Book II – Bandit, Chapter 42 – Coldheart Star Stone

“80 Million Silver Crystal Notes!” called out Roger Flankz from Private Box Number 13. At the same time, he sent a sound transmission to Sigma Octanis, “Do not cause tension over a bored junior who competed with the wrong side. He deserved more than what he got, be glad we were merciful.”

“Merciful? Do you believe I will come and show you the meaning of mercy?” Sigma Octanis was now incensed. He responded with an aggressive sound transmission of his own. “Continue to disrespect me, and I will not hesitate to flatten you and everyone with you today. I know you consider yourself very powerful with Garuda here, but I am not afraid of a mere Garuda.”

“You…,” Roger Flankz was about to rebuttal, but he was stopped by a heavyset elder to his left. Sigma sneered and placed a protective barrier of magic qi around Jodye Trill.

Jodye remained utterly oblivious to the conversation between these elites. Transmitting ones voice through qi was an upper-level technique that only top experts could grasp. Jodye had only just become an expert, so he didn’t know how to do this yet. He was doing as Joovee Nile had instructed and studying his current state. Unlike his companions, Jodye knew precisely what was going on! Each stage of the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. had corresponding Titan Power or Rage Power. In Jodye’s memory, this alternated starting with the first stage.

The Titan Power of the first stage the Wimpy Man Realm is the Fist of Might. The Fist Of Might was an ability that allowed all the astral qi in the body to be concentrated into one point for an explosion of force. The Rage Power of the Second Stage is the Slaughter State! The Slaughter State uses rage power to create slaughter qi from the astral light in the astral passages, before fusing the slaughter qi into the body. The longer the body remains in Slaughter State, the more slaughter qi is merged into his flesh and blood, and the stronger the Slaughter State becomes. Initially, Slaughter State increases Jodye’s astral combat strength by 10%.

Somehow, Jodye had awakened the rage power Slaughter State early, in spite of only being in the Wimpy Man Realm.

After understanding his own body, Jodye was currently sifting through his memories trying to know how that bastard Crash Bandit had attacked him just now. After a few seconds, a golden light flashed in Jodye’s eyes, and he raised up his hand once more.

“90 Million!”

Silence swept the room as Jodye’s small but mighty voice echoed through the hall. Roger Flankz grimaced as he currently couldn’t find an excuse for spending 100 million on a Hollywood Angel. Even if this would be the perfect supplement in creating the cure for the curse that the secret treasured sword had placed on many of the elders a few months back. After all, although these men were currently his subordinates, that was only because Oulan Mercy got himself killed. Roger had to pick up half of his leftovers while Garuda ate the rest.

Old man Crash Bandit had a sinister look in his eyes as he stared down Private Box Number 7 as if he could kill everyone there with just a stare. He knew he was destined to miss out on the 1,000-year-old B-grade Hollywood Angel this time. Crash felt that if he could have been the alchemist to cure the path regression curse, then the Sect Master would definitely promote him to take up Oulan Mercy’s vacant post.

“No matter, I will definitely be taking this treasure back,” spat Crash Bandit hatefully.

“90 Million silver going once… going twice… sold, to the young man in Private Box Number 7.” Vanessa Purple-Sky smirked as she thought she had made the auction quite lively so far. “Our next item is a scarce one. Today we have many experts in the building. Picture, if you will, being stuck at the same rank for decades. Constantly trying to improve your rank step by step but always falling short. Today could be your lucky day. I’m pleased to present one of our three A-grade showcase items, an Earth Science Realm origin fruit, the Dark Jumble Fruit!”

“Bidding starts at 50 million silver crystal notes!”

“60 million!”

“80 Million!”

“95 Million!”

“120 Million!”

There were substantial dollar signs in Jodye’s eyes as he listened to the price continuously rising, he was growing terribly excited.

“Ah! Dark Jumble Fruit, it’s really the Dark Jumble Fruit!” Aunt Miran hopped to her feet and exclaimed. “Your martial-aunt simply must secure that Dark Jumble Fruit for you. If you can promote your strength before we return to Rodinia, our family may get precious materials in the form of cultivation resources. They may even let us move to the sect territory.”

“But aunt, I do not believe that is either master or my father’s intention,” replied Bilan Moon softly. It could be easily seen that Bilan was very unwilling to argue with her aunt.

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“Do you want a Dark Jumble Fruit, Bilan?” asked Jodye Trill suddenly. Aunt Miran sneered and ignored this bumpkin Jodye. Jodye, on the other hand, paid the woman no mind. He possessed several of these fruits, after all, merely he wasn’t sure just anyone could consume one. For instance, he would never give this Aunt Miran one. However, Bilan had a master protecting her! Refining the Dark Jumble Fruit shouldn’t be a problem. “Your bother is one of my people. That means you’re under my care as well. Here.”

Jodye casually removed a magic pouch from his space ring and tossed in on Bilan’s startled lap.

Bilan blushed at the question, as she had never had a member of the opposite sex buy her something. Bilan was only 12-years-old currently, and due to her cultivation method, her body developed a little slower. This was actually the opposite of Jodye’s chaotic thunder god physique. Due to the influence of his titanic dao practice, Jodye had the body of a sixteen-year-old young man. In fact, he also had the hormones to go with it. This made little Jodye feel funny lately. Although in reality, he was just a six-year-old child, his body was not that of a six-year-old at all.

‘My life has been a little tough lately, at least there’s such a cute older boy trying to flatter me and cheer me… up? Eh…? Eh?! What’s this? It’s really there??!’ Bilan Moon’s mind short-circuited when she claimed ownership of the magic pouch and peeked inside. She looked at Jodye Trill puzzled by who was Jodye?

He anticipated this reaction, and just held a finger up to Bilan’s lips and shook his head. It wouldn’t be safe if too many people knew what Jodye had done was for real. Bilan’s face turned beet red as she tried to give the magic pouch back, but Jodye ignored her as if she was air. Helpless, Bilan could only sit back and stare at the bag in a daze.

‘A dark jumble fruit… by refining this origin fruit, I can really step into next rank ahead of schedule. By converting the yin properties of the fruit into yang with my divine spark, Aetherland, I can bring out the max potential of this fruit. This is amazing…’ Bilan couldn’t be more excited than she was at this moment. Her brother was found, and she would see him soon. Her crush was even being super friendly to her, she felt like she was on a cloud because of this. Not only that but now she could elevate her strength by a lot in a short time. Bilan Moon simply didn’t know how to repay Jodye for all of these things. Would she have to marry him? It was starting to seem like her only option if she ever wanted to repay him.

How could she offer a fortune to someone more wealthy than herself? How could she offer assistance to someone with more talent than herself? It’s not like she could provide the young man her body, as she was currently only a child. Bilan Moon was at a loss, and this was why she didn’t dare accept this gift. However, Jodye was now treating her like air, and Bilan definitely didn’t like this. The auction no longer even mattered to her, she just wanted this boy to look at her again.

“180 million!”

“250 million!”

“300 million, and all of you be damned!”

“Allow this prince to join in the fun. 400 million, bwahahaha,” Joovee Nile threw in his bid for fun, this was getting super interesting. Furthermore, he already recognized that look in Jodye’s eyes at this point. This was likely another item auctioned off by the brat, although the Neofrost Master just couldn’t figure out what would possess the kid to give away such a treasure.

“400 million going once!”

The crowd was suddenly silent, as many people grit their teeth in rage. Who was willing to compete against an imperial prince? Especially since this was the first item to have caught his interest. No one was willing to offend the infamous Neofrost Master. However, there was at least one person who was eager to offend the Neofrost Master. Master Grey Willow’s voice cut through the silence, “480 million!”



Everyone near the old woman scattered immediately as if she carried a plague. Was this the effect of prolonged fear? What level of cultivation did one need to possess to make people so cowardly?

“Hehe,” to the crowd’s shock, all they heard from Joovee Nile was a little snicker. Without further suspense, the Dark Jumble Fruit was purchased by Master Grey Willow. However, before Grey Willow had time to feel proud of her victory, she saw a delivery girl head to the row of V.I.P. boxes that she had left previously. Not only that, but this delivery girl was the same one as the last two times.

Master Grey Willow didn’t dare to follow the girl with her perception as they were in the Purple-Sky Tower, but she knew without thinking much that this girl was the one assigned to attend to the rewards of Private Box Number 7. Or more accurately, that little brat Jodye Trill!

“I had thought it strange that he reached the next realm so quickly. So he found some Dark Jumble Fruit. Someone must have helped him refine it. How reckless.” Master Grey Willow felt like she had seen through the entire situation. “Look at what rushing his cultivation has done to this poor child? It is much different from our Bilan, she looks much younger than she really is. This shows her talent. They are obviously short-sighted. I’ll need an explanation for this if they plan to disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. the young master Moon, hmph.”

Grey Willow was correct about one thing for sure. Back at Private Box Number 7, Jodye Trill was smiling from ear to ear. Of course, this smile was hidden under his neofrost mask.

“Young Master Jupiter, please accept these four hundred amethyst crystal notes and eighty thousand gold crystal notes. Courtesy of Master Fontaine Purple-Sky.” said the servant girl.

“Ten rounds of Riot Goo for everyone, bwahahaha,” Jodye Trill laughed like a maniac, making Bilan Moon giggle involuntarily. Sigma and Joovee glanced at each other, before insisting the servant girl hurry and place the order.

“The next item for sale is rarity from the Mystic Beast Mountains in Rodinia. Our president traded quite a bit with the monster clan to procure this item. Shawn Gregory, I think you even lost a pair of pants in that trade, right?” Vanessa Purple-Sky gave a coquettish glance at Private Box Number 3, which actually sent the crowd in a small uproar.

“Hey, that was a secret Ness! S-E-C-R-E-T, see?” replied a blond-haired man from the window of Private Box Number 3. Laughter was heard all over the hall. Jodye Trill was baffled.

“Getting back to the point, the potent serenity force of this item is only eclipsed by the dense astral might condensed in the core of this B-grade origin material, the Coldheart Star Stone. The base price for this item is 80 million silver crystal coins.”

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Coldheart Star Stone!

Jodye Trill’s eyes refocused as he scrutinized the Cold Heart Star Stone with his Divine Awareness. He wasn’t afraid of being discovered, because he had long since covered this entire tower in his divine spirit qi. If he were going to be found out, he would have already been discovered. Instead, it was Jodye who had seen the identities of all the individuals who attempted to spy on them with spiritual or magical qi. On top of that, he actually discovered the soul consciousness stream of an elite in the Private Box Number 177. This party was also scrutinizing the starstone without fear.

“What Coldheart Star Stone, this is clearly a fragment of a satellite star core. This is amazing,” Jodye Trill recognized the origin of this item at a glance. A satellite star core was what existed in the center of a moon. The potent lunar class serenity qi was far more useful than any source of yin one could find on an earth star like Gaea.

“Coldheart Star Stone? Classic. Ah, what will the humans think of next?” Next to Jodye, Sigma Octanis was mumbling to himself. Merely, everyone in the room was a sage. Their hearing was countless times more potent than a mortal, they could all hear him clearly.

“It’s definitely a Coldheart Star Stone, right unc? Alright, I’m buying this no matter what!” exclaimed Jodye Trill with gold lights shining in his sapphire eyes, which were all that was visible behind his mysterious neofrost mask. His shoulder length wavy black hair floated with no wind, giving him a heroic air. Bilan Moon’s eyes sparkled and clapped her little hands.

“You can call it whatever you want, brat,” Sigma Octanis spoke smugly. How could his esteemed self not recognize a moon core fragment? His ancestors would surely smite him. “If it becomes too much for you to handle, do let me know.”

“Mn.” Jodye Trill didn’t even place Sigma’s words in his mind.

“Hey kid, do you have any more Dark Jumble Fruit with you?”

Jodye allowed an approaching telepathic link to form and heard Joovee Nile’s voice in his mind. ‘Could he have received information about me as well?’ He thought to himself. After glancing at Joovee and considering for a moment, Jodye replied honestly, “I have a few.”

The Neofrost Master was a little caught off guard by both the intensity in those eyes and the subsequent frankness of this brat. Those eyes made him feel like his intentions had been seen through in an instant, yet the utterly honest response made him feel slightly guilty.

“Did you kill him? Or did you have help?” asked Joovee Nile after a bit of consideration. He considered a bit more and then sent another thought, “I’m asking because I need to protect you. So, now that I know who you are, there are things I need to know.”

“You can say I killed him. At least, there was only us and the monsters in that cave. However, it is true that I had help. I probably couldn’t kill him now,” replied Jodye Trill indifferently, stunning Joovee Nile once again.

“Jodye do you… do you have the Dark Genova Beads?” Joovee Nile’s face was grim. He desperately needed those Dark Genova Beads. If he had those, he would quickly complete his dao. His path to becoming a pharaoh would be clear.

“Dark Genova Beads? The letters I found on Oulan Mercy’s person mentioned those. However, I don’t know what they are.” Jodye spoke honestly. This was the truth, after all. He had never placed the origin of those two beads too deeply into his mind, he didn’t know if they were the whatever Dark Genova Beads. Plus, Jodye didn’t own a treasured sword, that was Dessa Chimes’ burden.

“Damn it,” Joovee Nile cursed, but he was inwardly relieved. He thought he was going to have to murder Jodye Trill and use the punishment of the heavens to refine the Dark Genova Beads ascending to strength levels unprecedented in the south. Now, it seemed he could continue to have a little brother. “Those Dark Genova Beads are a critical asset. Most people believe you have them. However, as weak as you are no one would truly believe it once they found you. But they will kill you all the same! You can’t be so high profile in the future.”

Jodye Trill frowned beneath his neofrost mask, but no one was able to see this. He sensed the fluctuations in Joovee’s emotional state, and it made Jodye uncomfortable. Joovee’s mind was incredibly unstable for a time. At one point it was even murderous. However, how could that be? Didn’t he fear death? Jodye suddenly realized he didn’t know Joovee Nile as well as he thought. This guy was a crazy Voodoo Priest, one clearly feared by the masses. Not only that, but he was only 15-years-old!

Jodye wondered just who the hell this guy’s master was because he was way too monstrous. Of course, Jodye neglected to remember that he had yet to even turn seven-years-old himself. Who was the real freak?

“150 Million!”

“200 Million!”

“500 Million!” at this time Jodye was shocked to find that the guy in Private Box Number 177 jumped the line by 300 million.

“500 Million going once!”

“One Billion Silver Crystal Notes.” Jodye Trill said imperiously as he stood in the window of Private Box Number 7 with his hands behind his back. People could help but admire this Earth Science Realm young genius. He was clearly of some relation to the imperial prince, and he even knew the former commander of the tenth division of the Thoth Imperial Army, Sigma Octanis.

“What is the point of us wearing these masks again? Was there ever a point?” Joovee Nile’s palm slapped his forehead. He had literally just finished telling this idiot Jodye Trill to humble himself, and not be so high profile. Yet, Jodye still goes and stunts on the entire auction.

“Hahaha, great style! I like it,” Sigma Octanis, on the other hand, gave Jodye two thumbs up. “This is a way a man should behave. You want to jump 300 million? Then I will jump by 500 million, hahaha!”

Bilan and her aunt Miran look at each other exasperated. Men were so childish.

Five minutes later, Jodye Trill was holding the Coldheart Star Stone in his hand. Well actually, he was holding it with his divine energy as it floats in front of him, “The Coldheart Star Stone, this is perfect. Now I have everything I need for a full cauldron of B-grade Big Wimp Pellets! Looks like I’ll need Uncle Sigma’s help in refining them though. Then again, with my astral essence on top of Pharaoh’s Law… Maybe I can do it alone. Anyway, I’ll give it a try.”

“The time has come for the final item of our auction today,” Vanessa Purple-Sky waved her hand, and a large egg appeared on the platform. It was as tall as three adult men standing on each other. Jodye Trill’s eyes shined when he sensed the vibrant life-force in the egg. “During our clan’s expedition to the recently discovered ancient pyramid, although we can be said to have been the most successful party, we did not come out empty handed. We have incubated this mysterious ancient beast egg, and we can assure you it’s close to hatching. Just feel the vibrant life force radiating from this vessel.”

“What manner and rank of the beast is in this egg?” asked someone in the crowd below the platform. Many people nodded their heads as they too wanted to hear the answer to this question, Jodye Trill included. Monsters came in different forms based on their nature and level of strength. Fierce beasts and Vicious Beast27Vicious BeastMonster Clan beast that possesses Second Rank lifeblood. Vicious beasts are animals that can absorb and refine the forces of the heavens and earth. As a result, they are far more powerful than the animals who can’t. Level 1 Vicious Beast = 20 bp Level 2 Vicious Beast = 60 bp Level 3 Vicious Beast = 110 bp Level 4 Vicious Beast = 170 bp Level 5 Vicious Beast = 240 bp Level 6 Vicious Beast = 320 bp Level 7 Vicious Beast = 410 bp Level 8 Vicious Beast = 510 bp Level 9 Vicious Beast = 620 bps were mostly neutral in nature, but once a creature surpassed the Vicious rank, they would be divided by nature. Beasts who absorb death qi by nature become Desolate Beast29Desolate Beastdemon clan beast with third rank lifeblood. vicious beasts who reach level 10 but don’t have a god beast bloodline will be classified as desolate beasts. Desolate beasts possess the strength of tricksters but not intelligence. Instead of a magic core, desolate beasts absorb death Qi to form a demonic core. Condensing a demonic core allows the desolate beast to change its physique to that of demonic beast, one step closer to becoming a demon that’s able to cultivate Law energy. Level 1 Desolate = 860 BP Level 2 Desolate = 1,140 BP Level 3 Desolate = 1,500 BP Level 4 Desolate = 1,900 BP Level 5 Desolate = 2.5 AP Level 6 Desolate = 5 AP Level 7 Desolate = 10 AP Level 8 Desolate = 18 AP Level 9 Desolate = 25 AP s. Above Desolate Beasts, there was still Demonic Beast32Demonic BeastDemon clan beast with fourth rank lifeblood. once a desolate beast advances past level 10 they begin to possess low level intelligence and the death Force it has accumulated condenses into a demonic core. The demonic core absorbs the death force in the surroundings to produce demon blood. The demon blood will have an inheritance thus making Demonic Beasts members of the demon clan. Demonic beasts become stronger mainly by eating other demonic beasts to assimilate their beast cores. They also slaughter any they come across to produce more death force in the atmosphere which helps promote their growth. Level 1 Demonic = 50 AP Level 2 Demonic = 110 AP Level 3 Demonic = 190 AP Level 4 Demonic = 250 AP Level 5 Demonic = 400 AP Level 6 Demonic = 575 AP Level 7 Demonic = 800 AP Level 8 Demonic = 1,100 AP Level 9 Demonic = 1,500 APs and Demons. However, Vicious Beast who consumes life qi becomes Trickster30Trickstermonster clan beast with third rank lifeblood. when a level 9 vicious beast with god beast lifeblood reaches level 10 they evolve into low-level demi-god beasts possessing superior intelligence without their own complete demi-god physique. Due to their frail forms, they use their lifeblood powers to condense a cocoon or origin qi that takes on the form of other beasts. Tricksters fight to obtain the ‘life force’ required to condense a monster core by condensing enough god beast lifeblood. Condensing the monster core allows the trickster to upgrade its physique to that of one closer to a god beast and cultivate different lifeblood inheritances. Vicious beasts with a hint of origin god beast bloodline in them merely become higher level tricksters upon evolution, with a more complete true form. Tricksters are only born through the evolution of a vicious beast. Injuries received by tricksters in their true forms risk reducing their level since they must burn their lifeblood essence to recover and transform again. Level 1 Trickster = 1,000 BP Level 2 Trickster = 1,250 BP Level 3 Trickster = 1,600 BP Level 4 Trickster = 2 AP Level 5 Trickster = 4.5 AP Level 6 Trickster = 9 AP Level 7 Trickster = 14 AP Level 8 Trickster = 21 AP Level 9 Trickster = 30 AP s. Above Tricksters, there were the powerful Demi-God Beast33God BeastMonster clan beast with fifth rank lifeblood. Once a Demi-god beast with more then 70% bloodline purity advances past level 9 they will evolve into a actual God Beast. Merely God Beasts that evolved from a lesser form will never achieve a strength higher then level 7. God Beasts are cable of, and mostly prefer, maintaining heroic form to cultivate greater law energy inheritances for a path to true strength31Demi-God Beastmonster clan beast with fourth rank lifeblood. when a trickster reaches level 9, its collected bloodline fully condenses into a monster core, which then transforms the physique of the trickster\\'s true form into one closer to the god-beast realm. It’s intelligence increases to the level of advanced life forms such as humans. They can also temporarily take on an imperfect heroic (humanoid) form. The monster core absorbs the pure force in the surroundings to facilitate the production of more of the god-beast lifeblood. Demi-god beasts become stronger by either stealing more god beast lifeblood essence or by absorbing large quantities of pure essence qi. Demi-god beasts are only able to evolve if their bloodline achieved more then 70% purity. Level 1 Demigod = 60 AP Level 2 Demigod = 150 AP Level 3 Demigod = 200 AP Level 4 Demigod = 280 AP Level 5 Demigod = 475 AP Level 6 Demigod = 700 AP Level 7 Demigod = 1,080 AP Level 8 Demigod = 1,480 AP Level 9 Demigod = 1,900 AP s and God Beasts. Of course, these God Beasts were different from the Origin God Beast35Origin God BeastTrue Monster Clan members, born from a primordial law pool, with the sixth rank lifeblood. immensely powerful creatures born from the primordial chaos. The are existences that rival the Heavenly Dao in that they are an embodiment of their own laws which grown stronger and more complete as they mature. A fully matured level 10 origin god beast would possess the strength to rip apart the barriers separating this universe from the next. Merely the Heavenly Dao is far older than Even the first god beast in this universe. Practitioners cultivate for millennia in hopes of becoming what god beasts are from birth. While it is possible for god beasts to reproduce the Heavenly Dao interferes when two god beasts of the same tier make attempts at reproduction. Too many god beasts in one universe would cause an imbalance of laws which would ultimately lead to the destruction of the universe. Origin God Beasts can rearrange the laws in their body due to their total control over these laws, to assume whichever form they prefer. Level 1 Origin God Beasts are born with strength at the Late Divine Enlightenment Rank.s, like Eureka, who was a Twilight Sphinx. Origin God Beasts were born with innate god qi. Such a thing was naturally terrifying.

“If I remember correctly, being spirit bound with Eureka is supposed to provide us both with certain benefits as we grow,” Jodye suddenly felt excited to see what the future would hold. He hadn’t summoned any of his companions since breaking through to the Earth Science Realm. There was sure to be a difference in their strengths.

“Within this ancient beast egg is a creature with a long forgotten origin. However, we were able to determine that the rank of this egg was that of a Demi-God Beast!” Vanessa Purple-Sky smiled beautifully as she displayed her best pose. There was a slight uproar in the crowd, but Jodye Trill sneered. He knew exactly what this beast was. However, he said nothing as Vanessa continued to start the show, “Let’s start the bidding at 100,000 Gold Crystal Notes.”

“I wonder what ancient beast this is,” Sigma Octanis observed the ancient beast egg carefully as he mumbled.

“Even Senior Octanis doesn’t know?” Bilan Moon was surprised, as Sigma Octanis has told her many cool and unique things in this time, she thought he knew everything.

“You don’t know either, Unc?” Jodye Trill also turned around in surprise. “It’s a Dracophant Egg, pretty cool.”

“What?!” Sigma Octanis was dumbstruck. After a few breaths of investigation Sigma erected a soundproof magic barrier and responded, “Well, I’ll be damned. Now that you say it, I believe your right. This is no demi-god beast egg. Its an actual god beast.”

“What’s a Dracophant?” asked Bilan Moon extremely curious. After receiving a Dark Jumble Fruit from Jodye, she was a lot less reserved, daring to participate conversation.

“A Dracophant is a beast thought to be extinct. Records of it are all from the most ancient of times,” it was surprisingly Joovee Nile who spoke up to answer Bilan’s question, not wanting to seem like the ignorant one in the group. Jodye was actually impressed that Joovee knew about the Dracophant. No one with knowledge limited to this planet should know about something such as that. As Jodye thought earlier, this Joovee Nile had a terrifying master. “This beast is said to be a third generation descendant of a True Dragon and a Behemoth Elephant, both Origin God Beasts. Once it matures, it’s strength is nearly comparable to origin god beasts.”

“Origin… God Beasts?!” Aunt Miran couldn’t help but ask in a whisper of astonishment. “If all of that is true, isn’t this actually a super rare item?”

Meanwhile, in Private Box Number 13…

“It’s here, the Dracophant Egg! We did it, they’ve really undervalued this item, hahaha, the idiots!” Roger Flankz couldn’t suppress his elation. They had sacrificed a lot for this beast egg. The first tour of the Sky Fall Pharaoh’s Tomb ended in tragedy so much of the information gathered was vague and inaccurate. That’s why it wasn’t tricky for their spies to mislead this Purple-Sky Clan during their retreat. “With this, we can finally access the Sky Fall Pharaoh’s Tomb! All we have to do is hatch the beast, and we will be recognized by the guardian statue.”

“Truly genius, guv,” said the heavyset elder to Roger’s left. “These fools are actually calling it a Demi-God Beast’s egg. They probably have no idea who the Sky Fall Pharaoh actually was when he lived.”

“This better work, Roger. We can not afford any further mistakes.” Garuda spoke threateningly to Roger as he walked toward the door. “I’m going to make some arrangements. Do not disappoint me, old friend.”

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