Chapter 239: Face Slapping

Xin Wuyuan was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm. He might not be on the Stars Ranking, but his overall combat ability was much higher than Hu Ming’s, and after witnessing Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Hu Ming’s battle, Xin Wuyuan thought he had a deep understanding of Li Fuchen’s ability.

From what he saw, Li Fuchen just had a slightly stronger combat awareness.

Xin Wuyuan had already been rather confident of his own combat awareness. It might not be comparable to Li Fuchen’s, but it was definitely better than Hu Ming’s.

If Li Fuchen wanted to rely on combat awareness to defeat him, it would undoubtedly be a lunatic’s pipe dream.

Once the saber was out, Xin Wuyuan’s figure blended into the saber light. It was a saber move that was a combination of man and saber, which was fast as a lightning spark.


A bolt of blinding lightning flickered as Xin Wuyuan’s saber arrived right in front of Li Fuchen.

“Lightning qi?” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

The burst strength of lightning qi was the fastest and most violent type of qi. The same type of saber would be at least five folds faster if it was imbued with lightning qi compared to other qi. No wonder his opponent was so confident, it seemed like Xin Wuyuan thought that his saber speed was fast enough and assumed that Li Fuchen wasn’t able to find any flaws in his saber move.

A pity, Xin Wuyuan was wrong.

Li Fuchen’s consciousness was way beyond a human’s capability, let alone an Earth Realm martial artist, even if a Heaven Realm martial artist made a move, Li Fuchen would still be able to instantly find the flaws in the martial arts move.

Of course, the attack speed of Heaven Realm expert was too fast and even if Li Fuchen’s consciousness could see the flaws, his body couldn’t react in time.

As his body back away quickly, Li Fuchen’s sword pointed out.

This point was like a brush from the gods.


Xin Wuyuan’s lightning saber qi broke in response to the sound, which resulted in a drastic decrease in the saber speed and advancement speed.

“Violent Lightning Nine Strikes!”

There was a flash of disbelief on Xin Wuyuan’s face before he took a deep breath and used his strongest saber move.

As though thunder and lightning burst forth, nine lightning bolts struck down from nine directions towards Li Fuchen. Every lightning was actually a saber, a total of nine sabers.

Sword lights twisted and interlaced, spreading out layers of sword net in front of Li Fuchen. Once Xin Wuyuan’s lightning saber moves landed on the sword net, the nine forces was neutralized. More precisely, it wasn’t actually neutralized, but it was redirected. As for where it got redirected to, Xin Wuyuan was about to find out soon.

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As the sword net exploded, Xin Wuyuan got sent flying while both his arms were numbed.

Li Fuchen’s Nine Revolution Sword Art’s countered with a stronger force when the opponent’s attack strength was stronger. Which meant that Xin Wuyuan had to take on an attack that was a combination of his and Li Fuchen’s strength, hence the reason he was sent flying.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff…

Blood scars blossomed on Xin Wuyuan’s body.

The counterattack from the Nine Revolution Sword Art didn’t just simply repel Xin Wuyuan, it unknowingly covered Xin Wuyuan with sword scars which was deep to the bones.

“Ahh!” Xin Wuyuan snarled.

This was too shameful and humiliating.

At this moment, the pain on the body wasn’t comparable to the humiliation to his spirit.

Xin Wuyuan felt as though his entire existence was about to crumble. Coupled with the bloody bathed body, his image was extremely miserable.

All the spectators were flabbergasted.

What was going on? Even Xin Wuyuan got defeated? Wasn’t he very confident? How did he get defeated so quickly and so plaintively?

His second saber move was abnormally violent, but it was he that got injured?

For a moment, the entire peak of Mt. Autumn Rain was silent.

Huang Yuxiang couldn’t utter a single word as though something was stuck in his throat.

“Huang shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple). I had told you so right? Xin Wuyuan isn’t an opponent for Li Fuchen.” Fan Qianyu spoke with a delighted tone.

Huang Yuxiang’s expression was unpleasant and sullen at the same time.

He naturally didn’t have any grievances with Li Fuchen, on the contrary, he even had some ties with Li Fuchen.

He simply disliked Li Fuchen’s arrogance and shameless boasting, hence he thought that it wasn’t good for Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu to hang around with Li Fuchen. He just wanted to give his opinion that there might be trouble coming towards them if they continued to do so.

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But because Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were overly protective of Li Fuchen, he didn’t have a good impression towards Li Fuchen at the bottom of his heart.

He originally wanted to use Xin Wuyuan as an example to wake Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu up, but who knew the results would be like this.

This wasn’t the result that he was expecting.

Opening his mouth, Huang Yuxiang ultimately couldn’t say a single word. After all, facts spoke louder than words. Perhaps only with Xiao Bai stepping in, would he be able to suppress Li Fuchen’s arrogance, otherwise, anything he said now would be slapping his own face.

On the other side, Xiao Bai’s expression was even worse than Huang Yuxiang’s.

This Li Fuchen was too aggravating. He had the ability, but couldn’t do anything to Li Fuchen, instead, he allowed Li Fuchen to display such arrogance.

“Useless trash.”

In Xiao Bai’s heart, he was taking out his anger on Xin Wuyuan, thinking if Xin Wuyuan was useless and since he wasn’t Li Fuchen’s foe, why did he step out in a hurry? Didn’t he owe Xin Wuyuan a favor without a good cause?

Host’s Pavilion…

Ruan Qianqiu and Qin Keshi looked at each other.

Now it wasn’t only Ruan Qianqi who was gloomy and sullen, even Qin Keshi felt awkward.

“What is wrong with this year’s Autumn Rain Tea Party? Could I have a wrong judgment?” Qin Keshi asked herself a rhetorical question.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Keshi decided that she would not issue any opinion from now. She wanted to see how far Li Fuchen could go and whether she truly did make a wrong judgment.

“This is really loathful. He might have some capability, but I can’t get used to his arrogant expression. Is there anyone who can suppress him, and force him off the stage?”

“Even Xin Wuyuan had been defeated, other than the rankers on the Star Rankings, there probably isn’t anyone who can suppress him.”

Everyone was rather unhappy, who would be happy to feel a slap on their own face.

On the martial arts stage, Xin Wuyuan was extremely miserable and pitiful. He stood there and didn’t know if he was to leave the stage or continue the fight.

How could he continue the fight when he already isn’t a match for Li Fuchen at his prime? Now that he was only at 20% or 30% of his full ability, wouldn’t he be sending himself to death?

“Didn’t you say you are going to make me kneel and beg for mercy? Aren’t you going to beat up my mouth? I am standing here and waiting for you to make me kneel.” Li Fuchen had this apathetic eyes as he spoke with words that pierced right through the heart.

Xin Wuyuan had this ashamed expression, “Li Fuchen, you better not behave like an intolerable bully. I was just careless earlier.”

“Careless? You dare give such excuses? If I didn’t restrain myself, that counterattack earlier would have killed you three times.” Li Fuchen sneered.

Xin Wuyuan spurted out with blood and pointed at Li Fuchen but couldn’t refute.

“Li Fuchen, aren’t you too much? Since you already won against Xin Wuyuan, why are you hitting on him when he is already downed. This isn’t what a true martial expert would do. Just based on this point, you are destined to be a nobody on the path of the martial dao.” On the upper floor of an opposite pavilion, a young man stood up and looked down at Li Fuchen with his proud expression and eyebrows which extended all the way to the temples.

“And who are you?” Li Fuchen looked up and over.

The young man smiled, “Luo Qingyun.”

“It’s Luo Qingyun. Finally, a true expert is going to enter the stage.”

“This Luo Qingyun is an elite prodigy from the Cloud Creek Sword Sect. His cultivation is at the 8th level of the Earth Realm, defeating Li Fuchen would be as easy as blowing on dust for him.”

Everyone was elated. The East Unicorn Continent might have plenty of sects, but everyone had detailed information of various sects’ elite prodigies. Like the Azure Water Sect’s Sword Tiger and Sword Maniac, who everyone knew because they were elite prodigies of the Azure Water Sect.

“Luo Qingyun, let’s have a bout!”

Li Fuchen naturally had Luo Qingyun’s information and knew that he was no.2 among the direct disciples of the Cloud Creek Sword Sect. His status was comparable to the Azure Water Sect’s Sword Tiger, much superior to Emotionless Sword.

In fact, it wasn’t because Emotionless Sword Xue Feng was incompetent, he was of the same class as figures like Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger. His potential and innate talents weren’t much inferior compared to the two of them.

The main reason was that Xue Feng had yet to enter the Star Road Hidden Domain, while Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger had already entered.

If Emotionless Sword Xue Feng was to enter the Star Road Hidden Domain, advancing from the 6th level of the Earth Realm to the 8th level of the Earth Realm, would be an easy task.

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