Chapter 343: Surrender!

Cheng Yu continued to repel the incoming chess piece. Gradually, he got angered. With every punch of phantom fist, it would consume a substantial amount of his qi. Using it for a long period of time would only bring forth disaster.

While Cheng Yu was anxious, the twin brothers weren’t doing any better. Similarly, treasures would consume lots of spiritual qi. Although it could absorb the surroundings spiritual qi directly, compared to the spiritual qi needed to manipulate them, it was truly insignificant. They were not like Cheng Yu, able to control treasures with a bunch of spiritual veins supplying him spiritual qi.

They were also thinking of an idea to take down Cheng Yu as quickly as possible. It was because they had consumed most of their qi ever since they started fighting with Cheng Yu.

The storm of attacks they launched during the start till Cheng Yu hid inside the cauldron, adding on the consumption they used to refine the cauldron, all of those qi had been wasted in vain.

Currently, the battle was stuck in a deadlock. If they were to fully consumed their spiritual qi, they would no longer be able to deal with Cheng Yu.

But it was at this moment, the duo saw Cheng Yu taking out the supreme-grade green sword. They were puzzled. Cheng Yu already had his hands full with dealing them, why did he bring out another sword?

However, Cheng Yu didn’t think so as they do. He felt that his opponent offensiveness had dropped terribly. With a sword and a fist of his was sufficient to block all of his opponent’s attack. More importantly, they would never imagine that the strongest ability of this sword was not its offensive might.

But instead, as its recovery ability. Not only was his injury, but even the conversion of spiritual qi had also become lightning fast. Otherwise, after fighting for so many battles, Cheng Yu would have long fully consumed his qi.

Since his opponent had more or less fully consumed their qi while his kept on recovering, hadn’t this become his biggest advantage right now? At any point in time, he would be able to fight in his optimal state. This was the frightening part of this sword.

“Keep!” Just when Cheng Yu was guarding and attacking at the same time, Yu Mu and Yu Lin could no longer continue their current qi consumption rate. They withdrew their chess piece back before taking their sword out to fight it out with Cheng Yu.

Clang~ Clang~ Clang! The trio sword techniques were extremely sharp and possess terrifying speed, causing everyone to watch the battle excitedly.

Cheng Yu felt that he had more or less recovered to his optimal state. Immediately, his aura started increasing sharply. The duo that was fighting him was stunned. Isn’t this brat too weird? They, Nascent Soul Expert had more or less fully consumed their qi. Yet, how could Cheng Yu still release such a strong aura out? Could he have no consumed a bit of his qi at all?

“Forming Soldiers With Vegetation!” Just when the duo was baffled by what was happening, Cheng Yu initiated another attack. The sword on his hand exploded out with beams of green radiance. These radiances shot at the vegetation around them. Instantly, all those vegetation turned into a living object as they suddenly grew long green vines, stretching towards the duo.

“Not good!” This wasn’t the first time Cheng Yu had used this move. Previously Yu Xie and Yu Fan had also been tangled up by these vines endlessly. The duo immediately put in all their efforts in trying to escape out from this entanglement. However, there were too much of these vines. It’s as if there were an endless amount of them.

“Sunray Sword Rain!” Yu Mu yelled. Sunlight instantly filled up the battlefield as sword mirage started raining on those vines continuously!

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“Dragons Angering The Heavens!” Just when the vines were being destroyed, Cheng Yu had long prepared himself to launch another attack!

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! Although Cheng Yu had yet to use his Golden Core power, the power contained within those dragons weren’t weak either. If the duo wished to block the attack head-on, it wouldn’t be as simple as they thought to be.

The sky was filled with dragon phantoms as all the audiences stared at the scene stupefied. Even Qing Xu was also shocked by this abnormality. During then when he had encountered Cheng Yu, he had been Cheng Yu’s sparring partner for a few days. After sparring with Cheng Yu numerous times, he had always thought the Phantom Fist was Cheng Yu’s most powerful move.

However, he had never once seen Cheng Yu executing this strange yet valiant move before. During then, Cheng Yu had no idea of Qing Xu’s identity. He was afraid that he would bear errant thoughts of his signature move. Hence, even if Cheng Yu were to get beaten to death by Qing Xu, he would still not execute it.

Yu Mu and Yu Lin totally had no idea how were they going to block off this move when they saw the number of dragons hovering above the sky.

“Red Cloud Sword Cleave!” Helpless, both of them could only receive the attack head on. The duo communicated by looking at each other. Together, they form a big spiritual qi barrier to block the dragon attacks.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom! With only a bit of their spiritual qi remaining, they had to fully use all of the remaining portions to forcefully set up this barrier. Under the onslaught of these dragons, the duo was feeling extremely distressed. Fortunately, Cheng Yu did not use his golden core energy in this move. In addition, since both of them were in the Nascent Soul Realm, such attack might be impressive but it was still impossible to get rid of them. At most, they would go through a daunting experience without much of a mishap.

However, after the attack ended, the duo complexion had somewhat gotten pale because the onslaught of attack was extremely hurtful to their inner organs.

“Ha! Thousand Primeval Chaos Origin Chop!” Cheng Yu attack didn’t stop here. Previously, Cheng Yu had to hide into the Jewel Cauldron because of the duo unceasing attack as he was unable to find any chance to retaliate.

Now that the duo aura had grown frail with a large amount of their qi being consumed, how could Cheng Yu possibly let them off so easily? The Dragons Angering The Heaven was never meant to get rid of them. He only wants to let them consume their qi even faster.

The follow up after this eruption was what crucial step he had planned for. Cheng Yu revolved himself above the skies like a gyroscope before slashing at Yu Mu.

Pu! After receiving Cheng Yu’s formidable attack, before they even had time to react, another attack arrived. Instantly, Yu Mu was slashed head down to the ground.

“Big brother!” When Yu Lin saw Yu Mu had been inflicted by such serious damage, he immediately yelled out. He lifted his sword and attacked Cheng Yu.

“Hmph! Turn out that both of you are brothers. No wonder your coordination is so good. Since it’s so, you can go and accompany as well!” Cheng Yu finally understood the reason why the duo had such good coordination. At first, he still thought that they were good friends. Never had he expected, they were indeed brothers.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” At this moment, Yu Lin was just an arrow that was at the end of its flight. How could he possibly be a match for Cheng Yu? With a slash, he was also slashed down to the ground.

Cheng Yu had been waiting for this moment. “Soul Suppressor!” Cheng Yu called for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda as it came crashing towards them.

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“Wait!” Just when the Pagoda had abruptly grown bigger and was about to crash down, a dramatic scene actually unfolded before them. Yu Mu yelled out as he took out a red flag. Isn’t this surrender?!

“Er……” Cheng Yu was stunned. He hesitated. This was two Nascent Soul Realm. If he were to suppress them, how big of a benefit can it bring to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda?

But now that his opponent had chosen to surrender, he mustn’t kill the other party. This was one of the rules of crashing the sect gate.

Such a scene had caused the audiences to widen their eyes in amazement. Unexpectedly, the duo would choose to surrender. Although crashing the sect gate allows surrender, the current situation would only generate despise on them.

In fact, all cultivators treasured their life a lot. Unfortunately, everyone chose to look down on those who cower at the moment of death. Majority of them would rather bear humiliation to save themselves because they were all cultivators. As long as they work hard, their futures are still boundless.

They also believe that as long as they are alive, they would definitely have a chance to take revenge.

Majority of these people had also survived in such a situation before. But now that they saw the brothers chose to surrender, their heart was immediately filled with dissatisfaction.

Perhaps, it was because they were audiences, they like to see people dying. Especially so when the people who were going to die were Nascent Soul Realms. The reason for this was because the weak one always wishes for those stronger than them to die so that they would become the stronger one instead.

After much consideration, Cheng Yu chose not to crash the Soul Suppressing Pagoda down. It wasn’t because he didn’t wish to kill them. But because he had come here to save people. If he wished to kill these people, there must be a reason for doing so. Since the other party had chosen to surrender, if he were to kill them, not only will he be breaking the rules, a lot of the audiences would also start spreading rumors of him. This was totally not beneficial for him.

Although he wasn’t willing, Cheng Yu still accepted their surrender.

“You got lucky this time! Next time, you wouldn’t be so lucky anymore!” Cheng Yu withdrew his pagoda back as he descended to the ground before taking the flag away from the brothers.

“Hmph! Don’t act so arrogant yet. If it wasn’t because we had consumed the majority of our qi, you wouldn’t have been so lucky. Next time, we will certainly kill you!” Yu Lin replied in discontentment.

Originally, the victory was already in their hands. But in the end, just a minor mistake had caused their downfall. Hence, the duo was not resigned to this lost at all.

“Haha! Then I will anticipate for that day to come!” Cheng Yu laughed coldly.

This time, if it wasn’t for Soul Suppressor, Cheng Yu would have been refined by the duo. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not have any bit of a favorable impression of them. Or it could be said that there was not much of a good impression to Kunlun.

Cheng Yu was somewhat unsatisfied that he had to let the duo off but since he was able to defeat them once, that would mean that he could do so another time, to the point of killing them.

The people on Yunxiao Peak had their complexion turned ashen. It was especially so for Guang Ning. The eyes he looked at Cheng Yu was filled with killing intent. Never had he imagined the situation would become like this. Two Nascent Soul Realm expert had actually chosen to surrender to a Golden Core Realm expert. How shameful was it to Kunlun!

Yuan Yangzi also felt extremely humiliated. But to manage to keep two Nascent Soul Realm alive is better than losing both of them.

“Strong! Really too strong! Cheng Yu is truly worthy to be my idol. He actually passed 3 checkpoints continuously. There’s only one more remaining.”

“That’s right! He’s really the model of us, the Golden Core Realm cultivators. Even Nascent Soul expert had to lower their head to him. So cool!”

“I have decided, from today onwards, I wanna be a domineering Golden Core expert!”

When they saw how Cheng Yu had crossed three checkpoints, everyone looked forward to what was going to happen at the last checkpoint. Majority of them had their blood surging as they grew excited.

Cheng Yu enjoyed the admiration everyone had for him as he made his way up to the Yunxiao Peak.

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