Chapter 352: Fake Wife?

Qing Xu instantly cloned himself several times, surrounding Guang Ning and Ling Xiao with his clones. Followingly, all of Qing Xu’s phantom brandished the sword, condensing a Taiji diagram before them!

Boom! All of the Taiji diagrams shot out an intense radiance as it attacked toward the duo. All the radiance assembled together in the middle, producing an intensive explosion.

Qing Xu knew that with Ling Xiao around, it wouldn’t be easy for him to get rid of Guang Ning. Therefore, executing ordinary techniques would not pose any meaning to it. He could only use those formidable moves of his.

Kunlun members got worried when they saw the core of the explosion. Would a mishap happen to their Grand Ancestor? The might of this move is not weak at all! However, it was clear that they had underestimated a loose immortal strength, let alone such a powerful one.

The instant after the explosion, a ray of light emitted out. Bam! Before it got everyone’s attention, a large palm mirage shot towards Qing Xu.

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Bang! Momentarily, Qing Xu was unable to withstand the blow as he got sent flying off immediately, rolling on the floor multiple times.

“Senior Brother!” Qing Yuanzi was startled as he ran over to take a look at Qing Xu’s situation.

The corner of Qing Xu’s mouth was stained with blood as he crawled back up panting for breath. He was shocked. Both were in the loose immortal realm and used the same palm technique. However, Ling Xiao’s strength was several times stronger than Guang Dao.

“Step aside. Today, I must kill Guang Ning even if I die!” Qing Xu spoke unyieldingly.

“Senior Brother, calm down. Yu’er has already died. But he would definitely not wish for you to die with him. I know that you are in sorrow but if you are to die today, no one would be able to take revenge for Yu’er anymore in the future.” Qing Yuanzi pulled Qing Xu back and said.

“I……” Qing Xu got worried.

“Senior Ling Xiao, please stay your hand! My Senior Brother love for his student had caused him to turn somewhat hot-headed. Thus, provoking senior. I hope Senior can understand!” When Qing Yuanzi saw Ling Xiao walking over slowly, he got anxious.

“I shall give your Limitless Palace face and not haggle over it with you today. You people can leave.” Ling Xiao would naturally not kill of Qing Xu. Otherwise, they would no longer be able to be on good terms anymore.

“Thank you, Senior!” Qing Yuanzi supported Qing Xu up and replied hastily.

It was at this moment, a few Kunlun disciple had brought a female who was donned in a bizarre dress, appearing before everyone. The lady had a charming appearance with reddish-brown hair. Her figure was extremely well-developed. Most importantly, that bizarre dress of the lady had allowed her curves to be detailedly displayed, allowing those who saw the lady get even more aroused.

A lot of those male cultivators had turned stupefied when they saw the lady. It wasn’t because this lady was prettier than all the women present.

It was because they had gotten used to the woman dressed in the classical ancient gown. It was their first time seeing the modern apparel which was being worn by Lan Ya. If it was to be compared to pretty, it was no doubt pretty. However, the most important factor was the dress on her had clearly illustrated a woman curvaceous. This was something the cultivation world woman was unable to express.

Adding on, Lan Ya was someone who possesses a pair of impressive peaks. Even when Cheng Yu saw it, he was struck dumb by it. Now that she was donned in a low-cut dress, it was sufficient to topple all the male cultivators around.

“Wa! Turn out Kunlun had really captured Cheng Yu wife over! However, this lady is really pretty!”

“That’s right! Where did she buy her clothes from? So pretty. I’m already salivating. Once I return, I’m going to buy one for my wife so that I can get her to wear it for me every day!”

“Aish! What a pity. Such a beautiful lady but Cheng Yu no longer has the fortune to enjoy it!”

When they saw such a pretty and charming lady was Cheng Yu’s wife, their hearts were all filled with regrets. No wonder Cheng Yu was willing to rescue his wife even if it meant challenging death. Especially when they remembered Cheng Yu had already died, they sighed. Such a good lady had actually been turned into a widow.

Those few ladies who had some feelings for Cheng Yu were all shocked when they saw Cheng Yu’s wife. However, when they saw the revealing clothes of Lan Ya, they got even more flushed with anger. They harrumphed. From just a look, they felt this woman was certainly not from a respectable family. How could Cheng Yu marry such a woman?

When they recalled Cheng Yu had actually lost his life just to save this woman, their heart got even more dissatisfied. They truly felt it was not worth it for Cheng Yu. They gaze they had for Lan Ya were filled with enmity and hatred.

At this very moment, Lan Ya was in extreme fear. She had been captured for a week. Originally, she had no idea what these people would do to her. However, after she got captured, she had been locked inside a room, without leaving it.

Other than people sending in some decently delicious food for her, no one else would bother her. This caused Lan Ya to feel a lot more at ease. Just like this, she ate and drank in luxury for a weak.

All of a sudden, someone brought her out today. When she saw this place was filled with such magnificent buildings, making it look extremely beautiful with the clouds rising in spirals. This was truly something to let a person lament about. Just when she was in a daze, a few people who were donned in ancient costume appeared before her. All of them gazed at her peculiarly, giving Lan Ya a scare.

Is this the cultivation world Cheng Yu had told her about? But who are these people? Could they be coming over to behead her?! Or are they trafficking mortals?

“You are Cheng Yu’s wife?” Looking at the lady dress up, Qing Yuanzi frowned. Fortunately, he knew that this lady came from the secular world. Therefore, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

What caused him to feel baffled was that wasn’t this lady from the secular world? How come she would possess a cultivation of the Qi Training Realm? Could the secular world have cultivators as well? Or did Cheng Yu taught it to her?

“You know of Cheng Yu? Where is he?” Hearing Cheng Yu name, Lan Ya immediately turned delighted.

“I’m Cheng Yu’s Martial Uncle. This is Cheng Yu’s master. As for Cheng Yu…… You can go take a look at him yourself!” When he saw the delightful expression of the lady didn’t seem like an act, he felt that Kunlun didn’t randomly bring out a person just to fool them.

“Martial Uncle? Teacher? Then are you people from the Limitless Palace? Why do you all look like this? Why isn’t Cheng Yu coming over to meet me personally? What happened to him?” Previously, Cheng Yu had told her he’s coming over to do some reconnaissance. However, those stories Cheng Yu told her about during then were all fabricated and Lan Ya had no idea of it. When Qing Yuanzi heard of this, he frowned.

According to Qing Xu, Cheng Yu had only accepted him as his teacher for a few months. For this period of time, Cheng Yu had been in the Death Forest. How could this lady possibly know that Cheng Yu had gone under the tutelage of Limitless Palace? Could the Kunlun members tell her?

“How did you know Cheng Yu was our Limitless Palace people?” Qing Yuanzi questioned. He didn’t wish to save the wrong person and when the time comes, Cheng Yu’s wife was still in the hands of Kunlun. If it were so, it would become extremely troublesome.

Now that there were so many people bearing witness to it, they should get to the bottom of it so as to avoid Kunlun acting underhand.

“Cheng Yu told me himself!” Lan Ya replied.

“When did he tell you this?” When Qing Xu heard Qing Yuanzi asking this, he also felt something was amiss. Cheng Yu had told him that this was his first time entering the cultivation world and have yet to return. How could this lady possibly know about him falling into Limitless Palace tutelage if she was his wife? Could Kunlun have really picked a lady randomly just to trick them?

“He told me when he was in the secular world!” Lan Ya replied with much confidence.

“This is impossible! Yuan Yangzi, you actually got a random girl to act as Cheng Yu’s wife to trick us. What’s your motive behind this?!” Qing Xu was immediately angered.

Not being able to save Cheng Yu, as well as not being able to take revenge for him had caused Qing Xu to feel even more discontented. If he weren’t able to even save Cheng Yu’s real wife, how was he going to face the dead Cheng Yu?

“Nonsense! I had clearly only captured her alone. For what would I need someone to impersonate her!” Yuan Yangzi was also angered. The deal of capturing Cheng Yu’s wife to threaten Cheng Yu been witnessed by everyone. In the future, there would certainly be lots of people bad mouthing them in their backs.

But now that their Grand Ancestor had spoken out, what other means could he possibly have? Now, things got even better. After they had released the person, the other party actually said the hostage was an impersonate. How could he not be angered?

“How can you prove she isn’t a impersonate then?” Qing Xu yelled.

“You are simply being irrational! Then how do you know she’s an impersonation!” Yuan Yangzi howled.

“Nonsense! Cheng Yu had only come under my tutelage 4 months ago. Yet, she had known Cheng Yu was my Limitless Palace member way before that. Isn’t this nonsensical?” Qing Xu replied. Other than him, no one had an even better understanding of the situation.

“I think you are the one being nonsensical! The first time we had came into contact with him, we long knew that he was from the Limitless Palace. You people are deliberately causing trouble!” Yuan Yangzi was angered to the point of losing his mind!

“This is impossible! Before then, I had yet to meet Cheng Yu. How could he possibly tell you he’s from the Limitless Palace! Don’t tell me he was able to foresee the future? Before he even came under my tutelage, he already knew he was going to become one of Limitless Palace member?!”

When the audiences saw how both of them were quarreling, they were blanked out. Lan Ya was also baffled. Could she have spoken it wrongly?

“Enough! Be honest, did you only capture her alone?! Speak for yourself, are you Cheng Yu’s wife or not!” Ling Xiao yelled at Yuan Yangzi.

“Reporting back to Grand Ancestor. The disciple had truly only captured her alone!” Yuan Yangzi replied honestly.

“I believe he isn’t lying. You guys can bring her back!” Ling Xiao commented.

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“This……” Qing Xu was still somewhat unsatisfied. Could this old fella be thinking of pressuring them again?

“Did you have a purple wind chime on you?” Just when Qing Xu was about to quarrel with Ling Xiao again, Qing Yuanzi hastily enquired.

“Yes. However, they snatched it away!” Lan Ya nodded.

“Alright! We believe she’s the real one. However, if I were to discover that your Kunlun was lying to us, we would personally come forth to demand an explanation!” Qing Yuanzi glanced at Lan Ya before speaking to Kunlun members. He believed with so many people around bearing witness to this, he need not be afraid of Kunlun renege on the debt.

“Ah!” Qing Yuanzi grabbed onto Lan Ya and flew up, giving Lan Ya a scare! Somewhat different from how it was previously. This time, Lan Ya had personally felt the sensation of being in flight. Momentarily, she became extremely excited.

“Why is Cheng Yu not receiving me personally?” Lan Ya felt that this was somewhat irritant to her. Thus, she couldn’t help but enquired.

“I’m bringing you over to meet him!” Qing Yuanzi spoke. He felt that it was better for her to see it herself than for him to explain it to her.

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