Chapter 10: Scapegoat

“Where, where?”


“That guy looks weird, maybe he’s a guard from one of the cities?”

“Hah, there goes my hope!”

The two boys, who heard that someone was coming, excitingly stood up and looked around. But when they found out it was only an armored foot soldier, their faces filled with disappointment.

None of them believed that this person was some strong guy, since they had never heard of any strong person who was a guard around this area.

Even though there was some distance between them and they couldn’t perceive his cultivation, that guy must be a noob. As it vaguely seemed like he was trembling, the person must be scared. And maybe the reason why he didn’t choose to run at moment’s notice must be because his legs had turned numb.

“Senior Sister Ma, shouldn’t we tell him to leave here? If he gets any closer, he will catch the Wind Wolves’ attention and die!”

The quiet, pale girl suddenly said while her body still trembled in fear.

Ma Xiaoman was also in hesitation, but her hesitation quickly disappeared, and was replaced by a resolution, “No, we will not warn him. You guys get ready, once that person distracts the Wind Wolves, we will make our escape. We might not have another chance after this. If we come out of this alive, we can investigate his background and give his family some compensation.”

(TL: If the storyline goes according to what Ma said, the mc father would’ve wipe the clan off the map. But then again, considering the quiet girl’s social status, maybe not)

“Senior Sister Ma, you…”

The three of them were pure hearted; they had never faced the outside world. Hearing that Ma Xiaoman would use a stranger as their substitute, their expressions changed. They found Ma Xiaoman’s actions too cruel.

“You three remember this. This is a dog eat dog world. Even you don’t want to harm others, that doesn’t mean others don’t want to harm you. Because you are constantly under care of the Elders, you don’t know how dangerous and cunning the people from the outside world are. If another person faces with such situation, they won’t hesitate and do the same.” Ma Xiaoman didn’t find out what she did was wrong. Scared that they might blame themselves due to their innocence, she voluntarily explained. She didn’t care if they understood her good intentions, her only objective was to get them out of this situation alive.

“Ok, we understand!”

The three showed that they half heartedly understood what she had said. They had snuck out from the clan, so they only could listen to Ma Xiaoman.

“Get ready, the Wind Wolves are starting to move towards that person!”

Ma Xiaoman saw that many of wolves had started to ignore them and were heading in the direction of the other person.

Ba-bump Ba-bump



Suddenly, the Wind Wolves were like raging flames; they all started to rush towards that one person. At the same time, Ma Xiaoman sent her command, and jumped off the tree, running in the opposite direction. The other three also followed up without delay.

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“Da f*ck!”

Seeing that the group of people was running away without greeting him, Wang Shu felt the urge to go into cursing mode. He had kindly came to save them, only wanting to ask for directions and there they go, using him as a bait.


Wang Shu didn’t react in time when one of the wolves dashed at him in a speed that you can only see its shadow. Good thing that the Blizzard Iron Set had great defense, he only felt a pushing force; his body fell to ground. The wolf took this chance to aim for his throat.

He was frightened to the point of getting cold sweat. But after a while, Wang Shu’s expression stiffened, looking confused. The Wind Wolf looked scary, but its bite can’t penetrate the armor…

“Go die then!”

Wan Shu kicked the wolf to the side. Standing up and steadying his body, he killed the wolf by slicing through its body with the Qing Guang Sword.


Realizing that the sword was way sharper than he had anticipated, Wang Shu was really satisfied. But the other wolves turned into a frenzy due to the bloodshed of its companion.

“Ha, do you guys want to die that badly?”

Wang Shu changed from passive to aggressive, stabbing at the closest wolf. The Wind Wolf let out a crying whine before collapsing. Hurriedly, Wang Shu charged at another Wind Wolf and it cried before it fell. One by one, cries of the Wind Wolves sounded restlessly in the forest. In a blink of an eye, seven to eight wolves had already collapsed.


The leader didn’t become the leader just for show. Having shown enough intelligence, with a howl, the head wolf scampered d away after witnessing its underlings get slaughtered by Wang Shu like a butcher.


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Seeing that their leader had ran, the others lost their reason to fight, and hurriedly escaped while letting out cries.

“Hey, don’t run! I’m not satisfied yet!”

Wang Shu flurriedly chased after the wolves when he saw them escaping.

Why! As he was only able to slaughter another five before they disappeared from his sight, Wang Shu had a sullen expression. When I was just getting started…

What made Wang Shu more agitated was the fact that he had come here for nothing; he didn’t have the chance to ask for directions. At least he remembered where he had hidden the rabbit. Now I must think of something else. If it comes down to that, then let’s look if the Invincible Exchange System has something like a compass.

At the other hand

“Little Xi, run! Why are you stopping? If the Wind Wolves catch up, we will all be dead!”

Ma Xiaoman fled with the others but they did not go far since there were a lot of monsters within the area. Although they were not scared of level one monsters, they didn’t want to meet any. That’s why they changed courses many times. If they take the time to fight them head on, those wolves might pursue them after finishing off the stranger from before. But suddenly, the quiet, barely talking young girl stopped, showing no signs of continuing to escape.

The young girl’s name was Song Mingxi. She had a very special status even though she was only a second layer Blood Awakening cultivator. She came from the Imperial Capital; even the elders from Hundred Sword Clan had to call her ‘Miss Song’. As for how delicate her social status was, Ma Xiaoman also don’t know. But one thing for sure is that she can’t go against Song Mingxi’s words.

“Are you tired? Senior Sis can carry you!” Ma Xiaoman turned around and saw Song Mingzi had a complicated complexion, and nervously asked.

The two young boys also came to a halt when they saw she had stopped.

“What happened with you guys? Are you all tired? Here are some Qi Recovering Pills. Take them fast, we can’t let the Wind Wolves catch up to us!” Ma Xiaoman felt the atmosphere was off. At the start of the journey, all of them had listened to her obediently, but now they unexpectedly chose to stay quiet.

“Senior Sister Ma, Little Xi and Senior Brothers came to the conclusion that we should not be doing this. That person was not an enemy nor did he looked like a criminal; we have a guilty conscience to let him die for us. Our training’s objective was to help the weak, doing this will be the opposite of what we were aiming. If our teachers knew this, they will definitely blame us. So that’s why Little Xi feels we should save that person.” Song Mingxi might looked like a timid girl, but her words showed her resolution.

“What about you two? Same with Little Xi?” Ma Xiaoman looked at the two young boys and asked for their opinion.

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