Chapter 340: Cheng Yu Got Sealed!

“Fallen Ray of Red Cloud!” Just when Cheng Yu was forcefully repelled away by Yu Lin, Yu Mu suddenly appeared behind Cheng Yu.

Clang~ Clang~ Clang! Cheng Yu was flustered as he blocked the sword mirage with difficulty.

“Black Chess Warrior!” Yu Lin did not stay idle as a black chess piece flew out from his hand. Followingly, it grew bigger and smashed towards Cheng Yu.

“Jewel Cauldron! Out!” Cheng Yu had just managed to dodge the sword mirage and was unable to respond in time before the sky was covered in darkness. With a shock, Cheng Yu quickly summoned the Jewel Cauldron to hover above him.

It was at that moment, a black chess piece suddenly turned into a human figure as it slashed at the Jewel Cauldron.

Pu! The Jewel Cauldron was slashed back into Cheng Yu body by the black chess knight. Cheng Yu could not bear the impact and instantly vomited a mouth of blood. However, the chess piece didn’t stop but continue to pressure on Cheng Yu.

“Ding!” Cheng Yu was astonished. He had no choice but to call out Jewel Cauldron again. Followingly, it also increased its size enormously. Immediately, it blocked the chess piece. However, the Jewel Cauldron actually got smashed into the ground.

Pu! When Cheng Yu had just flown out from the cauldron, before he even had time to rejoice, a white chess piece rammed into him. Being caught unprepared, he received the attack head-on.

Cheng Yu got rammed onto the Jewel Cauldron. He felt that he was about to break into pieces.

“His grandmother! They are completely not giving me any chances to take a breather!” Under the onslaught of attacks, he was unable to find any strength to resist. His heart was filled with gloominess and anger.

Without a choice, Cheng Yu had no choice but to hide in the Jewel Cauldron.

Clang! Clang! Clang! In reality, it was not as easy as Cheng Yu thought out to be. When he hid inside the Jewel Cauldron, he could feel the Jewel Cauldron being rammed unceasingly. Cheng Yu felt the blood and qi in his body was about surge out from his body.

But even so, Cheng Yu still did not have the courage to exit out. After drinking a bottle of god water, he chose to recover himself. When he senses that there was no sign of them stop attacking, Cheng Yu was in a loss.

“Haha! Big brother, this Cheng Yu was only so-so. Yu Xie and the others are really too useless. They actually got crushed to death by such a person. This person can only become a turtle and not come out.” When Yu Lin saw Cheng Yu had hidden inside the cauldron and not come out, he laughed.

“Hmph! This brat only had a few good treasures. That’s all. Otherwise, he would never be able to make it to the 3rd checkpoint. However, this cauldron of his is certainly extraordinary. Not only was its defense strong, but it was also even able to store a person inside. If only our black and white chess piece was able to store someone, it might certainly be a lot stronger.” Yu Lin commented on Cheng Yu’s ability in disdain.

Perhaps, Cheng Yu was a lot stronger than all the ordinary Golden Core experts. But it was unknown what kind of dog luck did Cheng Yu step into for him to be able to obtain so many formidable treasures. With those puny abilities of his, it was impossible for him to be able to kill so many Nascent Soul experts.

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In their opinion, the disparity in cultivation realm was not something that could be made up of treasures. Perhaps, if it was a small disparity, it wouldn’t have made any difference but jumping from Golden Core Realm into Nascent Soul Realm, the gap was simply too big. Therefore, even if Cheng Yu do possess some abilities, it was still incomparable to theirs.

While Yu Lin and Yu Mu were manipulating the chess piece to attack the Jewel Cauldron unceasingly, the surrounding audiences had long started discussing.

“Wa! Who is those 2? Such a terrifying strength. Even Cheng Yu had to hide from them.”

“This two coordination is too good. However, the two doesn’t seem like twins. Could both of them are gay partners?”

“Seems like Cheng Yu had bumped into a hard opponent for him to defeat. The duo is clearly not simple, especially the two black white chess piece. What kind of treasure is that? Truly an eye-opener!” Everyone was discussing what was happening on the battlefield. If they were to be living in the secular world, they would certainly obtain the ‘expert/specialist’ title.

“Big brother, it’s not an option if this brat were to continue hiding inside! No matter what ways we use, it is impossible for us to crack the cauldron open!” After attacking the cauldron for some moment, they were at a loss of what to do.

The longer they attack, the faster their spiritual qi was being consumed. Meanwhile, other than being smashed down into the ground for a few meters, there was no visible crack to be seen. Yu Lin had somewhat become impatient.

“This brat is too shameless. For those he could defeat, he would become extremely arrogant. Those who he couldn’t defeat, he would just hide himself up. This is truly too shameless.” Yu Mu was also somewhat angered.

However, they had never once thought back and realized that the duo were both in Nascent Soul Realm. Two Nascent Soul Realm fighting against a Golden Core Realm.

“Big Brother, how about let’s refine the cauldron?” Suddenly, an idea came striking into Yu Lin mind as he laughed treachery.

“Heh heh! This is a good idea! However, what if that brat ran out?” Yu Mu eyes also brighten up. However, he found the flaw in this idea instantly.

“Heh heh. Did you forget about the Sealing God Talisman we obtained from the Spiritual Domain? With this thing in hand, why should we be afraid of him escaping??” Yu Lin laughed.

“Great! Let’s do it that way then!” Yu Mu was excited as he instantly stopped his attack on the Jewel Cauldron.

If they were able to refine this cauldron fully, this cauldron would become theirs. More importantly, Cheng Yu was still hidden inside. If they were to refine this cauldron, they would be able to control Cheng Yu’s death inside and he would no longer have the ability to escape out.

“Eh? Why have they stopped attacking? Could they have fully consumed their spiritual qi?” Cheng Yu was sitting inside the Jewel Cauldron and was thinking of an idea to how to get out. However, just when he was having trouble finding a solution, the attack outside had came to a stop.

“What are they doing?” Cheng Yu rejoiced that he was finally able to have a good battle with them. But at the next moment, one of them took out a talisman and placed it onto the cauldron. Cheng Yu had seen this rune before but he had no idea what was it for.

But the moment the talisman was placed onto the cauldron, Cheng Yu could no longer spectate what was happening outside.

Clang! Cheng Yu was confused. Therefore, he was prepared to charge out and fight it out with them. However, what he didn’t expect was that he was unable to get out. It was as if his exit had been blocked.

Clang! Cheng Yu was baffled. He tried out another time but was blocked again.

“Damn it! What is going on?” Cheng Yu turned pale from fright. Could that be a seal? What was it for?
“Soul Suppressor! Soul Suppressor!” Cheng Yu had no knowledge of runes. However, the Soul Suppressor would certainly know of it. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda was filled with runes. However, other than his own voice, nothing appeared. Soul Suppressor showed no response to his call.

“Soul Suppressor? Quickly come out!” Cheng Yu turned anxious. Damn it, he was getting trap by his own treasure. What was happening??

Meanwhile, his mind was in tranquility. There were no traces of Soul Suppressor being seen.

“Damn it! Where had that guy ran to.” Cheng Yu commented unhappily.

“God damn it! I don’t believe I wouldn’t be able to make it out.” Without a choice, Cheng Yu tried brute-forcing again. However, the outcome remains the same.

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Cheng Yu was helpless. He moved his mental sense into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. However, it was completely bereft, Ultimately, he also discovered that he was no longer able to enter the 6th floor.

“To hell with it! What’s going on here?” Cheng Yu became worried. Without being able to see what was happening outside, he was unable to keep his calm.

“Why are they not attacking any longer? What is happening? Rune?” Just when Cheng Yu was in vexed of what to do, the audiences outside were confused at the twin brother actions.

After Yu Lin had placed the rune onto the cauldron, Yu Lin and Yu Mu both stood at a side as they executed weird hand signs at the Jewel Cauldron.

“They…… They are trying to refine Cheng Yu’s treasure!” Qing Xu saw their actions and immediately cried out.

“This is troublesome! Why is Yu’er not coming out?” Qing Yuanzi had also pucker up his eyebrows. If they were to have fully refined Cheng Yu’s treasures, Cheng Yu would become the meat on their chopping board, letting them slaughter him as they wish.

“No! We can’t let them refine the cauldron!” Qing Xu felt that the situation had taken a turn for the worse and realized there was a problem with the rune. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would have long came out. How could he possibly let them refine it?

“Senior brother, calm down. This is a crashing of the sect gate event. If you were to make a move, it would become very troublesome.” Qing Yuanzi was shocked as he quickly obstructed Qing Xu.

“But how can I possibly witness them refining Cheng Yu!” Qing Xu howled.

“Senior brother, look over to Kunlun side. Guang Ning had also come out himself. If you are to make a move the outcome would be unthinkable.” Qing Yuanzi looked over to Yunxiao peak and commented.

Qing Xu glanced over and saw cultivator Guang Dao and the others. They were all Great Ascension Realm expert. Probably, they had come out to deal with their Limitless Sect as they were afraid Qing Xu would prohibit them from killing Cheng Yu.

Qing Xu looked back to the battlefield while clenching his teeth. He clenched his hand tightly without any signs of loosening it.

“Clever! This means is too wonderful!” When Yuan Yangzi saw such a scene, he laughed out.

Even he had not anticipated such an outcome. Originally when he saw Cheng Yu had hidden into the cauldron, the duo would not be able to do anything to him. But now, as long as the duo refine the cauldron, they would be able to do anything they wish to Cheng Yu.

Most importantly, from then on, Cheng Yu’s life or dead would be in their Kunlun’s control. Yuan Yangzi suddenly felt that trapping Cheng Yu inside the cauldron is a lot better than killing him off!

“Haha! So this was how the phrase spinning a cocoon around oneself came about. Originally, he thought that hiding inside the cauldron could guarantee his safety. But never had he imagine that he would be sealed inside his own treasure!” Elder Cheng was in rejoiced. Nothing was more satisfying than capturing Cheng Yu alive.

“That’s right! As long as they can refine this cauldron, it would be the same as helping Kunlun disposing of a pest!” Yuan Yangzi commented happily.

For the past few months, they were trapped in a headache caused by Cheng Yu’s actions. Now that the situation was in their favor, they could finally loosen themselves up. Currently, it was their joyest time ever since the past few months.

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