Xiang would actually go by his words, bringing the spatial ring to him on his own accord. Although he had said it as a joke, Wang Shu still moved his hands to take the spatial ring from Gao Xiang, pleasantly playing with it for a while. The spatial ring was not a normal item; it could change size according to the owner, perfectly fitting on his finger.

“Brother Wang, then I’ll not disturb you and take my leave. I still have something to do.” Goa Xiang didn’t want to continue staying here; who knows when Wang Shu will get another idea to scam him. At the same time, his heart was screaming with regret. Who said this guy was an idiotic trash? Clearly, he’s a monster pretending to be an idiot!

“Big Brother Gao, why don’t you stay for a drink? I don’t have many things to serve a guest, but I still have good alcohol.” Wang Shu found Gao Xiang was becoming more interesting. He can be a great ATM one day… This was the first time Wang Shu wanted to sincerely serve him some alcohol. He didn’t lie, the Invincible Exchange System had great wine and rum for sale.

“No no no! Next time, next time! Hehe, brother I’ll take my leave first!” When Gao Xiang heard the invitation, it almost made him puke. You already scammed a spatial ring off me and now you want money! But he could only hold those thoughts in his head. The explosion of the Electro Flame Bomb had been carved deep in his memories. Not knowing when Wang Shu’s mood might change to throw one at him, he only could reject Wang Shu’s offer with a smile and burst off running before Wang Shu could answer.


Looking at Gao Xiang who came so suddenly and also ran off so suddenly, Wang Shu turned speechless. Unknowingly starting to mumble, “I really only wanted to serve you some drinks…”

“Not bad!”

Wang Shu was satisfied with the spatial ring Gao Xiang had gave him. After inspection, there was a ten-meter square space. Now he could put many things inside the spatial ring without the need to carry them around on him.

He put all his Electro Flame Bomb inside the spatial ring. As for the phone, Wang Shu hesitated for while before deciding not to place it in. After all, something might happen if he placed it inside, since the phone already exceeded his understanding,

“Uncle Wang, I’m going out!”

Wang Shu looked at the sky. It’s kind of early. Lan Yue probably wouldn’t be awake until later after what we did last night. I think I should spend some time mastering the Nine Breath Fist Technique and see if I can tackle the second layer. With those thoughts, he left some words before departing.

“This brat… ai!”

The butler thought that Wang Shu had finally matured, but now seeing that he went off playing after the second day of his marriage, the butler had a ‘what am I supposed to do’ expression. Certainly, the only reason he had that in mind because he didn’t know Wang Shu went out was for training purposes.

After Wang Shu left the city, without hiding, he exerted his full force of second layer Blood Awakening phase and arrived at the forest he once was in a short fifteen minutes.

The distance from the city to the forest was five kilometers. In the short amount of time it took Wang Shu to reach there, he didn’t feel exhausted in the slightest, instead, it was more like a warm up to him. He started to practice the Nine Breath Fist Technique.

The Nine Breath Fist Technique gathers the blood qi within one’s body to one point and sends it out as a wave attack. Mastering this technique allows one to gather up to nine qi waves, and the strikes are stronger one wave after another.

Without stopping, it’s already midday where the sun tilted to the west, but it was only when Wang Shu felt hunger that he stopped his training. He also almost used up all his blood qi.

“With my second layer Blood Awakening phase, I can only use the technique ten times before my blood qi runs dry, and the destructiveness itself was weaker from what I had imagined.”

Sitting on a rock, Wang Shu found the destructive force of the technique quite disappointing. Especially after witnessing of the Electro Flame Bomb; the difference was huge. Wang Shu naturally knew that although the bomb is powerful, it’s not more reliable than your own strength.

“Let’s find something that can fill my stamina and blood qi…” Wang Shu once again pulled out his phone in search for something to eat, as he forgot to bring food when he left. Last time he was so focused on training that he didn’t notice his hunger.

[Name: Blood Bean]

[Level: Lvl.1 Pill]

[Usage: Consumption will allow one to quickly restore stamina and a small amount of blood qi. It can reduce hunger to some extent]

[Price: 1 SC]

[Warning: Consuming too many in a period of time will cause diarrhea]

“This is what I’m looking for!”

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Wang Shu saw a pill named Blood Bean fitting what he was looking for. He painfully spent 1 SC and threw the pill in his mouth, chewing and crunching before swallowing it. Not a bad taste.

As the Blood Bean entered his stomach, Wang Shu started to fill a refreshing sense spreading throughout his body. His stamina and blood recovered as what the usage said.

After resting for a while, Wang Shu stood up and was ready to start practicing again. But suddenly, something came before his eyes…

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