Chapter 808 – Hello Cousin

Ji Mo Ya smiled and followed after his Dragon Spirit Treasure, the latter was very sensitive about the Spirit Energy of Water so it has likely discovered a water source!

It was as expected; after following the Dragon Spirit Treasure for a short while, an oasis appeared in front of him.

It was a small lake with pristine waters, near the shores of the lake grew a variety of different vegetation spanning a few miles in radius and there were also some unknown wildflowers growing near the lake.

There were several animals such as Sand Badgers and other wild beasts in the area as well.

Not far from the lake were spiky ball-like plants that grew densely together, the vibrant-looking plants have surrounded the entire area and were blocking his path forward.

If Ji Mo Ya wants to reach the lake, he will need to cross this area filled with spiky ball plants.

Several surprised voices were heard, “Is that Young Master Ya?”

“Yes! That’s really Young Master Ya! He’s so handsome! Even while walking in the desert, he looked as though he is strolling gracefully in his own backyard, how attractive…”

“Hey, you fangirls should shut up! Young Master Ya is approaching! What happens if Young Master Ya do not want to group up with us because you girls are acting like this?”


It was a group of lively young girls; Ji Mo Ya glanced at them and for formalities, politely gave them a nod.

The young girls immediately screamed.

Those who can enter the Fire Layer were naturally not ordinary; these ladies were all from the Eight Great Clans, Ji Mo Ya saw some familiar faces, but he does not know any of them personally.

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Along with the young girls, there were also some men as well, they too were handsome and talented youths.

The Blood Moon Hidden Realm was exceptionally picky about its candidates. From Ji Mo Ya’s experience, most of the people selected were youths, very few middle-aged individuals and children, and basically, no old people were chosen.

These young talented youths also got excited when they saw Ji Mo Ya, but they were not as expressive as the young girls.

Amongst the youths, Ji Mo Ya knew some of them, Nan Gong Bei Cheng! As well as Tuoba Yan who was currently in his child form…

Ji Mo Ya walked over.

The young girls started to scream and shout, “Young Master Ya, hello! I am Bai Li Jia Bao, we have met before.”

“Sister, sister-in-law… no, no, Young Master Ya. I am Tuoba Xiang’er from the Tuoba Clan…”

“Cousin, I am Mu Rong Wanshu! Cousin, we met during the new year banquet eight years ago, I was only ten at that time…” Mu Rong Wanshu was one of the younger cousins that Ji Mo Ya had.

However, calling Ji Mo Ya cousin does not mean that they have met before.

Ji Mo Ya did not visit the Mu Rong Clan often, he only attends the occasional festive new year dinner with Madam Ru but he did not interact much with others due to his unique status and will not deliberately meet each and every member of the Mu Rong Clan.

Even if Ji Mo Ya did meet them once before, it would not be possible for him to remember all of them.

Behind the group of girls was a lady with lovely deposition, she slowly walked up front and bowed without looking at Ji Mo Ya directly, “Hello Cousin.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo.

Amongst these group of energetic girls, the shy display and half-masked way of appearing have indeed made Mu Rong Xin Nuo look different from the rest.

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Ji Mo Ya threw her a glance.

After the four girls greeted, the youths started giving their greetings as well.

“Nan Gong Bei Cheng, greetings Young Master Ya.” Nan Gong Be Cheng lightly said, his tone was neither familiar nor distanced, not sounding servile.

“Big Brother Young Master Ya, you are so handsome! The big sisters all like you! When I grow up, I want to become as handsome as you!” Shota-version Tuoba Yan said.

“Erm, Greetings Young Master Ya, I am Bai Li Sheng Qing from the Bai Li Clan.”

A solemn-looking unsmiling young man spoke, “Hello, Shangguan Han has heard of Young Master Ya’s great name for a long time.”

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