Chapter 341: The Situation Intensify!

With Cheng Yu being sealed inside the Jewel Cauldron, Yuan Yangzi finally revealed a smile. As long as the duo persevere on for a few more moments, regardless of how strong Cheng Yu was, he would no longer be able to escape from Kunlun’s palm.

“Don’t rejoice too early. Limitless Palace people are still watching the battle covetously. In any point of time, they might choose to intervene.” When Guang Ning saw how happy they were, he demoralized them in return.

“With martial uncle around, I believe even if the Limitless Palace make a move, they still wouldn’t pose much of a problem to us.” Elder Qing laughed.

“It’s still better to be more prudent. Limitless Palace people is not something to be taken lightly off.” Guang Ning looked at where Limitless Palace members were at as traces of hate could be seen within his eyes. During then, when Guang Ning was wandering around the cultivation world, he had form feud with Limitless Palace people. If there were a chance, he still wished to fight it out with them.

Outside the battlefield, it was filled with discussion while the battlefield atmosphere had become extremely nervous.

Yu Mu and Yu Lin executed the refinement laws more and more quickly as every restrainment laws being sent to the Jewel Cauldron, it would cause it to grow brighter. At the start, the majority of them might have no idea what were the duo doing. However, after a moment of time, all of them finally understood what was going on. The duo was trying to refine Cheng Yu’s treasure!

“This time, Cheng Yu is dead meat. The duo actually intends to refine Cheng Yu together with his treasure. This idea is truly too valiant.”

“That’s right! Furthermore, it seems like Cheng Yu plans had backfired. Otherwise, why isn’t he coming out?”

“My idol! I’m still waiting for him to showcase another miracle! Could this be marking the end of today’s event?” One of the audience shook his head and commented on regrets.

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“Aish! My 10 spiritual stones!” Another person sighed.

“Senior sister, what should we do! Senior brother seems to have been trapped inside his own Jewel Cauldron!” Tian Xing had long gotten very anxious. He couldn’t help but wish to go forward to help Cheng Yu out.

“Cheng Yu this idiot. Why did he choose to hide inside the cauldron? Now, his stupid plan got backfired!” Tian Xue was also very annoyed. However, everyone was able to see traces of worries on her face.

Beside her, Yu Lingzi frown slowly intensified as he watched the battle. He turned his head around to take a look at where Limitless Palace was located out. According to his speculation, if this continued, Cheng Yu would truly be refined.

However, from how the Limitless Palace was acting, other then traces of worries on their face, they didn’t seem like they had any intention to make a move themselves. Could it be they still believe in Cheng Yu?

Honestly speaking, when he heard of the achievement Cheng Yu had achieved in the Death Forest, Yu Lingzi was also very curious about him. It was especially so when he heard that Cheng Yu possess 3 Golden Cores. Therefore, he had brought his people along for this event personally.

The first and foremost reason was to make friends with Limitless Palace. Secondly, it was to see for himself the person who was able to create so much miracle.

When he saw Cheng Yu had actually used a Middle Stage Golden Core Realm strength to fight against a Nascent Soul Realm expert and even manage to kill 2 of them, he was able to tell that Cheng Yu strength was truly out of the ordinary even though it was also due to some of the treasures Cheng Yu had on hand.

If Cheng Yu did not possess some abilities, he would never be able to fight against Nascent Soul expert even if he had some overbearing treasures. If it was an ordinary Golden Core expert, even if that expert was in the Pinnacle of Golden Core Realm, Yu Lingzi felt that the expert wouldn’t be able to last a few rounds with a Nascent Soul expert.

However, such a genius disciple could hardly be sought out for in the whole cultivation world! Although Limitless palace strength was very powerful with a well-established position, would they be willing to lose such a precious disciple?

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The more Yu Lingzi thought about it, the more he couldn’t understand what was going on. From how the battle was faring, the outcome was more or less decided. If they were to not intervene, they might no longer have any more chances of saving Cheng Yu.

Sure enough. Not long after, Limitless Palace members could no longer hold themselves back. Qing Xu could no longer resist his impulse as he leaped over, turning himself into a beam of light and dashed towards the direction Cheng Yu was at.

“Senior brother!” Qing Yuanzi flew out as well.
Whoosh! Just when Qing Xu was flying towards Cheng Yu, Guang Ning who was at the Yunxiao peak also flew towards the battlefield.

“Qing Xu! It had been hundred over years since we last met. You are still someone who doesn’t abide by the rules!” Guang Ning suddenly appeared before Qing Xu and laughed nonchalantly.

“Guang Ning, unexpectedly after a few hundred years, you had also improved, advancing into the Middle Stage of Great Ascension Realm. However, a defeated opponent will forever remain as a defeated opponent. Even after a few hundred years, you will still remain as my defeated opponent. You better step aside today. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind crashing your Kunlun sect gate as well!” Qing Xu was extremely anxious. He didn’t have any time to continue bullshitting.

“Hmph! Qing Xu, don’t think that just because you had defeated me hundred over years ago you can stay arrogant. Today, you and I are both in the Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm. I would like to see if you are still able to defeat me like you used to. However today, you better get the f*** back for me. Crashing the Sect gate had always been a recognized challenge in the whole cultivation world.”

“Since your Limitless Palace member had accepted this challenge, this shall never be interrupted by others. I advise you to think about it carefully. When the time comes, the one who might get crusade by others could be your Limitless Palace.” When he heard Qing Xu reminding him of what happened a few hundred years ago, Guang Ning face turned extremely unsightly as he commented.

The cultivation world had its own regulations and crashing the sect gate had its own regulations. Since the challenger had accepted the challenge, it would mean that he was ready to give up his life. If someone were to intervene during the challenge, breaking the rules, who would continue to follow the rules then?

Now that the victory was in their hands, Kunlun would never allow Limitless Palace members to save Cheng Yu out.

“Hmph! It’s your Kunlun being despicable at first. If it wasn’t because you had captured his woman and used it to threaten him, would he even bother to accept such a ridiculous challenge? Today, regardless of what you say, I’m going to fight it out with you!” All Qing Xu was thinking about ways to save Cheng Yu out.

When the time comes, if Cheng Yu were to fall into Kunlun hands, everything would be too late to salvage.

“Senior brother! Stop!” Just when Qing Xu was about to make his move, Qing Yuanzi arrived in time to put a stop to it.

“Sect master Qing Yuan, it had been hundred over years since we last met. Hope you are doing fine! However, you better pull him back. Otherwise, our Kunlun would not let the matter drop so easily.” Guang Ning looked at Qing Yuanzi and lamented.

“Senior brother, if you are to make a move in front of so many people, this is extremely unfavorable to our Limitless Palace. Senior brother, try enduring it a while more.” Qing Yuanzi held Qing Xu back while transmitted a message over.

After all, crashing the sect gate had already started. If the Limitless Palace were to break its rules, the other secluded sect would certainly put them into a difficult position. Furthermore, they would not be able to explain themselves to the whole cultivation world.

This situation had long gotten everyone’s attention. Everyone spirit was immediately heightened up. Could Limitless Palace be putting a stop to this challenge? Is another huge battle going to break out?

“Quickly look! Limitless Palace members could no longer hold themselves back and are about to make their move!”

“Kunlun is also not to be taken lightly off. Even Guang Ning who had withdrawn himself from the worldly affairs had made an appearance himself. This event is getting more and more intense.”

“That’s right. Look, even Limitless Palace Sect Master had also gone up himself. Seem like this Cheng Yu is truly an important person in the Limitless Palace!”

“How could he not be important? If you are able to kill so many Nascent Soul experts when you are only in the Golden Core Realm, your sect master would certainly guard you like a treasure.”

“But would Limitless Palace truly dare to do so? They are the law enforcer of the cultivation world itself. If they are to take the lead to break the regulations, who would still bother to listen to them in the cultivation world?”

“Up till now, Kunlun had sacrificed 2 of their Nascent Soul expert. It could be said as a disastrous loss to them. They would never allow Limitless Palace member to intervene in this challenge. However, I am truly interested in watching these experts fight. I believe it is certainly beneficial for our future cultivation progression!”

A simple meeting between the trio had instantly caused thousands over ripples to happen. It was brought along with everyone’s senseless speculations.

When Yunxiao Peak experts saw two of Limitless Palace members had come forward, they thought some major battle was about to happen. The remaining Great Ascension expert quickly flew over.

Such a huge activity had also attracted the elders of Limitless Palace. All of them had also vaulted over.

“Hmph! I am not going to be bothered by whatever regulations. In any case, it was your Kunlun who had acted shamelessly first. Today, you have to hand over Cheng Yu and his woman. Otherwise, I am going to destroy your Kunlun heritage even if I have to sacrifice my life!” Qing Xu did not show signs of compromisation. Cheng Yu was too important to him. Such disciples could not to be sought for and would only come by chance. He would never allow Cheng Yu to die when he is around.

Momentarily, the situation had become a lot more complicated. The intense atmosphere had become even denser. It was as if a world-shaking war was about to happen.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yu was totally oblivious to what was happening outside. He was currently extremely pressured on how to get out.

Originally, he wanted to manipulate the Jewel Cauldron to escape out. However, he actually realized that he could no longer control it. Furthermore, he was able to sense his connection with the Jewel Cauldron kept on growing weaker. It was as if the connection between them was about to be cut off.

“S***! This two bastard is trying to refine Jewel Cauldron!” The abrupt changes had finally allowed Cheng Yu to understand what was happening. However, he still had no means to break out currently.

“Damn it! Damn it! F****** damn it!” Cheng Yu was anxious and angered.

This time, he was truly too careless. He actually didn’t expect his opponent would use such a means to deal with him! If his Jewel Cauldron were to be fully refined by others, he would never be able to see daylight again.

Recalling the hatred Kunlun had for him, it was unknown to how they were going to torture him alive. When he thought of how he was about to lose his woman, family, and friends, he started to panic.

“Aish! That’s why I say you are too young. You actually made such a stupid mistake!” It was at this moment, a familiar voice resonated in Cheng Yu mind.

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