Chapter 237: Xiao Bai Making a Move

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, I, Hu Ming would like to experience your moves. Quickly come over.” Hu Ming was wielding a nine-ringed great saber as he snorted.

“Li Fuchen be careful.” Fan Qiansong warned Li Fuchen.

This Hu Ming might not be one of the prominent figures on the Stars Ranking, but he was at the 7th level of the Earth Realm.

A gold class direct disciple at the 7th level of the Earth Realm was incomparably terrifying. They had the cultivation level and the experience too, unlike Li Fuchen and Fan Qiansong who had just been promoted to gold class direct disciple for only just a few years and didn’t have much time to accumulate any experience.

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In Fan Qiansong’s eyes, this Hu Ming was at least on the same level as Fu Chongshan.

Back at the tomb, he and Li Fuchen had to use all their methods and artifacts to barely kill Fu Chongshan.

Li Fuchen’s ability might have strengthened by leaps and bounds suddenly, and his cultivation level was now at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, but he still shouldn’t underestimate his opponent. Who knew if this Hu Ming was actually much superior in ability compared to Fu Chongshan.

“Don’t worry.” Li Fuchen nodded.

Before his cultivation level was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, he was already able to easily defeat enemies like Fu Chongshan when he was at the 3rd level of Earth Realm. Now he was totally able to oppress his opponent without the use of his formidable consciousness.

“What are you dilly-dallying for? If you are afraid to lose, just kowtow a few times for me and perhaps I might let you off.” Hu Ming laughed heartily.

“Beware of the winds which may sprain your tongue.” Li Fuchen drifted lightly and landed on the martial arts stage.

“The winds might sprain your waist, but it will not sprain my tongue. Li Fuchen, you are very presumptuous, but there is a price to pay for it. I don’t care whether you killed the Young Patriarch, but in my eyes, you are already a dead man.”

Hu Ming wielded the saber with a single hand and spoke with malicious eyes.

“This Li Fuchen is in trouble.”

On the upper floor of the main pavilion, apart from the Qin Keshi who was the leader and a gold class direct disciple from the Flourishing Sect, there was a silver robed youth and he was one of the individuals listed on the Stars Ranking, ranked 98, Ruan Qianqiu.

Qin Keshi spoke out, “I too think he isn’t Hu Ming’s opponent, but he wouldn’t exactly be in trouble.”

One of them was at the 5th level while the other was at the 7th level of the Earth Realm. There was a gap of two whole levels and if there weren’t any special conditions, Li Fuchen would naturally be inferior to Hu Ming.

But from Li Fuchen’s calm expression, it did waver Qin Keshi a little.

“I know this Hu Ming. He is certainly one of the top ten prodigies among the Heaven Fiend Sect’s direct disciples. His ability should be at the top seven and to surpass levels and fight against Hu Ming, is like a pipe dream.”

Ruan Qianqi and Xiao Bai had ties with each other, hence he knew some of the situations in the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“We will know once we see it.” Qin Keshi smoothened out the fringe on her forehead while staring at the stage with her beautiful eyes.

On the martial arts stage…


Hu Ming made his move.

In just an instant, four Hu Mings appeared at the same time, wielding the nine-ringed great saber and blocking off all of Li Fuchen’s evasion space. As the saber light surged brightly, a chilling light which contained saber intent burst forth.

“This is your saber art? Too weak.”

Li Fuchen’s expression remained calm as he swayed his body like a willow tree in the wind, easily evading all of Hu Ming’s saber lights. For a split moment, there seemed to be four Li Fuchen’s stacked together.

“Eh?!” Qin Keshi’s eyes had this flash of surprise.

Not only did you need the ability to evade Hu Ming’s saber light, but you also required an astounding combat awareness.

“Long River Sunset Cleave!” Hu Ming yelled out with rage and cleaved with his saber.

This saber had impressive power, forming a long river using the saber qi that surged towards Li Fuchen. It was impossible to dodge using side steps as it could only be dodged using extreme speed.

Li Fuchen didn’t have any intention to evade. He drew out his black gold sword and thrust at the long river saber qi.


It was as though the long river saber qi had been cut off from its momentum, which instantly dissipated.

“Such a frightening combat awareness. He was able to find the flaw of the Long River Sunset Cleave in a split second.” Qin Keshi couldn’t help but comment.

This kind of combat awareness wasn’t surprising to be from a prominent figure on the Stars Ranking. But it was surprising when it appeared on a nameless individual.

All martial arts move had a flaw, no matter if you had comprehended the martial arts intent.

After all, everything in the heaven and earth had a flaw and martial arts move were of no exception.

Once the flaw had been uncovered, even the most formidable martial arts move would lose its threat, like a venomous snake being held by its neck.

“Impossible. My saber speed is already so fast, what did he use to find the flaw of my saber moves?” Hu Ming felt a chill.

“Hu Ming, go all out.” Xiao Bai sent a message into Hu Ming’s ear.

Hearing Xiao Bai’s instruction, Hu Ming’s eyes burst out with radiance.

“Asura Battle Qi, activate!” Hu Ming’s qi presence had a drastic burst in power.

The 3-star secret technique, Asura Battle Qi, allowed him to increase the burst power of his qi by two folds.


The nine-ringed great saber turned into a long saber rainbow, which violently cleaved at Li Fuchen. Right now, his saber speed wasn’t just faster by a little, it was faster by two folds.

“I have to remain a low profile.”

Without activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen was still able to simply break Hu Ming’s saber move. His combat awareness, allowed him to instantly find seven or eight flaws in the saber move, it didn’t matter how fast Hu Ming’s saber speed was.

But, the more he exposed, the more dangerous it was. The way of the statecraft was to make himself unfathomable.

Once the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique had been activated, Li Fuchen’s qi presence would have a drastic increase in strength too.

The black gold sword thrust out.


Hu Ming burst away in retreat. His saber qi was dissipated in an instant.

“Impossible! Impossible!” Hu Ming was about to go crazy.

If he was repelled forcefully, Hu Ming might be able to accept it. But Li Fuchen’s sword always landed on the flaws of his saber move which made him feel unbearable.

“Hu Ming is about to lose.” Qin Keshi couldn’t help but say it out loud.

“Interesting… His combat awareness is rather strong.” Ruan Qianqiu had on this grave expression. He who was listed on the Stars Ranking actually judged wrongly and it was humiliating, especially in front of Qin Keshi.

“Receive one of my swords too.” Li Fuchen floated above Hu Ming and brandished his sword downwards.

This move was the Starfire Sword Art’s Starfire Burst.

If it was someone else executing this move, it would still have some flaws even if they could comprehend the Starfire Sword intent. But when Li Fuchen executed this move, the burst of starfire was scattering willfully, as though every starfire had its own spirit.

Pfff, pfff…

Hu Ming’s saber was able to block a few of the starfires, but his qi protection was instantly scorched through in the next moment. Starfires sprayed onto his body, scorching through his pelt armor and opening up charred blood wounds.


The infuriated Xiao Bai wanted to use a palm strike to kill Li Fuchen.

“Xiao xiong, you and I are ranked in the Stars Ranking. Why not join in the fun!”

Qin Keshi didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s sword move to be this ruthless. Seeing Hu Ming’s pathetic state, he would probably need a few months in order to recuperate completely. If he didn’t use any precious herb or elixir, it would be normal if he was unable to fully recuperate.

But she couldn’t just look on unfeelingly as Xiao Bai killed Li Fuchen. Xiao Bai was ranked 101 on the Stars Ranking and if he wanted to kill Li Fuchen, he would only need one or two moves. Hence, when Xiao Bai made his move, she followed up closely.

But Xiao Bai execution speed was too fast and he was much closer to Li Fuchen as well.

A massive palm like a patch of dark clouds enveloped Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, be careful!” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu exclaimed.

Huang Yuxiang shook his head. In his perspective, unless Li Fuchen was able to withstand a move from Xiao Bai, Qin Keshi wouldn’t be able to make it in time for the rescue.

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