Chapter 9: Wind wolf pack

Hearing the howls, Wang Shu’s expression stiffened. He was scared about encountering a wolf pack, and it would be the worst if they turned out to be monsters instead of regular wolves. When that happens, his only option would be to run away as fast as he could. But after some pondering, Wang Shu’s complexion changed.

Based on their stressful and urgent howls, it sounds like they found prey and are getting ready to attack. If so, could the prey be humans? Hmm, there are people close by!

“What an ass, why am I scared?! I have the Electro Flame Bomb and I can also buy armor in the Invincible Exchange System! I don’t see why I need to be scared… As a matter of fact, it’s like a battlefield personally designed for me!”

Wang Shu cursed himself for his own stupidity. Having the Invincible Exchange System and yet he’s scared of this and that. He immediately pulled out his phone and opened the app.

[Name: Blizzard Iron Set]

[Level: Lvl.1 Gear]

[Usage: Made with Blizzard Iron, the set has a remarkable defense feature, and it also has a Lightweight Formation inscribed within. It makes the one feels as if they were wearing not an armor, but regular clothing]

[Price: 5 SC]

[Warning: There is a limit to its defense. An all-out attack from a first layer of Blood Qi Phase will shatter the armor]

Only allowed on

Wang Shu spent 5 SC and bought the Blizzard Iron Set: a helmet, upper armor, lower armor, gloves and boots. Wang Shu didn’t feel the heaviness of what an armor should have. Instead, it felt more like he was wearing a suit with an inbuilt air conditioner.

[Name: Qing Guang Sword]

[Level: Lvl.1 Weapon]

[Usage: Made with Jade Rocks. It cuts iron like butter]

[Price: 1 SC]

[Warning: High temperature will destroy the weapon]

Then he chose a favorable sword. With his body protected by armor and a sword in hand, Wang Shu was ready for action. He really wanted to try out the defense mechanisms and the sharpness of both.

As for the Herbal Rabbit, Wang Shu tied it up with a vine and hid it in a tree hole. He would take it after asking for direction since it will be a hinder when fighting the wolves.

To prevent things from going sour, he also bought three more Electro Flame Bombs. He then rushed towards the wolves’ howls after checking himself multiple times to see if he was set.

In the distance of 2.5 kilometers

“Senior Sister Ma, what do we do? The pack of Wind Wolves here number to at least thirty and each is no weaker than a second layer of Blood Awakening phase. That wolf over there already is a third layer of Blood Awakening phase; comparable to a second level monster! We can’t possibly win with our current numbers!”

A handsome young boy around the age of fifteen said. He was emitting an aura of a second layer of Blood Awakening phase and wore a full white robe. Looking at the hungry wolves from atop, the sword in his hands shook while his voice trembled in despair.

The young boy’s long sword and clothes were drenched in blood. His clothes were ripped in various places due to the wolves’ strikes, showing eye-catching wounds. But if one looked closely, there was a small silver sword carved on the robe by his chest. This was a symbol of a big sect; Hundred Sword Clan’s prominent mark. The young boy’s questions were directed to a young girl in her late teens. She wore tight white clothes that accentuated her exquisite body.

Her name was Ma Xiaoman, the leader of this group. She had reached the peak of the third layer Blood Awakening phase and was about to break through to the fourth layer at any time. Originally, she had planned to only bring these young disciples out to experience combat and hope to reach fourth layer along the way, but she never thought that they would encounter a pack of Wind Wolves as soon as they arrived the destination.

Although the Wind Wolves were level one monsters, their strengths were comparable to a second layer. But to face thirty to forty of them, even a fourth layer would have a hard time. Especially if there was a head wolf in the pack, then even a fifth layer’s only choice was to run away, since a Wind Wolf didn’t fear death.

It was a group of five including her. Due to carelessness, one of their members died by the claws of the wolves. Now with the four remaining, if it wasn’t for her fast thinking to go up a giant tree to avoid the wolves, their situation might be the same as the dead member.

“Crap, how is our luck so damn bad to meet with a wind wolf pack?! And out of all, a pack with a leader!”

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Ma Xiaoman’s eyes were sending a scary murderous intent, but she didn’t dare to go down and face off the wolves. She knew very well how strong she was. She could handle them if it was one on one or two on one, she was brave enough to go up against even three on one. But with so many, she didn’t have any ways to finish them. They were too far away from the Hundred Sword Clan and many disciples don’t choose to come here, so sending SOS signals wouldn’t help either.

Further out was the territorial land where their enemy, Da Dao Clan’s disciples did their training. If they crossed the boundaries, even the Clan would not take any action if they were to end up dying by the enemies’ hands. That was the main reason why many of their disciples never choose to come here. Only those who thought they were strong enough, or had an objective of stealing loot from others will find this place the perfect playground.

“Don’t panic! Although the Wind Wolves are scary, they can’t climb trees. We only need to wait for a while and maybe one of our senior brothers or sisters might come by and save us. Please take some rest, there is no need to be nervous.”

After all, Ma Xiaoman was the leader of the group. Her heart was also very flustered. Knowing that their chances of being saved was slim, she still had to calm the others’ distress, because the two boys and one girl’s statuses within the Hundred Sword Clan were very special; it simply couldn’t be compared to herself and her dead junior sister. If anything were to happen to them, even if she were to escape the deadly claws of the Wind Wolves, only death would await her when she returned to the clan. That’s why she couldn’t take any risks and waited, hoping that the Wind Wolves would lose patience and leave.

Certainly, it will be better if a scapegoat could show up to attract the Wind Wolves’ attention and have us escape from the back, but the best outcome will be to have a strong cultivator wipe off the whole pack. Although there is a fat chance of the latter happening, there’s still a chance.

The two boys and one girl’s nervousness died down after hearing their Senior Sister say that someone will be coming to save them, and let out a sigh, quietly resting on the tree branch.

Although Ma Xiaoman had said that someone might come to save them, she didn’t believe it. She could only hope for the wolves’ patience to wear down or for some scapegoat to come distract the wolves. As for some ridiculously strong person coming here to save their butts, that delusion was not happening. One would even question why such a strong person who could kill off an entire pack with a leader would be doing in a small place like this, which barely has any resources nor level two monsters.

“Hey? Someone is coming!”

As she was thinking to herself that no one would come in this short amount of time, a person in a weird armor came to view.

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