Chapter 8: Rage Grizzly


What came before Wang Shu’s eyes was a rabbit. The rabbit also looked confused, blankly staring at Wang Shu which it never thought that someone would have been here.

“Level one monster, Herbal Rabbit! Wow, look at my luck here!”

Wang Shu’s momentarily pause changed to a frenzied excitement; his whole body moved towards the Herbal Rabbit so fast one could only see his shadow.

The Herbal Rabbit, who was looking for food, also felt the presence of danger and dashed away. Its speed was faster than Wang Shu.

That’s when Wang Shu realized although the Herbal Rabbit didn’t have much attack power, its escape skills were top notch. He regretted his actions without taking measures. I should’ve used something to bait it as it might obediently follow me afterwards…

“Wait? The rabbit’s leg is injured!”

It was only after he ran after it for quite a while when Wang Shu felt that the rabbit was getting slower and slower. It seemed that one of its legs were moving oddly, which made it run in a one leg hop manner.

But the Herbal Rabbit was still a level one monster, and its specialty was speed. So, even with an injured leg, its speed was only a little slower compared to Wang Shu.

This chase lasted more than half an hour. Unknowingly, they were in front a cave. The Herbal Rabbit instantly jumped into the cave.

“There is also a monster in the cave!”

Wang Shu wasn’t blinded by his greed. Feeling the presence of a strong opponent from the cave, his heart made a ‘tha-thump’ noise. That’s when he started to observe his surrounding, and realize he had wandered quite far from the city.

“Rage Grizzly, the one inside the cave probably is a Rage Grizzly.”

Wang Shu was wondering if he should enter the cave. At the same time, he inspected his surroundings. And based on the large footprint and the broken trees and branches, he came to the conclusion that is was a Rage Grizzly.


As he was still pondering if he should enter, a growl came from the cave and the rabbit who had just entered ran back out.

“Where do you think you’re going, buddy?”

The instant Wang Shu saw the rabbit, he bent his back and dashed, using all the strength in his legs. His whole body went like a wind, appearing near the rabbit and catching it by its ears.

When the Herbal Rabbit was caught by Wang Shu, it didn’t start to struggle. Instead, it first showed an expression of fear before fidgeting with its eyes closed. “It’s a female!”


Without waiting for Wang Shu to express his happiness, his vision turned black as the ground violently shook. A giant figure was standing in front of him, with its huge paws coming onto Wang Shu. Wang Shu hastily jumped back, dodging the Rage Grizzly’s strike by a hair’s breadth. The strike didn’t decrease in force and sliced the tree trunk beside him.

“Level one monster, Rage Grizzly!”

Looking at the split trunk, Wang Shu’s mouth felt dry. If he hadn’t dodged it on time, the same fate would have been bestowed on his body just like that tree there. As for the Herbal Rabbit, it started to foam in the mouth and its body looked lifeless.

“Level one monsters are not scary as they said!”

But as he was able to dodge that attack just now, Wang Shu had a weird thought. The Rage Grizzly’s attack speed looks quite slow, I think I can try to fight it. Even if I can’t win, I can always run. It might be big and strong, but if it comes down to speed, I can outrun it.

“Come and take a blow you piece of sh*t!”

After Wang Shu realized that level one monsters were not scary as how people said they were, he sent his fist towards its head. Not only did he want to test his combat skills, he also wanted to see how powerful his Nine Breath Fist Technique was against a level one monster. Even if he couldn’t win, he could always use the Electro Flame Bomb.


The Giant Rage Grizzly was furious at Wang Shu’s action. In its eyes, how dare a mere human scoff at him. So, with another growl, it once again attacked Wang Shu.

“Hah, too slow!”

Yes, the Rage Grizzly’s speed wasn’t all that good, but it wasn’t slow either. At least, in the eyes of ordinary second layer Blood Awakening cultivators, they would find it hard to deal with. But in the eyes of Wang Shu, it was as slow as a turtle. He laughed and threw the unconscious rabbit to the side while clenching his fist; ready to fight.


Unexpectedly, Wang Shu, who was only a second layer Blood Awakening, was landing hits continuously on the Rage Grizzly like a god of war. Using his advantage to the utmost, he continued to corner the grizzly, making it roar with rage.  Even with the advantage, the grizzly was still a level one monster and so it wasn’t injured in anyway. Every time Wang Shu landed a hit, he was in danger of getting attacked.

“Not good, this guy’s skin is thick, no regular punches can injure him. I need to try the Nine Fist Technique then!”

Wang Shu also realized that continuing with this method will result in defeat. So, as planned, he wanted to test the Nine Breath Fist technique.


Wang Shu moved so fast he landed a hit each on its back, stomach and head before dashing back in a split second.


The already angry Rage Grizzly became way more aggressive; this mere human infinitely challenged its authority. But Wang Shu showed no panic; he had intentionally delayed the explosion from the waves he sent out with his punches. Sure enough, the moment where the grizzly was about to move, three explosions occurred in a chain. The Rage Grizzly finally had its skin torn, where its belly, back and head each had a bloody wound.

“This beast’s defense is so damn OP!”

Wang Shu was astonished. He had confidence in his Nine Breath Fist Technique, although it was only the first layer, he didn’t expect that the grizzly had such insane defense.

Looking at how the Nine Breath Fist Technique only gave external wounds to the grizzly, Wang Shu no longer wanted to continue the battle. His small body probably couldn’t withstand even a push from it. He moneysense started to throb as he painfully pulled out the Electro Flame Bomb and threw it in the grizzly’s mouth while it howled before escaping with the rabbit.

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Not long after Wang Shu left, a sound of explosion echoed from the area he once was. Even without turning back, he knew that the grizzly was already pulverized.

After defeating the Rage Grizzly, Wang Shu strolled leisurely in the forest with the Herbal Rabbit in his hand. He went to search for the path to head back, but moments later, his face turned grim.

“Am I lost?”

As the thought popped up, he didn’t get distressed. Instead, he kept searching and continued to walk through the woods.

An hour later

“S***, I’m lost…”

Casually strolling through the woods, it took an hour for Wang Shu to realize the sky was getting dark, and worst of all, he was actually lost. Because of the Herbal Rabbit, he had ventured deep into the forest. And now with him blindly strolling around, he felt that the distance to Xue Feng city became further.


Just when Wang Shu realized he was lost, a howl of a wolf came from not far away…

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