Chapter 613: Water Parting Magic

In Long Yi’s previous life, he had heard about the existence of underground seas, but he had always thought that they were just speculation. Now, that legend had truly appeared in this mystical world. The Smelting Death Cave beneath the sea was indeed very mystical.

Karl was excited to see this sea. Although most of the Sea Races were amphibians, they truly felt free and unrestrained only in the sea. For them, the sea was as important as air was for humans.

Long Yi looked at that somewhat blackish seawater for a while. He then slightly frowned and said, “There seem to be some problems with this sea.”

“What’s the problem? How about I go and examine it?” Karl said and walked toward the sea.

Long Yi nodded his head and didn’t stop Karl. He just wrapped his spirit power around Karl so that he could save him in time if something went wrong. He just felt that this sea was somewhat unusual; he remained uncertain about what the problem was.

Karl jumped into the seawater, creating ripples, and after a few air bubbles rose, the sea surface calmed down. However, Long Yi could sense that Karl was still swimming around beneath the surface, so he was not too worried.

Before long, Karl’s head popped out of the sea surface. He then swam ashore while panting.

“How was it?” Long Yi asked. Seeing Karl’s expression, he knew that this seawater truly had a problem.

“There are many poisonous substances mixed in this seawater. I was basically unable to breathe. I truly cannot believe that there is any life within this kind of seawater,” Karl took a deep breath and said. Clearly, he had been holding his breath in the water.

With the strength of Long Yi, flying past this underground sea with Karl was truly not a difficult matter. Moreover, he had Bai Yu, a flying god beast. Merely, for an unknown reason, Long Yi vaguely felt that this was not the right way. It seemed that the poisonous problem with this sea was not the key point.

Long Yi raised his head and watched those strange birds circling in the air. Then, rubbing the beard stubble on his chin, he became lost in thought.

Karl didn’t dare to disturb Long Yi. Since the scene in front of him was completely different from how the survivors of Smelting Death Cave had described, he truly had nothing to use as a reference to determine the truth of this matter.

A good while later, the roars of tiger cub, Fire Qilin, and other beasts came from some distance away accompanied by their energy fluctuations. The strange birds circling in the air also cried and disorderly flew everywhere as the seawater along the shore rose more than ten meters high.

Not long after, the energy fluctuations calmed down. Then, tiger cub, Fire Qilin, and the others dragged an over 20-meters long strange corpse in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi was speechless. The hunting ability of Little Three and the rest was truly first-rate. Other than some creatures in the sea and the strange birds circling in the sky, Long Yi couldn’t sense other living beings nearby, but Little Three had found such a huge strange beast.

Little Three called toward Long Yi like a puppy while swaying its tail. It had been a while since it had last eaten the delicious meat roasted by Long Yi.

Karl received a great shock. At this moment, he felt like he couldn’t be surprised ever again in his life. Staying with Long Yi, he had become numb to even the most marvelous things. If he hadn’t, his heart would’ve been shaken so many times that he would die young.

Long Yi sized up this huge strange beast. Its entire body was covered with a layer of brownish-yellow thick scales. There was a dagger-like horn on its forehead. Its limbs had 8 fingers, and all were steel-like hard and sharp claws. Its eyelid had a layer of transparent membrane. Clearly, this was a trait evolved to adapt to underground life. At first glance, Long Yi knew that it was an earth-attributed beast with great defense, and he knew that this strange beast was some kind of underground-dwelling animal. Generally, this kind of animal had thick skin and rough flesh. It was not a good material for food.

“Little Three, you usually have good eyes. How could you be so blind this time?” Long Yi kicked the butt of Little Three.

Little Three whimpered with grievances. Then, opening its mouth, a light flashed, easily cutting open the stomach of this strange beast. Five head-sized yellow-shelled eggs rolled out along with its internal organs. As it turned out, Little Three had had its eyes on the eggs in the stomach of this strange beast from the beginning.

Long Yi knocked these eggs a few times, and scanning them with his spirit power, he sensed faint wisps of life. This showed that these eggs were fine. It seemed that Little Three had discovered this mother strange beast before the embryos had formed. It also meant that there must be a male strange beast nearby.

At that time, Fire Qilin ordered that Variant Fire Qilin to bring some trees and used Qilin Holy Fire to start a fire.

Long Yi looked at the vast sea for a while and decided to think while eating. He threw those five eggs into the flame and began roasting, but he quickly discovered that those five eggs emitted a yellow radiance and weren’t damaged at all.

Long Yi burned with anger. That demonic corpse that had been so hard to kill like a cockroach had already made him incomparably gloomy, and now, he encountered obstacles when all he wanted was to roast some simple eggs.

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Long Yi directly used his spirit power to pick up these eggs and made Fire Qilin use Qilin Holy Fire to roast them. He didn’t believe that he would be unable to roast these eggs.

The heat of Qilin Holy Fire was far greater than a thousand degrees. Whether it was steel or rock, they would melt at this point, but these eggs were holding on. Moreover, Long Yi saw that these eggs could absorb the heat of Qilin Holy Fire. This should be a kind of self-defense mechanism.

“Kacha, kacha!” Along with cracking sounds, the eggshells of four of the eggs cracked open one after another, and a fragrant smell spread all over.

“Roasted.” Long Yi was happy. He then took out seasonings from his space ring and sprinkled them on those four eggs, and the sweet aroma grew denser.

But, the final egg was not roasted despite the intensity of the heat. Its yellow eggshell had already turned fiery red, but it still didn’t crack open.

Long Yi made Fire Qilin stop. Then he and Karl tasted a bit of the four eggs and gave the remaining food to the god beasts.

“Long Yi, look! What is that?” Karl who was blankly staring at the sea suddenly shouted.

Long Yi looked over and saw a few dark spots on the distant sea surface as a faint smell of blood blew over with the salty sea breeze.

“It’s a corpse. I am going to take a look.” Long Yi frowned and suddenly disappeared. Then in a blink of an eye, he appeared again, and two rotting corpses of the Sea Race fell on the ground.

“I know him! He is the captain of Sea Scorpion Clan’s Elite Scorpion Guards. He was also a participant in this time’s Treasure Seizing Convention,” Karl said while pointing at the left side corpse.

“Doesn’t this mean that the other caves are also connected to this underground sea?” Long Yi asked as if he were talking to himself.

Karl nodded his head in agreement. But, just when he was about to say something, a whistling sound resounded in the air.

The complexion of Long Yi changed, and the god beasts roared practically at the same time. Long Two and that Six-Winged Angel Skeleton stood beside Long Yi, one on the left and the other on the right.

“Strange, why did the energy suddenly become so strange?” Long Yi mumbled, and after taking two steps forward, his body suddenly stiffened, and he shouted, “Quickly retreat.”

Merely, it was already too late. The space around them instantly became illusory, and a greyish black sea wave surged along with heaven destroying and earth exterminating momentum.

Long Yi immediately cast an isolation barrier, but the world around them was already shaking as the sea wave surged.

Long Yi, Karl, Little Three and the others in the barrier could only watch the rapidly approaching huge sea wave helplessly. That crowd of strange birds circling in the air fluttered in panic. At that time, a huge sea monster jumped out of the seawater and swallowed several of them. They instantly fell from their lofty apex hunter positions to become prey.

Soon, the sea wave slammed down, and Long Yi and others inside the barrier sunk into the grayish-black seawater. In this foul seawater, countless fierce sea monsters seemed to have appeared. They ferociously attacked the barrier of Long Yi. Merely, the barrier created by Long Yi was very powerful. How could these trifling sea monsters break it?

Those sea monsters attacked for a good while without any results. Then, they dispersed as if they had never appeared.

Karl sighed with relief. There was still a lingering fear in his heart. The situation had changed too fast. Just a moment ago, they had been on the shore of the underground sea, but in the blink of an eye, the world was completely submerged by seawater.

“Long Yi, this…” Karl opened his mouth wanting to ask something, but the environment changed again. The seawater seethed as if boiling over, and huge undersea whirlpools turned toward the location of Long Yi’s barrier.

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But, Long Yi stood still in the barrier at ease. He closed his eyes and sensed the violent energy fluctuations all around. Clearly, this was not natural.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his eyes and his black pupils shone with a terrifying glint. He let out a muffled snort, and six spirit tablets shot out from his glabella, forming a hexagon above the barrier. Then, the barrier which was being tossed about by undersea whirlpools suddenly stood still as if it had taken a root.

At that moment, Karl discovered a pitch black cave which looked like the big mouth of a sea monster not far away in front of the barrier, waiting to swallow them. According to the trajectory of the barrier just a movement ago, if they had stopped a second or two later, the entire barrier would have been swallowed by this dark cave. Thinking so, Karl sweated profusely.

“Do you truly think that I don’t know what to do with you?” A hint of a cold smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. Then the Water God Mark on his glabella emitted an icy blue radiance, and the Water God Spirit Tablet also rapidly spun.

“Water Parting Magic!” Long Yi lowered his voice, and the blue radiance of his spirit tablet flourished. Then, the greyish black seawater parted to two sides with this barrier in the center.

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