Chapter 612: Underworld Demon General

Karl’s entire body stretched taut. That ice-cold death qi made him feel as if he had fallen into the ninth layer of the underworld. At this moment, he thought that he had already died.

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“Bang!” A huge silverish purple hammer that dazzled with lightning hit that Demonic Corpse and sent it flying back. Karl felt as if the hand of Death strangling his neck had loosened. He then collapsed to the ground and panted. Now, his entire body trembled, and he also felt dizzy after narrowly surviving that disaster.

At this moment, Long Yi and that Demonic Corpse were already fighting, silverish purple and black lights entangling with each other. And under the power emitted by these two, the plants and trees around all became a fine powder. Even the rocks around them turned into a powder that spun around them like a whirlpool.

Long Yi brandished his Lightning God Hammer and felt the surging power within his body; merely, he wasn’t feeling as comfortable as before in his heart. He was suppressing a stifling feeling within his heart. Although the attack power of this Demonic Corpse was clearly inferior to his, its defensive power was abnormal. This shocked Long Yi. No matter how many times Long Yi smashed this Demonic Corpse with his Lightning God Hammer, other than being in somewhat tough straits, it actually remained alive and kicking.

A lightning flickered in Long Yi’s eyes, which had turned silverish purple in color, and he no longer recklessly fought against this Demonic Corpse. If he had continued like this, when he had been no longer able to maintain Lightning God Armor, he would have been the one to suffer losses. However at the same time, he also understood that this Demonic Corpse viewed that spirit tablet as the key point.

“Guys, come out and attack,” Long Yi called out loudly. Then, the tiger cub Little Three, Violent Lightning Beast, Long Two, and the newly obtained Six-Winged Angel skeleton appeared from his dark dimension space.

Violent Lightning Beast with its entire body covered with silverish purple fur, brave snow-white Little Three, Long Two wearing a pitch-black bone armor and holding blood-red scythe, Six-Winged Angel skeleton holding the Judgment Lance, all coupled with the two Fire Qilins. Such a luxurious lineup completely surrounded the Demonic Corpse. As for Long Yi, he took advantage of this occasion to retreat.

After that, Long Yi recalled his Lightning God Armor and returned to Karl’s side.

“Long Yi, they…” Karl felt that he had insufficient mental capacity for the first time, and he was so startled that he was unable to speak properly for a moment.

“My pets, not bad.” Long Yi smiled and took that spirit tablet from Karl’s hand. This was, without a doubt, a light attributed spirit tablet. Nevertheless, he could clearly sense that that black dot in the middle appeared too strange.

Karl who had just returned to his senses fell into a daze again. So many god beasts were his pets…

Long Yi used his spirit power to scan it, and a dense light aura surrounded him. As for that black dot in the middle, it seemed to hide from his probings.

Meanwhile, that Demonic Corpse who was besieged by numerous god beasts looked all the more restless with anxiety. It spared no effort to break out of the encirclement, but all its efforts were useless. Under the attacks of numerous god beasts, it could only take the beatings.

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Long Yi finally found a clue. He discovered that the black dot on this spirit tablet was related to this Demonic Corpse, and a sly smile appeared on his face. He then used his spirit power to create a tight encirclement in the spirit tablet and slowly compressed it, giving this black dot nowhere to flee.

The space where the black dot could move grew increasingly smaller, and finally, Long Yi’s spirit power bound it.

But, just when Long Yi felt complacent, his glabella trembled. That ice-cold death qi unexpectedly broke through the binding of his spirit power like a hot knife cutting through butter and shot straight toward his glabella. If it weren’t for Long Yi’s spirit power being sufficiently strong, this would have truly made Long Yi eat a huge loss.

The back of Long Yi was drenched in cold sweat. He then used internal force for insurance while examining what had happened. Now, he discovered that this black was clearly a lost soul. Although he didn’t know what method it used, it actually employed pure light energy from the tablet to maintain itself without dispersing. Just a moment ago, it had clearly wanted to enter his sea of consciousness and seize his body in order to rebirth.

“Damn kid, let me go!” The hoarse voice of that black dot was transmitted into Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

“Let you go? Heh heh. Speak about what you are first.” Long Yi sneered. This situation reminded him of Dark God sealed in Heavenly Demonic Stone. Merely, he respected the former. After all, he had helped him a lot and saved his life many times. As for this fellow in this spirit tablet, Long Yi utterly detested him. Who had asked him to actually try destroying his sea of consciousness in order to seize his body?

“This lord is one of the three Demon Generals under Heavenly Demon King, Underworld Demon General. When Heavenly Demon King appears in this world again, that will be the doomsday of you all ants, kaka…” The soul in the spirit tablet laughed heartily.

“Reckless fellow.” Long Yi’s spirit power turned into tens of thousands of needles and stabbed that black dot.

Merely, to the surprise of Long Yi, the spirit attack of Long Yi actually did nothing to the soul of Underworld Demon General. He could only restrict and bind it. This naturally made him very depressed.

“Heavenly Demon King bestowed me immortality. With the small amount of power that you possess, what can you do?” Underworld Demon General arrogantly shouted. He was very complacent. And perhaps, since he had been too lonely in the spirit tablet, his mouth never stopped for a moment. He chattered endlessly.

Long Yi was vexed, so he directly cut off the spirit power connection.

As for the other side, under the siege of numerous god beasts, that Demonic Corpse had already lost its power to resist. Even though its defense was high, under the powerful attacks, it was gradually unable to endure. Now, cracks had already appeared on its armor.

Long Yi guessed that Demonic Corpse should be the physical body of this Underworld Demon General, and looking at the divine skeleton on the ground, he began to paint an image in his mind.

100,000 years ago, a First-Tier Light God and Underworld Demon General had fiercely fought. They were actually well-matched in strength, and finally, both of them used their finishing moves and perished together. The remains of this First-Tier Light God had become the white bones, and the corpse of the Underworld Demon General had become a Demonic Corpse after coincidently fulfilling the conditions to become a Demonic Corpse. As for his soul, at the final moment, it was absorbed into the spirit tablet under a freak combination of factors. This Underworld Demon General might have had some kind of unique characteristic, making his current soul and defensive power so astonishing. His soul hadn’t dissipated even after 100,000 years, and his body had turned into a Demonic Corpse that had endured for 100,000 years.

At this moment, Long Yi had already initiated his most powerful attack. His blood-red scythe attacked the crack on the armor of this Demonic Corpse.

Along with a violent explosion sound, the Demonic Corpse stiffened, and it crazily roared. Then, although its armor had already fallen off, cold dark qi gushed out. Violent Lightning Beast, Little Three and Fire Qilin retreated to dodge this dark qi as they felt uncomfortable. Only Long Two stood still and absorbed this dark qi.

After Long Two had finished absorbing it, his thick bone armor unexpectedly shone, and the six bone spurs on his back glimmered even more brightly. Then, the red lights in the eye sockets of Long Two glimmered as he looked at Long Yi, and he instantly appeared in front of Long Yi and said, “Big brother.”

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Long Two, but he was somewhat surprised in his heart. Now, the original mechanical voice of Long Two was a lot mellower. This was a big improvement. Perhaps, when his strength reached a certain level someday, his way of thinking and speaking would become no different from a human. This might truly be considered a miracle.

At this moment, tiger cub Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast had already shrunk into their miniature versions. They excitedly ran over to Long Yi and rubbed their heads against his leg. Especially Little Three, it actually rubbed Long Yi while drooling; moreover, it looked at Long Yi pitifully and whimpered.

“You are tarnishing the glory of tigers! Where can I get roasted meat for you now? Go to play over there.” Long Yi flicked the forehead of Little Three, but Little Three easily dodged it.

Karl arrived in front of Long Yi in a daze. He looked at the god beasts playing at one side and again looked at the standing still Long Two as well as the Six-Winged Angel skeleton behind Long Yi. Then he looked at Long Yi with reverence as if he were a god.

“Karl, I regard you as a friend. I hope you will not disappoint me,” Long Yi said with a smile, but he knew that it was unlikely for him to have a friend or brother of equal standing with his current strength and position. Perhaps, other than Barbarian Bull who he had met in the very beginning, no one could dare to claim brothership with him. Long Yi knew that, regardless of what he became, with the simple mind of Barbarian Bull, the bull would always think of him as a Boss or Big Brother. This was very unlikely to change along with his strength and position. There was a saying: one should lose something in order to gain something, and experts generally were lonely, this proverb was not a lie.

Karl remained silent for a while and nodded, but his expression remained as before.

Long Yi also smiled and said nothing. He then held the spirit tablet in his hand and recalled that strange feeling he had felt in the underground base of Shark Clan and felt somewhat restless.

At that time, Little Three ran over to the front of that skeleton of the First-Tier Light God and sniffed it. Then, its white pupils spun like a whirlpool, and the light energy circulating on that skeleton was absorbed. It was somewhat similar to Long Two. As long as there was something it could eat or absorb, it would not let it go.

Long Yi shook his head. In any case, this First-Tier Light God had already died, and leaving behind the remaining energy on his corpse was wasteful. It was better to let Little Three absorb it as nourishment.

After Little Three finished absorbing all the energy, Long Yi buried this skeleton of a First-Tier Light God and then erected a stele. This was his payback.

After that, Long Yi and Karl gradually traveled further as god beasts followed behind them, frolicking behind the two’s feet. After passing through this rocky wilderness, they were blocked by vast waters; moreover, a group of several meter-long monster birds with fiery red combs for manes were circling in the air, looking for prey in the waters.

“Underground sea?” Long Yi exclaimed in surprise upon smelling the salty air.

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