Chapter 12: Misunderstanding

“It’s him!”

“It’s him!”

Upon seeing the weird armored guy, Ma Xiaoman’s group showed happy yet guilty and scared expressions.

That was a pack of Wind Wolves. How the heck did this guy survive? And how did he recognize us?

Second phase of Blood Awakening!

Ma Xiaoman tried to examine the weird armor guy’s cultivation. But when she felt that his cultivation was no higher than second layer, she became more amazed.

Second phase of Blood Awakening!

Realizing Wang Shu was only a mere second layer, Sun Yangyun almost vomited blood. How embarrassing. To think we were frightened by such a small fry.

After confirming Wang Shu was just a second layer, Ma Xiaoman had a look of contempt in her eyes. As for the event where this guy was surrounded by a pack of wolves, she thought it probably had something to do with luck.

“Hey there, friend, how may I address you? I’m Sun Yangyun from Da Dao Clan!”

Although the armored guy’s cultivation was low, Sun Yangyun didn’t want to offend someone with an unknown background, so he asked as politely as possible. Due to the unique armor this guy was wearing, he might belong to some younger generation of a well-known family or sect.

There was also another reason as to why Sun Yangyun introduced himself. By letting the armored guy know his status, he might want to curry favor with him. Sadly, the latter reason was refuted  when Wang Shu replied casually with no change in expression upon hearing his name, “Wang Shu!”

“Last name Wang?”

Based on the lack of tone and expression, Sun Yanyung thought that Wang Shu was belittling him. His heart was filled with rage. He originally thought about doing a background check before acting, but now seeing this attitude, he immediately deemed Wang Shu as a nobody. And besides, there was nothing to worry about since there was no big families with the last name Wang living around here.

“Young Master, allow me to handle this brat so you don’t need to sully your hands with his dirty blood!” One of the underlings said, voluntarily stepping forward upon feeling Sun Yangyun’s killing intent.

“Heihei, stinking brat. Remember, my name is Wang Fei. We have the same last name, hehe. In your next life, open your eyes and don’t go around provoking others you can’t mess with. You actually dared to belittle our genius Young Master Sun. I’ll dig out those eyes of yours to feed to the dogs soon enough.” Wang Fei smiled scornfully, rubbing his hands as he walked towards Wang Shu. Wang Shu was already dead meat in his eyes.

Wang Shu never saw Wang Fei as a formidable opponent. His blows wouldn’t be able to scratch him at all. Wang Fei’s cultivation may be one layer higher, but when compared with Wang Shu’s armor, meh.

Right now, he only wanted to teach Ma Xiaoman and her group a lesson. Not only did they ditch him in danger, they also stole his Herbal Rabbit.

He knew that Sun Yangyun wasn’t part of their group from the situation before him, and the Herbal Rabbit was in his hands. This train of thought led Wang Shu to this conclusion: Ma Xiaoman’s group had stolen his rabbit, which was then taken by Sun Yangyun’s group.

“Die brat!”

Wang Fei pulled out his blade from behind his back and lunged at Wang Shu’s lower body, wickedly trying to chop off Wang Shu’s feet, and then slowly torturing him.

“F*ck off!!!”

Wang Fei was not weak, but it was nothing in Wang Shu’s eyes. It was like watching a tortoise come at him with many openings.

“Hah, look at that brat! He must be scared stiff!”

“So, he was a trash. And here we were, nervous for no reason.”

“Such a trash dare belittle our big brother Sun. We must slice his feet off and slowly torture him!”

Upon seeing the unresponsive Wang Shu, standing there with a blank gaze, the underlings of Sun Yangyun thought that he was scared to death. They couldn’t hold in their mockeries and laughter Even the young boys behind Ma Xiaoman were terrified by the upcoming scene and shut their eyes tight.

“Ha, what a trash!”

Not knowing why, but Ma Xiaoman didn’t like the presence of Wang Shu. She let out a slightly cold smile.

“It can’t be that easy…”

Song Mingxi didn’t have the same idea. Yes, Wang Shu only was a second layer, but from the point where he actually escaped from the Wind Wolves, he was not a book to be judged by its cover.

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Right on the mark. Just as Song Mingxi believed Wang Shu had something up his sleeves, he moved. Wang Shu moved his sword, stabbing Wang Fei’s right hand and pointed it at his throat. It only needed another inch for Wang Fei to become the next meal of the sword.


Sun Yangyun, who originally thought that Wang Shu was some second layer small fry immediately switched on serious mode when he saw Wang Shu’s sword skills. He also could defeat Wang Fei with one hit, but not as easy as how Wang Shu made it looked.

“Move another inch and I’ll make sure you won’t see the sun tomorrow!” Wang Shu held his sword against Wang Fei’s throat and the tip scratched the skin, which oozed blood.  Wang Shu only needed to move a little and the sword would stab through the man’s throat.

Fear was showing intensely on Wang Fei’s eyes. He didn’t even know when Wang Shu pulled out his sword. When he finally realized the danger he was in, the hand, which was holding the blade, was stabbed and the sword was already pointed at his throat. Wang Shu tried to send SOS glances at Sun Yangyun but Wang Shu instantly replied by thrusting his sword in another centimeter. Wang Fei felt like he was one step closer to death’s door.

“First, we never met before, so why did you try to kill me? You thought i was such a pushover? Second, I didn’t come for you guys!” Wang Shu stared at Sun Yangyun with his cold gaze. He knew that Sun Yangyun was the head of the group, but his objective wasn’t them. Although the Herbal Rabbit was in their hands, his anger was all focused on Ma Xiaoman’s group. 

No wonder the Herbal Rabbit was already injured when I came on it. It probably was done by one of them. Now I wonder which group was it? Wang Shu also understood why when he met the Herbal Rabbit, it was injured.

“Hey, hey, it’s all a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

Before Sun Yangyun could respond, Ma Xiaoman opened her mouth.

“It really was a misunderstanding. We originally wanted to let you attract the Wind Wolves, but due to our guilty conscience, we were returning…” Ma Xiaoman caught on totally what Wang Shu meant by his last phrase. Wang Shu was a hundred percent, misunderstanding the situation. It was merely a coincidence that they were blocked by Sun Yangyun.

“Shut up! I don’t wanna hear your sh*t!”

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Wang Shu didn’t even want to listen to her explanation; simply because she looked like the goddess who dumped him in his original world. When seeing this woman, he was stunned, but it was mainly due to his recent hatred and old grudge.

On the other hand, Sun Yangyun saw the conflict of both parties and signaled his men to take a step back, leisurely enjoying the view.

“Leave the Herbal Rabbit and scram, or else no one will leave this place!” But Wang Shu said coldly, not letting them be the audience for his show.

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