Chapter 63 – Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie

As a Rank 2 Black Widow, Wang Yu’s combat power in a one versus one was not weak, but her abilities would not be distinct in the battlefield.

Yang Tian wanted her to remain in the Manor so that she will be able to focus on protecting Xiao Xiao.


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Wang Yu knew what was Yang Tian’s intentions as well and had already started making preparations to protect Xiao Xiao.

Yang Tian turned around and joined the battle, Crazy Vine was no longer able to stop the advances of the zombies. The zombies were now approaching at a much slower pace, but it was only a matter of time before they reach the Manor.

Swoosh Swoosh

Yang Tian sent several Blade Energies that accurately landed on the heads of the zombies.

“Aim for their heads.”

Crazy Vine followed Yang Tian’s order and focused its attacks entirely on the heads of the zombies. However, the brains of zombies contained a strong corrosiveness, a Crazy Vine would be lost along with each zombie’s brain destroyed.

It was a death in exchange for death.

But compared to the situation before, it was obviously much better.

Yang Tian’s accurate Blade Energies had also attracted the attention of an Irascible Zombie.

Swoosh Swoosh

Yang Tian sent several Blade Energies consecutively towards the Irascible Zombie, but unfortunately, the attacks were all blocked by the latter.


The Irascible Zombie clutched its hands, like a mighty hammer it smashed it towards Yang Tian.

Mental Disruption

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The Irascible Zombie’s hands slowed down for a moment due to the effects of Mental Disruption. Yang Tian used the moment to escape from the Irascible Zombie’s attack range.


The double fists struck the ground, creating a large pit. Yang Tian gripped his Soft Bone Blade and attacked the brain of the Irascible Zombie.


A metallic sound was heard, the Soft Bone Blade was unable to pierce through the defenses of the Irascible Zombie, he was only able to leave a white scar on its head. The Soft Bone Blade did possess the attack power to slice through the defenses of the Irascible Zombie but the physique of its wielder Yang Tian was not strong enough to display the full might of the Soft Bone Blade

When the Irascible Zombie felt the attack, it immediately launched a counterattack. Its large palm created the sound of the wind as it slapped Yang Tian’s chest.


The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror was located on Yang Tian’s chest, the moment when the Irascible Zombie’s attack was able to reach Yang Tian, the latter activated the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror’s skill.

The Irascible Zombie suddenly sensed a power striking its palm.

The Irascible Zombie bounced a dozen meters back, the palm that attacked Yang Tian was not covered in blood; it was not a good feeling to experience a shock created from the collision of two similar powers.

“You surprisingly have a treasure?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen was slightly surprised.


Yang Tian snorted in reply and prepared a Violent Corpse Worm on his fingertip, he plans to use it the moment the Irascible Zombie attacks him again.

“The Violent Corpse Worm did not have much of an effect on zombies, you will only be wasting it.”

The Violent Corpse Worm’s control and boosting of power has a much weaker effect on a zombie than other creatures.

“You think I do not know how to use Violent Corpse Worms?”

Yang Tian had learned about a particular type of secret technique of the Violent Corpse Worm, the method was able to provide the Violent Corpse Worm with much stronger power, but the price would be the death of the Violent Corpse Worm after using it.


The Violent Corpse Worm Queen did not dare to disobey Yang Tian again, it could always reproduce more Violent Corpse Worms if they were spent. If it were to anger Yang Tian, the consequences would certainly not be good.

The Irascible Zombie sense a threat coming from Yang Tian’s body but the temper of the Irascible Zombie was like its namesake, and it was unable to contain its emotions even when it felt danger.

A red dot flew out of Yang Tian’s fingertip and disappeared into the body of the Irascible Zombie


The Irascible Zombie paused for a moment after the Violent Corpse Worm entered it, Yang Tian used the chance to distance himself from the zombie.

During the process of forming a symbiotic relationship with a creature, the latter would generally experience pain, but a zombie has a certain level of immunity towards the Violent Corpse Worm and would not experience those severe pains. Furthermore, the power feedback from the Violent Corpse Worm after establishing symbiosis would also not become significant because of it.

It was only a matter of time before the symbiosis was established so Yang Tian ignored that Irascible Zombie and joined into the battle with the others.

Xu Dafu was able to fight against two Irascible Zombies alone without showing any signs of being at a disadvantage, his acid posed a great threat towards the Irascible Zombies. Combined with his terrifying recovery powers, Xu Dafu has obtained an advantage by using his fighting method of exchanging injuries.

The combined injuries currently on the two Irascible Zombies were more severe than Xu Dafu’s; he was able to heal quickly as he fought but the zombies were unable to.

Yang Tian used his Mental Power to reduce his energy signature as low as he could do so as he slowly approached the two Irascible Zombies from behind.

Two more red dots entered their bodies.

As the zombies were overly focused on their fight with Xu Dafu, they completely ignored the minor piercing pain when the Violent Corpse Worms entered their bodies.

Three Violent Corpse Worms should be enough.

Of the seven Irascible Zombies, Yang Tian had planted Violent Corpse Worms in three of them.

“It is time.”

Yang Tian quickly located the two Wilderness Wolfman and ordered them through the Violent Corpse Worm Queen: Combine.

They were not confused about Yang Tian’s order as well.

The two Wilderness Wolfman released a red light from their bodies at the same time, the next moment, a giant creature, half-man, and half-wolf, appeared on the battlefield.

The two Violent Corpse Worms in their bodies had also provided them with twice the amount of power.

Wilderness Wolfman Symbiotic Creature, Rank 2 Combined Beast

The combining of the Symbiotic Creatures like the Wilderness Wolfmen was different from the Devilhounds or Irascible Zombies. The combination had transformed the Wilderness Wolfmen into an individual creature, while the Devilhounds and Irascible Zombies would still retain parts of their previous forms, such as when two Devilhounds combined they would become a Two-Head Devilhound.

Both types of Combined Creatures have their advantages and disadvantages.

A huge Wilderness Wolfman started sweeping through the battlefield, the Irascible Zombies were unable to stop the Wilderness Wolfman after it combined.

Flame Tackle

Flames covered the body of the Wilderness Wolfman, its charging power had also increased. The zombies on the battlefield were instantly killed the moment they come into contact with it. Crazy Vine Matrix retracted its vines from the battlefield, the attack of the Wilderness Wolfman did not differentiate between enemies or allies, several of its vines had also been destroyed by that Flame Tackle.

The Wilderness Wolfman with Flame Tackle activated was like a harvester machine and the zombies were the wheat.

The situation had turned one-sided.

Four Irascible Zombies started to combine.

They could not allow the Wilderness Wolfman to continue its actions or the zombie wave would end before it even started.

The size of the Irascible Zombie after they combined was not smaller than the Wilderness Wolfman. It was literally a giant version of the Irascible Zombie but with more arms, after it combined.

One additional arm came out from each side of its ribs while a pair of arms came out from its back and chest each. On the head of the Irascible Zombie were eight eyes, those eyes were evenly spread out and encircled the entire head.

Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie, Rank 2 Combined Zombie. A total monster.

Flame Tackle

The Wilderness Wolfman wanted to test the strength of the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie.

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