Chapter 240: Do You Have Anything Else to Say

“You are not a match for me. I just dislike your frivolous and conceited attitude.” Luo Qingyun shook his head and didn’t have any intention of coming down.

His Cloud Creek Sword Sect was similar to the Azure Water Sect, where both were sword dao sects.

A swordsman would understand another swordsman the best.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s battle awareness was indeed high, but as long as it wasn’t ridiculously high, Luo Qingyun had the confidence to neutralize it easily.

“Are you scared?” Li Fuchen asked.

Luo Qingyun continued to shake his head, “Not that I don’t dare, but I disdain you.”

“Since you are unwilling to come down for a bout, then what qualifications do you have to comment about me? You are not fit to be a swordsman, just a fake swordsman who pretends to be righteous.” Li Fuchen talked back with an icy cold tone.

A chilling intent wavered in Luo Qingyun’s eyes, “You are infuriating me.”

“You aren’t even fit for me to infuriate. Because I don’t even treat you as an opponent.”

“Good, very good. Since you want to have a taste of defeat, then I shall make your wish come true.” Luo Qingyun leaped down from the upper floor of the pavilion. The qi presence on his body had changed into a sharp sword, like a frosted blade, as though the corners of his clothes could kill someone, his sharpness intent pervaded.

“This time I shall see how Li Fuchen is going to win. Luo Qingyun is known as the Clear Sky Swordsman, and is just slightly inferior to the rankers on the Stars Ranking. Xin Wuyuan and Hu Ming aren’t even in his league.”

“It is natural that Luo Qingyun isn’t on the same level as Xin Wuyuan and Hu Ming. Xin Wuyuan is just ranked top five in his own sect, while Hu Ming is ranked top seven, but Luo Qingyun is the no.2 direct disciple of the Cloud Creek Sword Sect and has a frightening ability.”

“What’s more, the two of them are swordsmen and should know about each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Hence, for Luo Qingyun to defeat Li Fuchen, it will just be a walk in the park.”

“Let’s wait and see! I hope Luo Qingyun can settle Li Fuchen in just a few moves. I don’t want to see his arrogant face anymore.”

Everyone was expecting a lot from Luo Qingyun.

Xiao Bai’s expression finally became relaxed. With Luo Qingyun making the move, the results were almost certain.

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Luo Qingyun was definitely a no.2 in the Heaven Fiend Sect, the only person who could suppress Luo Qingyun was Xiao Bai himself.

“Li Fuchen, you must do it!”

Now Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were rather apprehensive. Luo Qingyun wasn’t like Xin Wuyuan and Hu Ming, he was a true expert and if no rankers from the Stars Ranking were going to be involved, Luo Qingyun’s ability was definitely top class.


Huang Yuxiang let out a light humph, as he was waiting for Luo Qingyun to defeat Li Fuchen. He would like to see if they have anything else to say.

After all, if Li Fuchen wasn’t even a match for Luo Qingyun, then it was impossible for him to defeat Xiao Bai.

“Qin Keshi, take a seat! This sparring match will end without any surprises.” Ruan Qianqiu sat and took a sip of tea while laughing.

Qin Keshi didn’t make any reply and just fixed her eyes on Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen. After this match, we will know whether you are just boasting. I do hope that I have made a misjudgment.”

The East Unicorn Continent was too massive and had almost a hundred sects that were raining with plenty of prodigies. The eyes of everyone present weren’t exactly sharp, it was even inevitable for herself to have some judgemental eyes, but now she was more alert.

On the martial arts stage, Li Fuchen’s qi presence had also changed.

Luo Qingyun’s qi presence was like a sharp sword and a frosted blade.

Li Fuchen’s qi presence was also like a sharp sword but had a blazing heat that could burn the heavens.

Li Fuchen didn’t underestimate Luo Qingyun. His true ability was definitely above Luo Qingyun, but it was his habit to hide his trump cards.

“This person can be considered an elite prodigy.” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

In the sect, a 4-star bone frame was considered a prodigy and a 5-star bone frame was considered an elite prodigy, but when compared to the entire continent, a 4-star bone frame could only be considered a genius, while a 5-star bone frame was an elite genius. Only those top class 5 star bone frames could be considered elite prodigies. Which meant to say that, within the Azure Water Sect, only Sword Maniac, Sword Tiger, and Emotionless Sword could be considered on the same class as elite prodigies, the others had room for discussions.

“Ten moves!” Luo Qingyun had these sharp eyes.

“You should withstand three moves from me first.” Li Fuchen’s black gold sword was pointed at the ground.

“You sure are loathsome. Now you better… shut your mouth!” Luo Qingyun made his move.

A bone chilling cold air came straight on. Luo Qingyun’s sword was everywhere and inescapable. Even the stage which was embedded with formation arrays, had this thin layer of frost on the surface.

Bone chilling sword intent, even the qi was also bone chilling.

The cultivation technique that Luo Qingyun practiced was obviously a chilling qi type. This type of qi could freeze the enemy’s blood and qi, causing a slower speed and reaction time.


Facing against Luo Qingyun’s bone chilling sword which was everywhere, Li Fuchen countered using the Rotating Flow Sword Art to burst everything.

As the frost melted, a rotating sword light formed a fire whirlpool which sucked in all the chilling qi. A sword qi then instantly increased the surrounding temperature, making it unbearably hot.


With a swing of the black gold sword, the flaming whirlpool sword light was blasted at Luo Qingyun.

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As the heat wave came crashing, Luo Qingyun’s expression changed when he saw how easily his Chilling Wind Sword Art got neutralized.

His opponent’s sword art level was obviously the same as his and appeared to be slightly weaker than his. But Li Fuchen’s timing and angle of his counter was impeccable, which coincided with where his Chilling Wind Sword Art’s flaw was.

“I would like to see exactly how strong your combat awareness is.”

Luo Qingyun wasn’t the same as Xin Wuyuan. His footwork changed as he quickly produced mirages on the stage.

If Li Fuchen was able to cultivate other mystic class low-tier martial arts other than sword arts to the trance stage, Luo Qingyun was able to do so too.

Luo Qingyun executed his footwork, causing his body to drift in an unpredictable manner, and when complemented by the Chilling Wind Sword Art which produced swords in everything, it was as though a grim reaper had arrived. In the past, those weaker Earth Realm martial artists couldn’t even block a single blade from him.

Surprisingly, Li Fuchen didn’t use his light body techniques or kick arts, as he utilized calmness to deal with unpredictability. He raised the black gold sword in his hands to defend.

“Li Fuchen has been suppressed.”

“Haha! He must be feeling extremely sullen and shameful!”

Everyone was contented to see this scene and as though they were enjoying a great show.

“I have a complete grasp of your movements.”

On the fifth stage of the Star Road Hidden Domain, it tested one’s Solution of Martial Dao, which was a test of the combat awareness and combat skills. Li Fuchen used just a few moves to pass the stage, which was even more simple to him than the fourth stage.

While Luo Qingyun’s combat skills were not even on the same level as the fifth stage, he merely had a stronger cultivation level.

With the execution of the Starfire Sword Art, starfire sparks burst out.

This moment was when Luo Qingyun’s footwork and sword art was at its most uncoordinated moment. It was the moment when the previous qi forces had already dissipated, but the replacing qi force had yet to fully develop. Once the Starfire Sword Art was executed, it instantly forced Luo Qingyun into a desperate state.


Luo Qingyun bellowed as he surged back with a sword move, Chilling Wind Howl.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

Li Fuchen’s Starfire Sword Art came from three directions, while Luo Qingyun was only able to defend two sides and totally neglected one of the sides. The starfire scorched through the qi protection, leaving tiny charred blood wounds on Luo Qingyun’s body.

Compared to Hu Ming, Luo Qingyun’s cultivation technique was one or two ranks higher and his cultivation level was also one level higher, giving him a better resistance again the Starfire Sword Art. He merely suffered some injuries, which just made him a little unsightly.

“You lost. Do you have anything else to say? If you do, say all now!” Li Fuchen glared at the pale looking Luo Qingyun and spoke indifferently.

“I… pfff!” Luo Qingyun was so furious that his heart suffered a blow, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

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