Chapter 11: Karma came so fast!

The two young boys quietly nodded, clearly expressing their support in this matter.

“You…hmph, you do know the chances of saving him in this situation will not even exceed ten percent, and that ninety percent stands for death!” Ma Xiaoman gave a cold snort. These brats don’t even know how precious one’s life is and the severity of their choices.

“We know!”

Song Mingxi had a change in complexion, but she still nodded, looking resolute. The other two young boys expressed their support towards her and stood behind her.

“YOU… great! Just great! Since you guys wanna go crazy, why not! It’s only death!!” It was impossible for Ma Xiaoman to desert them and go back alone. Since going back also means death, why not accompany them? At least there was a chance for a miracle.

“Let’s go!”

Ma Xiaoman immediately changed direction and headed back to where the Wind Wolves were.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Not too long after, they heard a series of barks coming from somewhere around them. The next moment, four to five ferocious dogs came out with seven to eight people. Like they were trained, they naturally surrounded Ma Xiaoman’s group in a twenty meters distance.

“Here comes more trouble…”

Looking at their clothing, Ma Xiaoman’s heart ‘tha-thump’ed once. She knew another troublesome situation had arose. These who had a black getup and a big blade on their backs were most probably disciples of the Da Dao Clan, an enemy to their clan.

Her master always used to say that if you ever meet a person dressed in pure black, never confront them as they have a high chance of being their sworn nemesis.

After they were totally surrounded, a young boy among the enemies stepped out. He had a blood qi aura that was way stronger than Ma Xiaoman. He started to clap his hands and said, “Wow! Can’t believe chasing that little fella would lead us to these big fishes. Hand over the Herbal Rabbit and I’ll give you a painless death!”

The young boy who spoke was different than the black suits; he had a white robe. At the moment, his face wore a smile, giving a sense of refined gentleman. But what was most attractive was the birth mark on his forehead, the sizeof a thumb in a shape of a red cloud.

Fourth layer Blood Awakening phase!

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When Ma Xiaoman looked at the young boy, her eyes widened. The level of threat this boy gave off was no less than the Senior Sisters and Brothers within the clan. She immediately came into the understanding that this person must be fourth layer cultivator, or else he couldn’t give her that kind of pressure. She quickly took a glance at the other people, and her heart sank to the bottom. The weakest one’s blood qi aura was the same as hers.

“I’m Sun Yangyun, how may I call you miss?”

The young boy who was still smiling voluntarily introduced himself.

It’s him, it’s really him! Da Dao clan’s talented youngster, ‘Blood Cloud’ Sun Yangyun!”

Although she had been mentally prepared, his self-introduction still shook her quite a lot.

Sun Yangyun was one of the famous talented person around this area. Even though his blood qi awakening was at the age of seventeen, he had reached the fourth layer in just a short two-years time. If he had awakened at an earlier age, there was no telling how far he would have reached. And besides his cultivation talent, there was also a rumor stating that he loved to rape young girls before killing them, and after s*x, he would suck their blood dry.

Thinking about the rumor, Ma Xiaoman actually caught a perverted gaze that continued to ‘study’ Song Mingxi from Sun Yangyun. Especially when he started sizing her up, the devious stare gave her shivers.

“Hehe, I think we have a misunderstanding here. We never took your Herbal Rabbit!”

Ma Xiaoman was totally confused, she was only passing by to go back and save Wang Shu. How did it turn into stealing these guys’ Herbal Rabbit?

“Your acts are useless; my babies will never lie to me. The Herbal Rabbit is somewhere here! If you behave more obediently, I might let you two have a taste of pleasure. As for the two boys over there, a painless death should suffice!” Petting the dogs beside him, Sun Yangyun said with a small grin.

Ma Xiaoman’s expression kept turning sour. Song Mingxi and the two boys behind her were also scared to death. I should have known better not to listen to these brats. Now look at this! This is way worse than death!

The two young boys seemed to have regretted their actions as they lowered their heads when Ma Xiaoman gave them a look. Song Mingxi was scared, but her resolution didn’t falter, and said, “I have no regrets even if I die! If it wasn’t for that person, we would be already dead in the mouths of the Wind Wolves!”

“Sigh, Xiao Xi, you just don’t understand!”

Ma Xiaoman understood this girl’s unyielding attitude, so she did not speak any further. Patting her head, she was ready to fight to the death.

“Young master, we found the Herbal Rabbit!”

Suddenly, one of Sun Yangyun’s underling found a tied up Herbal Rabbit hidden in a tree hole.

“Now, now, what do you have to say for yourselves, little brats?” Sun Yangyun’s smile became brighter. He knew that the Herbal Rabbit was just an excuse, but now the excuse had turned to something that really happened, even if this situation got out of hand, they could receive much punishment. Since killing without reason would still be a problem.

“There really was an Herbal Rabbit!”

When Ma Xiaoman saw they actually found an Herbal Rabbit, she felt that karma came really fast. She sold someone’s life not to long ago and here it comes for hers. The law of the world, huh…

“Kill the two boys and send the two girls to my tent. When I’m finished playing with them, I’ll give them to you guys as a reward!” Sun Yangyun casually ordered before leaving with the Herbal Rabbit in his hand.

“Heihei!” (TLN: the laughter when someone rubs their hand)

“Thanks, young master!”

The group surrounding Ma Xiaoman all had a devil’s smile, slowly closing in.

“Just now I will force open a pat., You guys take that chance and escape and don’t come back for me. If you really want to take revenge for me, then train hard. When the clan’s once-in-every-ten-years tournament begins, kill more Dao Dao’s disciples for me and I will be able to rest in peace.” Ma Xiaoman, who was prepared to die, left her last wish.

Song Mingxi and the two boys tearfully nodded.

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“Da f*ck, it’s you guys again!”

But as Ma Xiaoman was ready with her last resort, a voice filled with hostility rang through their ears. Almost everyone jumped from the voice. Following the sound, they found a person in weird looking armor…

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