Chapter 809 – Nowhere To Start

Men of the Shangguan Clan practice an extraordinary technique and also, the Reverence Solemn Fruit that is grown by the Shangguan Clan could only be consumed by the men in the family. Eating the Reverence Solemn Fruit would cause them to become solemn and silent, it was hard to find one who would proactively give a greeting.

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Rumors outside have always called men of the Shuagguan Clan as a group with autism.

When others greeted, Ji Mo Ya would only nod in return, only when Shangguan Han spoke up did Ji Mo Ya gently replied, “Hello, it is a pleasure meeting you. Why is everyone here?”

“Let me explain, let me explain! Replying to Young Master Ya, everyone was blocked by this spiky ball forest and unable to go any further. As there is a water source here, many people eventually gathered…” Bai Li Jia Bao fought and answered.

Ji Mo Ya’s guess was roughly the same as told.

“How long have you guys been here?”

Bai Li Jia Bao answered again, “Nearly five days.”

Tuoba Xiang’er squeezed Bai Li Jia Bao to one side, “Young Master Ya, do you want to go with us? Me and my Uncle Yan, no, Little Brother Yan has been here for three days. The two elder sisters from the Mu Rong Clan were here even earlier, Young Master Nan Gong and Young Master Shangguan only just arrived yesterday…”

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, “What about the Purple Sky Prince?”

Everyone gazes were even more admiration.

A man in sand-colored robes slowly appeared from within the crowd.

His looks were sharp, slightly thin, but his eyes were alert and energetic. His figure gave off an agile feeling; on a glance, one can feel that this person was extremely intelligent and one who does not like to lose.

This person was the Purple Sky Prince, Ming Xieran.

“Young Master Ya, this one has always felt that my Concealing Technique has reached a higher height, how did you discover me?”

Ji Mo Ya smiled without speaking.

The Purple Sky Prince could be considered a person of marvel, during a year when Ji Mo Ya’s reputation reached its peak, this Purple Sky Prince would often use his Concealing Technique to ambush Ji Mo Ya, wanting to see who was the better man.

As time went by, Ji Mo Ya slowly noticed a trick to the Concealing Technique, causing Purple Sky Prince to have no choice but to retreat after admitting defeat.

Everyone present was a famous person or a person from a renowned clan, the elites of the new generation.

After greeting each other, they started to research a way to pass through this spiky ball desert field.

“I kept having the feeling that there will be a great opportunity on the other side of the desert, we must cross this area.”

“I agree…”

“Young Master Ya, do you have any solutions?”


Everyone looked at Ji Mo Ya hopefully.

Ji Mo Ya walked to the edge of the sea of spiky balls.

These spiky balls were large, about half the height of a person and were densely packed like a forest. There was nowhere to start.

Ji Mo Ya used his spirit energy to break a spoke and checked it, “It is abnormally hard, the spike is also very sharp. It looks like it will be hard to walk across.”

There were too many spiky balls, and they were too densely packed together; if a person were to force their way in they would instantly turn into a beehive.

Yet flying was not allowed within this desert region.

“Lady Xin Nuo has a Purple-Grade Defensive Robe, but it was pierced through after walking five meters into the area.”

“Also, spirit treasures are unable to dig underground as well, due to the sand, no tunnels could be dug.”

Piercing through a Purple-Grade Defensive Equipment has proved how powerful these big spike balls were.

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya heard Huan Qing Yan, the latter sent a message from within the dimension, “Woah, there are so many large size Cactus Balls! Cactus! Leafy says that it really like these cactus…”

As Huan Qing Yan was within the dimension Ji Mo Ya was unable to reply to her, the communication from Huan Qing Yan was one way.

These spiky balls are called Cactus Balls? Cactus? No matter how Ji Mo Ya looked at it, he was unable to link these spiky balls to a celestial.

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(Cuppa: A Cactus in Chinese is called 仙人掌, literally translated to be Celestial Palm or Palm of a Celestial. Maybe a longgg time ago, the first Chinese who saw the plant in the desert was hallucinating due to thirst and saw the plant as the palm of a celestial bringing him to heaven. Just maybe >.<) (For people reading this at other sites. Please support the original translator at Creativenovels!)

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