Chapter 344: Fight!

“Only one last battle remaining. Hope Yu’er is able to persevere on!” Qing Xu was happy and worried at the same time when he saw Cheng Yu slowly making his way up the peak.

After all, there was only a person at the remaining checkpoint but it was also the biggest hurdle. A Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm was not something two Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm could compare to.

“This is gonna be a tough battle!” Qing Yuanzi sighed. For Cheng Yu to went through towards the 4th checkpoint was a surprise to him. When he saw how optimal Cheng Yu looked, it made him felt very strange. Could it be because of the god water?

Limitless Palace disciples were also filled with excitement. After all, the majority of them here were Golden Core Realm disciples. When they saw their fellow sect members acting so domineering, battling three checkpoints of Nascent Soul Realms, they felt that nothing was impossible.

Xin Yao had been observing Cheng Yu in silence every since the start of the event. There were moments of anxiety, fear, worries, and excitement.

When it comes to this newly joined martial brother, there were too many magical things revolving around him. Over the past hundred years, Limitless Palace had always been very peaceful. But the moment he arrived, Limitless Palace had become extremely lively.

If there was a rank on who was the most famous person in Limitless Palace, Cheng Yu would certainly reign top.

But now that he was about to reach the last checkpoint, the difficulty of this checkpoint was incomparable to the previous. She had also tactfully admitted that Cheng Yu was the most unique cultivator she had ever met. Although the ability to fight against cultivators in the higher realm than another cultivator was rarely seen, for Middle Stage Holden Core Realm to fight against Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm, the gap was one whole realm apart! Could Cheng Yu really win this challenge?

Xin Yao was confused, bewildered and worried!

If there was anyone most unhappy with the current outcome, it would certainly be Xin Feng. Cheng Yu’s performance had already exceeded his imagination. Originally, he thought that Cheng Yu would certainly die in the midst of the challenge. But unexpectedly, this fellow had actually gone past three checkpoints. Truly nonsensical! Are those Nascent Soul Realms from Kunlun so weak?

The more he watched the fight, the more irritated he was. Xin Feng was itching to head out to help those Kunlun fellows out, eliminating Cheng Yu together. He was unhappy but now that Cheng Yu had reached the last checkpoint, Xin Feng couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

Perhaps, your luck is good and had allowed you to get through the first 3 checkpoints. But for this upcoming 4th one, I would like to see if you still had to luck to get through this hurdle. A disparity of realm! Haha! If you can survive this, I’m truly convinced!

The peak was just in front of him yet Cheng Yu walked at his own pace. Every step of his would leave behind a footprint. Firstly, it was because he wanted to restore his consumed spiritual qi. Secondly, he was thinking of how to deal with an opponent that was stronger than him by a realm.

Back then, he had exchanged a move with Xin Heng. Xin Heng had not used his full strength but the might of his punch was certainly not weak. It was unknown how strong would a Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert punch be. Even if it wasn’t stronger, it shouldn’t be any weaker than that punch of Xin Heng right?!

“Soul Suppressor! Soul Suppressor!” Cheng Yu cried out in his mind. Once again, he was not getting a response back. Probably, he was helping Cheng Yu to absorb the Nascent Soul energy. Cheng Yu could only hope that Soul Suppressor could accomplish it sooner.

If Cheng Yu were to rely on his ability, it would be impossible for him to defeat his opponent. Only by using Soul Suppressing Pagoda would he be able to achieve that. Seems like the only thing he could do now was to stall for time.

Arriving before Yunxiao Peak, it was filled with magnificent buildings. A young man could be seen standing in the middle of the plaza. Those Kunlun elders had long retreated back to the tallest point of Yunxiao peak.

Even so, Cheng Yu was still able to sense that hatred these people had for him. However, Cheng Yu paid no heed to it. When it comes to hatred, his was not any weaker than theirs.

“You are that forcefully cultivated Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert?” Cheng Yu entered the plaza unhurriedly as he smiled at the person opposite.

“Hmph! Whatever you say today, it’s gonna be useless. You are doomed to end at this point!” When Yu Fu heart the sarcasm in Cheng Yu words, he was extremely discontented. After all, what Cheng Yu had said was his sore spot.

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It was also because of this, those who chose not to accept the offer of forcefully increasing their cultivation, all looked at him in disdain. He knew that among those people, there was no lack of those who envy him.
All these years, he had come up with all sorts of idea just to breakthrough into the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm. He had gone out of the sect for training numerous times but did not manage to find the juncture of being able to advance into the Nascent Soul Realm.

In Kunlun, there was not only him who encounter such a problem. All of such people would try to use all sorts of means, hoping to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm first. To others, Late Stage Golden Core Realm might be very strong and a lot of people would look at you in envy.

But when it comes to cultivation, the higher you advance, the more you understood. Once you had interacted with stronger experts, the more you realize how puny you were. Hence, causing you to have a thirst for strength.

These years, Yu Fu had enough of the weakling’s life. He wanted to possess formidable strength. Thus, he grabbed onto this opportunity.

In fact, Yu Fu was not the only one who wanted such a thing. A lot of the others also yearn for it. However, when they knew the consequences of forcefully breaking through, they started to hesitate.

Now that they saw Yu Fu had truly reached the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm, the aura on him had caused them to start looking up to him. Their hearts were filled with envy and regrets.

If the first person who had stood out were to be them, the one who possesses such strength would be them. So what if they had malpractice? What harm was there if their cultivation progression were to become extremely slow? Only with formidable strength would they be able to obtain more cultivation resources to advance in their cultivation. Thus, so what if their speed had decreased drastically?

Perhaps if they were to rely on their own resources, they might not even be able to reach the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm after a few hundred years. When they thought of them, they hated! Thus, it was natural for them to stare at Yu Fu in discontentment.

Meanwhile, those who were already in the Nascent Soul Realm were even more discontented. They had cultivated for hundred over years painstakingly before reaching the Nascent Soul Realm. But what about him? In just a day, he was able to step into the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm from the Golden Core Realm. How could they possibly like this person who advanced using special means?

“Haha! That’s what those people at the 1st 3 checkpoints told me. In the end, they either died or was injured. There’s even one who chose to surrender! Not sure which one you might be?” Cheng Yu laughed. He did not appear weak just because his opponent was a Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert.

Because he knew that regardless if he was weak or strong, this battle is inevitable!

Since he couldn’t avoid it, he might as well face it courageously!

“You will understand it very soon!” Yu Fu replied coldly. He was feeling excited. Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm strength truly had his blood boiling. Today will be the day he could have a test of his strength!

After Yu Fu spoke, he held onto a red sword and charged towards Cheng Yu. This sword was a gift to him by those ancestry elders. After all, his current status and realm were no longer the same. It was impossible for a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm to be using a middle-grade spiritual artifact. If so, not only would it hinder him displaying his full strength, it would also be too harmful to their Kunlun image.

Thus, they decided to gift him this low-grade soul artifact, Intensive Red Clouds Sword. They also hope that Yu Fu would be able to use this sword to kill Cheng Yu.

Clang~! 2 swords collided into each other. Yu Fu’s Intensive Red Cloud Sword aura exploded out. Although Cheng Yu was holding onto a supreme-grade soul artifact, it was evident that it was not a match for Yu Fu. Instantly, Cheng Yu was repelled out.

Cheng Yu was shocked but at the same time, he heaved a sigh of relieved. It was because although his opponent strength was very strong, it was not to the point of being undefeatable like Xin Heng’s. At the very least, he was still able to stall for time if he wishes to.

Wiping off the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, Cheng Yu called out Jewel Cauldron to ram into his opponent.

Kadong! With a slash, Yu Fu repelled the Jewel Cauldron back to Cheng Yu body. This time, Cheng Yu got somewhat worried. It wasn’t because his opponent strength was too strong but because when he was controlling the Jewel Cauldron a moment ago, he realized that the connection between him and the cauldron had grown faintly discernible.

Sometimes, he wouldn’t even be able to feel the connection between him and the Jewel Cauldron. Cheng Yu knew that this was because part of the Jewel Cauldron had been refined by the duo brothers.

Although it didn’t get fully refined by the brothers, the majority of the connection between Cheng Yu and the cauldron had gotten erased. Cheng Yu heart was filled with regrets. The two brothers truly deserve death. Without the Jewel Cauldron to defend him, the amount of danger he was going to face had further increased.

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Ultimately, Cheng Yu chose to actively attack. If the other party were to take the initiative, it was going to be hard for him to withstand it. His opponent strength had exceeded him by a big margin. If he were the one attacking, it would be hard for his opponent to use a full force attack.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” Cheng Yu took a look at the terrain. The location here was extremely unfavorable to him. There was a lack of vegetation here, causing him to be unable to summon his vegetations soldiers.

Although Primeval Chaos Slash would allow the caster strength to increase by a few folds, it was still somewhat insignificant before a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm.

Bang! Cheng Yu got cleaved away once again!

“Haha! In front of absolute strength, all struggles are in vain!” Feeling the strength that his current realm could bring forth, Yu Fu was in satisfaction. If it was before, he was certainly nothing compared to Cheng Yu.

But now, the five Nascent Soul genius before him had all been defeated by Cheng Yu. Yet, he was able to easily trample on the fellow that had defeated those geniuses.

This moment, Yu Fu realized that those so-called genius were only so-so. Now, they weren’t even fit to wipe his shoes for him. Only he was the true genius.

“2 Dragons Attacking Beads!” So what if he couldn’t defeat Yu Fu? At least he should waste Yu Fu’s spiritual qi. Otherwise, even with the aid of Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he might not necessarily be able to defeat Yu Fu!

Howl! Howl! Compared to the countless dragon mirage earlier, this scene was a lot weaker.

“Red Cloud Sword!” When Yu Fu saw 2 dragons swamming towards him, he was calm and unhurried. Countless sword mirage shot out. The 2 dragons were slashed into nothingness right in front of him.

Although Yu Fu was forcefully repelled away by the impact, he came out unscathed.

Even so, Cheng Yu smiled lightly. He saw a thread of hope. At the very least, dragon mirage was still useful in dealing with Yu Fu.

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