Chapter 342: Finally Got Out!

“Aish! That’s why I say you are too young. You actually made such a stupid mistake!” It was at this moment, a familiar voice resonated in Cheng Yu mind.

“Soul Suppressor! Where did you die? What should I do now?” When Cheng Yu heard Soul Suppressor voice, he was elated. Cheng Yu didn’t even bother about him calling him young.

The only one who would be able to help Cheng Yu out right now is Soul Suppressor. A moment ago when he could get any news from Soul Suppressor, it got Cheng Yu very worried. But now that he had reappeared, it was like a light appearing in a dark tunnel. Soul Suppressor was his last hope.

“Isn’t it all for you!” Soul Suppressor grumbled.

“For me? What do you mean?” Cheng Yu was puzzled.

“You still have to deal with a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm fellow. If I were to not help you, how are you going to deal with him?” Soul Suppressor commented in disdain.

“Didn’t you already refined 20 over Golden Cores energies? Is still not sufficient?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“Of course not! You think it’s so easy to deal with a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm? However, that two Nascent Soul Realm cultivator is still pretty decent!” Soul Suppressor laughed.

“You… don’t tell me you were absorbing their Nascent Soul energy? That’s to say, you had already absorbed them fully? Did the Soul Suppressing Pagoda got stronger then?” Cheng Yu enquired in joy.

Previously, after absorbing 20 over golden core energies, it allowed Cheng Yu to easily suppressed 2 Nascent Soul expert. If it were to continue absorbing another 2 Nascent Soul energy, wouldn’t he be able to suppress Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert easily?

Thinking of this, Cheng Yu had actually forgotten about the danger he was in.

“Of course not. I had just managed to extract one of their Nascent Soul energy. Before I even had the time to absorb them, you were already stuck in a pinch, causing me to abandon the idea of absorbing them.” Soul Suppressor replied unhappily.

Although this master of his possess a bright future, the brain of his was not very bright. He actually got trapped inside his own treasure. What was more laughable was that not only was he trapped by his own treasure, his opponent was actually refining his treasure. What could be more ridiculous than this?

It was extremely hard for Soul Suppressor to have extracted out a Nascent Soul. This was a lot more tedious than extracting the Golden cores. Luckily, he was doing it inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Relying on the unique formation and formidable rune, it allowed him to extract those energies out with ease.

Otherwise, it was unknown how much effort was needed. But even so, absorbing Nascent Soul energy for him was not anything difficult. What was crucial for him was that he needed to fully absorb them before Cheng Yu faces the Middle Stage Nascent Soul fellow. Otherwise, everything would be of no use. Perhaps, Cheng Yu Golden Core might be destroyed by his opponent.

“Ah! You still haven’t absorbed it?” Cheng Yu was disappointed. Originally, he thought that his strength would increase by several folds.

“Whose fault do you think this is?” Soul Suppressor lamented. If it wasn’t Cheng Yu identity was a bit special and could be his previous owner descendant, Soul Suppressor would not have bothered with him.

“Heh heh. Alright! It’s my fault this time. You should first help me to get out! Otherwise, both of us would be in deep s***!” Cheng Yu also felt that his actions were somewhat too embarrassing.

“Wrong. It’s you who is in deep s***. At most, I just need to change the owner!” Soul Suppressor corrected.

“Oi! Isn’t your stand a bit too feeble? In any case, I’m still the current owner of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Am I really that lacking compared to those people outside?” Cheng Yu commented in dissatisfaction.

“Enough! This problem is actually very simple. Isn’t it just a rune? Perhaps, it would be able to seal the majority of the treasures around the world. But it would never be able to seal the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. The amount of runes in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is insurmountable because it is the forefather of rune and talisman!” Soul Suppressor spoke arrogantly.

Whoosh! The moment Soul Suppressor spoke finish, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda in Cheng Yu immediately flew out. Followingly, with a blick, it immediately disappeared.

“Good good. Turn out that this fellow’s boasting abilities are as powerful as his own skill. Can I really exit like that?” Cheng Yu opened his mouth in surprise. He’s really lucky to have picked up such a formidable treasure.

Meanwhile, outside the cauldron. Limitless Palace and Kunlun members were still hovering in their battle formation. Both sides were filled with the fighting spirit as if at any point in time, a huge battle was about it.

Swish! Suddenly, a golden ray flashed out from Cheng Yu’s Jewel Cauldron. Subsequently, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda appeared above the Jewel Cauldron.

“That’s……” Qing Xu was elated. Since Cheng Yu’s Soul Suppressing Pagoda had appeared, it meant that Cheng Yu had certainly thought of a solution.

Sure enough, the moment Soul Suppressing Pagoda appeared, it immediately shot a ray of a beam onto the sealing rune. Instantly, the rune was put away into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

After a few breaths of time, Cheng Yu could finally see what was happening outside. With joy, he instantly flew out of the cauldron.

“S***!” Yu Mu and Yu Ling brothers had placed all their attention in refining the Jewel Cauldron. Even when the big bosses of Kunlun were confronting the Limitless Palace big bosses, they didn’t even shift their attention away.

Just when they were rejoicing on how the cauldron was about to be theirs soon with Cheng Yu being trapped inside, a weird golden light suddenly shot out. Before they even manage to react, their seal had already been absorbed away.

When they saw Cheng Yu appearing before them, they got even more shock. Originally, they thought that their plans were foolproof. But never had they imagined that this fellow could still be able to escape out.

“You this fellow is truly lucky to have managed to escape. However, so what? Since we are able to trap you once, we can always do it twice.” Yu Mu commented before manipulating his white chess to smash at Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Previously, it was me being too careless. Since I’m out, today will be your death day!” Cheng Yu had came prepared. He punched out his left hand, forming the Phantom Fist.

An enormous phantom fist smashed onto the white chess piece. The chess piece was instantly repelled back. Back then, Cheng Yu had relied on this fist to make his grand entrance into the cultivation world.

Now that his cultivation had improved greatly, the strength contained in this first was several times stronger than how it was before.

When the chess piece got repelled out, it instantly returned back to Yu Mu’s palm, turning back into a normal white chess piece.

Whoosh! Upon seeing this, Yu Lin also shot out his black chess piece. Subsequently, a big black chess piece fell down from the sky, pushing down towards Cheng Yu.

Boom! Cheng Yu seem not to be bothered by it as he threw numerous Phantom fist at it, hitting the black chess piece.

Under the fierce attack, the black chess piece was also sent back into Yu Lin hand. The duo held onto their chess piece in shock. How did this fellow become so strong suddenly?

“Haha! This time you guys are at wit’s end right!” Cheng Yu was elated. This was the solution he thought of in the moment of desperation. Ever since he had refined the Purple Light Sword, he had rarely used this Phantom Fist of his.

It was because the might of the Purple Light Sword was too terrifying. Furthermore, when using it, it wouldn’t consume a lot of qi. Therefore, during a crucial point, he was still able to execute the Fantasy Dragons techniques.

Unexpectedly, the Phantom Fist actually possesses such terrifying power.

“Hmph! So what if this fist of yours is very powerful! I would like to see which one of us can last longer!” Yu Mu and Yu Lin looked towards each other before manipulating their chess piece to smash towards Cheng Yu.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Facing those chess pieces that kept on ramming onto him, Cheng Yu deflected them away with ease.

When the audience saw the battle got even more intense, they got even more excited. A lot of them started clapping while cheering. They had all started to treat the battle between Kunlun and Limitless Palace into a performance

“Hmph!” Since Yu’er is fine right now, I will not haggle with you today!” When Qing Xu saw Cheng Yu had escaped out safely, his mood became a lot better. Although Cheng Yu didn’t seem to hold much of an advantage on the battlefield, he had become more confident on Cheng Yu. When Qing Xu saw how those Kunlun elders expression grew ashen, he got complacent and left after leaving behind a sentence.

“Trash!” When Guang Ning saw Cheng Yu could still escape after much preparation, he immediately placed all his dissatisfaction on Yu Mu and Yu Lin brothers.

They only need to persevere on for a few moments more or just increase their refinement speed. If they do so, how could Cheng Yu had possibly escaped?

When he saw the complacent look of Qing Xu as well as the battle power of Cheng Yu, Guang Ning could only harrumph coldly before flying back to his Yunxiao peak.

“Your good disciple. After so much preparation, they still let Cheng Yu that fellow escape out! How did you educate them normally?! A bunch of trash!” When Guang Ning returned back to Yunxiao peak, he vents all his anger on Yuan Yangzi.

“Yes yes! Martial Uncle doesn’t be angry. It’s me who has not given them sufficient guidance. However, there’s too much abnormality on this Cheng Yu. He had managed to escape from the brink of death over and over again. It’s really hard to deal with him.” Yuan Yangzi was the sect master but compared to these old elders, his position was somewhat insignificant.

“Hmph! You must get rid of this brat! Otherwise, he would certainly become our Kunlun calamity!” Guang Ning had yet to truly understand Cheng Yu. Thus, his hatred for him was not as bad as how the others in Kunlun felt. However, from this current situation, he was able to tell that they had to get rid of Cheng Yu now. Otherwise, he would certainly spell troubles in the future.

Among it, there was another important reason. That was because he could tell Cheng Yu was Qing Xu’s favorite disciple. When he realized Cheng Yu might be Qing Xu’s direct disciple, Guang Ning felt that he had to kill of Cheng Yu to ease the hatred he had for Qing Xu.

“Yes! Although this brat life might be full of luck, when it comes to facing Nascent Soul Realm experts, it would be hard for him to escape death!” Yuan Yangzi nodded.

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“Hope so! Better not disappoint me!” Guang Ni harrumphed before looking back at the battle coldly.

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Having lived for a hundred over years, it was the first time Guang Ning had met such a strange person.

Yuan Yangzi wiped off the cold sweat on him. Fortunately, he had brought his teacher, Guang Ning out with them and had forcefully cultivated a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert.

Yuan Yangzi clenched his fist and stared at Cheng Yu coldly as well. His eyes were filled with hatred!

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