Chapter 238: Boasting Shamelessly?

‘Worthy of being listed on the Stars Ranking!’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s eyes shrank.

He could obviously see Xiao Bai’s formidable ability, whose cultivation technique was definitely at the 15th rank. His mystic class mid-tier palm intent was even more abstruse.

Xiao Bai’s combat awareness wasn’t something that Hu Ming could match up to. This palm strike’s angle and timing were all on the verge of perfection, as Li Fuchen was only able to see three flaws.

“A pity. Don’t even think about cornering me without the use of a secret technique. He is too overconfident.”

Li Fuchen sneered as he executed the Starfire Sword Art’s first move, Fast Like Starfire. A spot of sword light burst into the sky, neutralizing Xiao Bai’s palm qi.

“Asura Ghost Palm!”

Xiao Bai’s brows lifted, while the killing intent was even more extensive in his eyes as he followed up closely with a second palm strike.

This palm was apparently supported with the activation of a hand portion secret technique, which increased the power by more than two folds. The massive palm qi had layers of black qi lingering over it like layers of black flames.

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“Xiao xiong, do not make things difficult for me.”

An image of a beautiful woman congealed as Qin Keshi suddenly appeared in front of Li Fuchen. She used her Hundred Flower Seal to scatter Xiao Bai’s Asura Ghost Palm.

Xiao Bai didn’t look too good and had deep regrets in his heart.

He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to be able to break his first palm strike. If he had known, he would have activated the secret technique at the start.

“You have great luck, but you better remember that a woman won’t be able to block for you every time. The next time I make my move, will be the time you lose your life. Cherish your short span of life!” Xiao Bai laughed with disdain as he helped Hu Ming up and skimmed back to the pavilion.

Li Fuchen replied, “Rules are meant to be broken. Perhaps you should rejoice that you kept your status on the Stars Ranking.”

On the upper floor of the pavilion, Xiao Bai’s expression changed and his eyes exploded with shocking murderous intent, “Li Fuchen, you are courting death.”

Not only Xiao Bai, but the rest of the people were also infuriated as well.

“Isn’t this Li Fuchen too presumptuous! Had it not been Qin Keshi obstructing Xiao Bai, he would probably be dead by now. He is actually boasting so shamelessly now.”

“Qin Keshi shouldn’t have obstructed Xiao Bai, just let him die.”

“This person is too despicable. He knows that Xiao Bai cannot make a move, hence he is speaking all these nonsense. If I am Xiao Bai, I would not let him off like this.”

“I have been in the Hundred Battle region for so many years, but I have yet to see such a shameless person. I have finally gained some experience.”

Almost everyone was jeering and deriding at Li Fuchen’s shamelessness and his overconfidence.

In their opinion, Li Fuchen was using Qin Keshi’s protection to speak so brazenly.

Thus, while they were jeering, they were also angered in their hearts.

In their range of considerations, they didn’t even consider that Li Fuchen might possibly have an ability that surpasses Xiao Bai.

Because it was something that was totally impossible.

“This Li Fuchen is too impulsive. Fan shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) and Fan shimei6meiyoung or little sister, better not be too involved with this person. He would bring trouble to you sooner or later.” Huang Yuxiang frowned and said to Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu.

Fan Qianyu hesitated and replied, “Huang shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), maybe Li Fuchen isn’t speaking conceited nonsense? His ability is truly very strong.”

Huang Yuxiang sneered, “No matter how strong he is, it is impossible for him to be a match for Xiao Bai who is ranked 101. If he is at the 8th level of the Earth Realm, I might be willing to believe that. But it is impossible now.”

Fan Qiansong furrowed his brows and said, “There is nothing impossible in this world. I believe in Li Fuchen.”

It didn’t matter if Li Fuchen was just boasting or not, his sister and his life were saved by Li Fuchen, hence it was not possible for Fan Qiansong to listen to Huang Yuxiang’s words and distance themselves from Li Fuchen, it wasn’t his style of work.

“Sigh, the two of you will be at a disadvantage sooner or later.” Huang Yuxiang shook his head and didn’t continue persuading.

On the host’s pavilion, Ruan Qianqiu couldn’t help but let out a light laugh, “It seems like I have overestimated him. How can such a person achieve any great feats? He is just a clown stirring up some trouble. Qin Keshi, you shouldn’t have obstructed Xiao Bai.”

On the martial arts stage, Qin Keshi was indeed feeling some regret.

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She had to admit that Li Fuchen had great potential, but the potential was just potential. Before the potential had a chance to turn into true ability, it was best to remain in a low profile. If he behaved so bombastically, he would only invite hatred and no sympathy.

She was certain that, once she left, Xiao Bai would definitely make another move to kill Li Fuchen.

She might be a little disgusted by Li Fuchen, but she couldn’t be slapping on her own face. This tea party had an iron rule that forbade any killings since it was hosted for the first time. It was a rule that must not be broken, even if Qin Keshi had to force herself, she wouldn’t allow Xiao Bai to kill Li Fuchen.

“I hope there isn’t another Li Fuchen at this tea party.” Qin Keshi prayed in her heart.

“You may go back first. With me around, I will ensure your safety.” Qin Keshi gestured for Li Fuchen to go back.

Just as Li Fuchen was about to say something.

“Qin Keshi, Xiao Bai is ranked on the Stars Ranking, but I am not. There shouldn’t be any problem for me to challenge Li Fuchen right?” A figure flew onto the stage and pointed at Li Fuchen while speaking to Qin Keshi.

Qin Keshi nodded, “No problem.”

“Then good. Li Fuchen, you better kneel and beg for mercy when you can. Otherwise, I, Xin Wuyuan will beat up your mouth and see how you continue boasting shamelessly.”

Xin Wuyuan disapproved of Li Fuchen and since Xiao Bai couldn’t make a move, he would do it on Xiao Bai’s behalf. He wanted to see after he beat up Li Fuchen’s mouth, could he continue speaking so presumptuously.

“Are you sure you want to stick out for Xiao Bai?” Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes, while chilling light flickered.

No matter how calm his temperament was, after being ridiculed by others, there was bound to be a spark of anger within.

“Xiao Bai is an individual listed in the Stars Ranking, I do not have the qualifications to speak on his behalf. But you… I must teach you a lesson.” Xin Wuyuan drew a silverish black long saber, pointing the tip of the saber at Li Fuchen.

On the pavilion, Xiao Bai spoke out, “Xin Wuyuan, no matter the result. I, Xiao Bai owe you a favor.”

“Xiao xiong is too polite.” Xin Wuyuan let out a slight smile. Obtaining a favor from a prominent figure on the Stars Ranking was the best result he could hope for.

When the others heard what Xiao Bai said, they were silently regretting. This Xin Wuyuan responded too quickly and if they knew they would obtain Xiao Bai’s favor so easily, they would have snatched on the opportunity to go on the stage.

“Xin Wuyuan is one of the top five gold class direct disciples from the Long Saber Sect. His ability is far superior to Hu Ming, if Li Fuchen’s ability is only like this, he is going to be defeated by Xin Wuyuan.” Huang Yuxiang told Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu.

Fan Qiansong spoke resolutely, “Xin Wuyuan isn’t a match for Li Fuchen.”

If it was Xiao Bai, Fan Qiansong might have hesitated, but if it was just Xin Wuyuan, he firmly believed that Li Fuchen would achieve victory.

“I have the same opinion as my brother. I believe Li Fuchen will win.” Fan Qianyu spoke her thoughts as well.

“Looks like the two of you are under Li Fuchen’s spell.” Huang Yuxiang was agitated. He didn’t know what kind of medicine Li Fuchen fed the two of them for them to be on his side for everything.

Fan Qiansong spoke seriously, “Huang shixiong, you didn’t hang around him before, hence you do not know his astounding potential. I can understand that, but you shouldn’t speak so presumptuously either.”

“Alright, I would like to see what kind of surprises he would bring to us.”

Huang Yuxiang did his best to hold back his vexation and anger, fixing his eyes onto the martial arts stage.

Standing ten meters away from Xin Wuyuan, Li Fuchen spoke, “I hope you don’t regret this!”

Li Fuchen twitched his lips, dispersing the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and activated the Primary Clear Hand.

“Regret? There is no word such as regret in my dictionary.” Xin Wuyuan laughed out as he cleaved at Li Fuchen at high speed.

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