Chapter 353: I Wanna Bring Him Home!

“Why isn’t Cheng Yu coming over to receive me?” Lan Ya enquired while flying.

“I’m bringing you over to meet him now.” Qing Yuanzi felt that it was still better for her to see it herself personally. In any case, it was just going to take a short while.

Sure enough, a second later, the Limitless Palace elders all returned back to their camp as all the other members stared at Lan Ya. That reddish-brown hairs of her’s were somewhat curled. The way she was dressed in was too weird.

“Where’s Cheng Yu? Didn’t you say that you are bringing me over to meet him? Where’s he?” When she sensed all these male and female cultivators that were donned in Daoist gown staring at her strangely as if she was an alien, it caused her to feel extremely unnatural.

Hearing Lan Ya words, those Limitless Palace disciples consciously segregated themselves, leaving behind a pathway. Instantly, a man donned in a blue Daoist gown, lying on the floor came into her view. Meanwhile, an exceptional beauty was guarding beside him.

“This bastard. No wonder he’s not willing to return home. He actually found another beauty!” This was Lan Ya first moment of thought the moment she saw the female.

“He… What’s going on?” Lan Ya slowly walked towards Cheng Yu. When she saw his complexion was as white as a paper while his clothes and corner of his mouth were filled with blood, she realized something was amiss.

“Cheng Yu! Cheng Yu! Wake up! I’m Lan Ya!” When she saw how unnatural everyone looked, Lan Ya squatted down and pulled Cheng Yu’s hand over. Her heart was shocked as her complexion turned pale. Why was it so cold!

“What’s with him? Why? How did things become like this?” Lan Ya placed her trembling hands on Cheng Yu’s nose. There’s no breathing at all! She placed her hand on Cheng Yu’s chest. No heartbeat as well! Her nose started to turn stuffy while her eyes grew red. Tears started to flow down from her eyes.

Everyone looked at Lan Ya crying on top of Cheng Yu’s chest sorrowfully. Unknowingly, a thread of sadness started emerging out from their heart as well. It was especially so for Qing Xu. When he saw this scene he was in extreme distress.

If only he were a lot more alert during that time, Guang Ning wouldn’t have been able to successfully succeed. Now that the situation had become like this, he felt that he had let Cheng Yu down as well as Cheng Yu’s wife.

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“Senior Immortal! Isn’t you Cheng Yu’s teacher? Quickly save him!” Lan Ya wept for a moment before remembering these people here were all immortal characters. She lifted up her head with her eyes filled with tears and spoke to Qing Xu emotionally.

“This… We are also helpless about it!” Qing Xu replied with a face filled with helplessness and sorrow.

“But aren’t you people Daoist immortals! Couldn’t you bring someone back from death? How come you couldn’t save him? You guys should have a way isn’t it!” Lan Ya mood had gotten somewhat emotional.

“We aren’t Daoist immortals. And we really don’t have the ability to bring someone back from death!” Qing Xu shook his head!

“Impossible! You people are liars! Liars!” Lan Ya cried out.

“Senior brother, don’t we have the medicine Yu’er had given us? Do you think it’s gonna be useful in such a situation?” Qing Yuanzi replied. With so many people around, it wasn’t convenient for him to speak of the god water so as to avoid others creating troubles.

“It’s useless. A moment ago, I had already used it on him!” Xin Yao spoke out. When she was watching over Cheng Yu, she had already fed him with two bottles of god water. However, there was no reaction.

“Then… we should first bring Yu’er back to the sect first before deciding what to do next!” Qing Yuanzi thought before speaking.

When Kunlun members saw Limitless Palace member had finally left, they heaved a sigh of relief. As for Ling Xiao’s mirage, it had long disappeared. As for the others, they knew that this matter had more or less been decided. One after another, they started to leave as well.

Only Tian Xue and Tian Xing continued to stare in the direction Limitless Palace left in. They wish to go forward to have a last look at Cheng Yu but were stopped by Yu Ling.

“Ning Xue, Wushuang, it’s time for us to leave as well!” When Ning Yan saw the duo acting abstracted, she sighed helplessly.

“Senior Sister, do you think Cheng Yu has really died?” Ning Xue still couldn’t bring herself to feel all of these is real. That fellow possessed such formidable strength. How could he possibly die so easily?

“Should not be wrong. You see how angry Cheng Yu’s teacher was and you will know the answer. Great Ascension Realm was not something we can imagine off.” Ning Yan replied.
When it comes to Cheng Yu’s death, she also felt that it was a regret. As no matter what, they had fought together before. Furthermore, along their journey in the Death Forest, they had received his care. Even the artifact she had on hand were from Cheng Yu.

However, something unexpected might happen at any moment. When they had come over to watch this challenge, they felt that it was impossible for Cheng Yu to successfully crash the sect gate. But never had they imagined that Cheng Yu did not die in the challenge but in the hands of a Great Ascension Realm expert.

“Senior Sister! I wish to have a look at Cheng Yu one last time!” Ning Wushuang spoke out.

“Forget it! Somethings is better to let bygones be bygones! Now that they had already left, it’s pointless even if you chase after them!” Ning Yan sigh.

In a lot of audiences eyes, what happened today was too stimulating. It was worth for them to reflect over for a long period of time. Firstly, it was a crashing of sect gate that had never happened for a thousand over years. Followingly, they also witness the born of a heavenly genius as well as his death. Lastly, it was the battle between Great Ascension Realm experts. Even Kunlun Grand Ancestor had come out. This trip was not in vain!

Majority of them were still discussing what just happened intensively when they left!

On top of Kunlun Yunxiao Peak, everything had quietened down. Although they had to expose their shameless act at the end, when they recalled Cheng Yu had already died, their mood got a lot better.

So what if they were shameless! In any case, Cheng Yu have already died. So what if they were shameless?

“Martial Uncle! Are your injuries fine?” Yuan Yangzi enquired as he stared at Guang Ning’s pale expression.

“Hmph! This is all because of you! Today’s humiliation, I must get it back in the future!” Guang Ning glared at Yuan Yangzi ferociously. When he remembered the humiliation Qing Xu had just given him, his anger could not be appeased.

Looking at the leaving silhouette of Guang Ning, Yuan Yangzi was also helpless about it. Who had he offended? Why was it that he was unable to appease any sides! A moment ago, the Grand Ancestor had also given him a lesson.

Fortunately, Cheng Yu had already died. Otherwise, it would truly be troublesome. Recalling of the three Nascent Soul expert they had just lost, he felt his heart in pain.

He looked at Yu Fu who was still lying on the ground. Shaking his head, he signaled for someone to bring him down. In the future, he could only be doing some trifle matters for Kunlun. As for cultivation, it was impossible for him.

Limitless Palace, Extreme Heaven’s Peak.

Lan Ya sat down in Cheng Yu’s room foolishly. Looking at Cheng Yu who had lost his breathing long ago, her heart was in extreme sorrow. Her eyes had already turn swollen due to crying.

Beforehand, Xin Yao had already told her the reason why Cheng Yu had become like this. Turn out, all of this was because to save her. After knowing the reason, Lan Ya wept even more. It had already been 2 days. She sat there without eating or drinking as she stared at the bedded Cheng Yu.

Recalling the days where she interacted when Cheng Yu, recalling the perverted smile of his, the mischievous laughter that always hoped to take some advantage of her.

She had never once seen Cheng Yu being so quiet before and she hopes that it would never come. She still wished to see the small little pervert who would always stare at her breast and fall into a daze.

“Why? You said that you would look for me but why are you lying here right now? Could it be you don’t wish to see me? Why? Wuwuwu!” Lan Ya held onto Cheng Yu’s ice-cold hand as she laid on his body crying.

“Sorry! Sorry! I harmed you! If it wasn’t because of me, you wouldn’t have come over to Kunlun to start a feud and would not have gotten threatened by them. Thus, wouldn’t have died!”

“Cheng Yu, wake up! Have you forgotten? You still have a lot of lovers! Don’t tell me you no longer wish to meet them. Do you want them to get snatched by others?”

“Didn’t you said that you liked me to wear seductive undergarments? As long as you wake up, I will wear it for you every day! Quickly wake up!”

When Xin Yao and Qing Xu heard the explosive words of Lan Ya, they were flushed with anger as well as in grief.

“Martial Uncle, this cannot continue on! She had not had rest and eaten in 2 days!” Xin Yao spoke emotionally.

“Aish. I also have no other means. I had already adviced her numerous times. But she was unwilling to part with Cheng Yu for even a step!” Qing Xu sigh.

“Martial Uncle, is there really no ways to bring someone back from death in the cultivation world?” Xin Yao enquired.

“There is. There’s a particular technique that could achieve this. Some formations are also able to let a person come back from death! However, we do not have such techniques!” Qing Xu was also very helpless.

“Martial Uncle, haven’t you research on formation before? Even you also have no idea of such formations?” Xin Yao replied somewhat in disappointment.

“Aish! Formations had always been on constant permutations. How could I possibly learn them all? The formations I learned was only useful for refining artifacts. I had never once research on healing formations!”

“That’s to say there’s no hope left for Junior Brother Yu?” Xin Yao enquired.

“Indeed, I have no other ways as well. I had gotten your father to take a look at the Limitless Palace secret vault to see if there’s any record of techniques that could bring someone back from death!” Qing Xu commented.

This was his only hope remaining. Formerly, the sect had countless genius. Perhaps, there might be a record of it. But now that 2 days had past and there was still no news from Qing Yuanzi. This is truly worrying.

If there’s truly no other way, they could only bury Cheng Yu.

It was at that moment, Cheng Yu’s door opened up. Lan Ya swayed her way out while piggybacking Cheng Yu.

“Disciple’s wife! What are you doing?” When the duo saw the situation, they were startled.

“I’m bringing him back to look for a doctor!” Lan Ya replied.

“Look for a doctor? Where?” Qing Xu enquired.

“Back to Yunhai City!”

“You meant back to the secular world? How is that possible? We don’t even have any ways to do it. Yet how could the mortals in the secular world possibly save him!” Qing Xu shook his head.

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Although he had never been to the secular world, he felt that there shouldn’t be anyone so formidable to bring someone back to death. Now that Cheng Yu had already died for such a long period of time and his soul had already been smacked shattered, any ordinary resurrection techniques might not necessarily bring Cheng Yu back from death. Let alone the secular world.

“I would like to return back as well. His house is there, as well as his family. I wanna bring him home!” Lan Ya spoke. This was the only thing she could do for Cheng Yu. She should at least allow his family to see Cheng Yu one last time!

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