Chapter 610: Variant Fire Qilin

According to Karl, Miluo Clan had always been a neutral power in Undersea City. However, when Long Yi had talked with the patriarch of the Miluo Clan, he had noticed that something strange, and now, Karl was also wearing a sea cloak with a concealed triangular symbol. Thus, Long Yi was sure that the patriarch of the Miluo Clan had already joined the Sea Emperor’s side long ago. Merely, they had not made it public for some reason; moreover, both parties had spared no efforts to show the Miluo Clan’s neutral position. This matter was something worth noting.

Long Yi dared to confirm that this fellow Karl was still ignorant of his father’s choice and knew nothing. Since Karl had a rather straightforward deposition, the patriarch of the Miluo Clan must not have had the confidence in him to reveal this kind of absolutely secret matter. This straightforward fellow would have probably given a hint of his father’s thoughts to his best friend Frank and Xueji.

“Karl, did your father make you participate in this Treasure Seizing Conference?” Long Yi asked.

Since the patriarch of the Miluo Clan only had one son, it seemed unreasonable for him to take risks with his precious bloodline.

“Yes, my father wanted me to learn things while accompanying you,” Karl said with a smile.

Long Yi cursed in his heart. This old fellow truly wasn’t simple. The reason why Patriarch of the Miluo Clan had made Karl follow him was that with Long Yi’s backing, Karl could temper himself without dying and possibly even get a cheap advantage to boot.

Long Yi and Karl advanced, and not long after, forks appeared in front of them. There were fifteen relatively small caves arranged in a row.

“Long Yi, which one should we go through?” Karl naturally followed Long Yi’s decision.

“How would I know? Just choose casually.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and chose the nearest cave.

It was very quiet inside the cave, but they could feel a faint hot air blowing against their faces. ‘Could it be that this Smelting Death Cave is connected to the surface?’ Long Yi thought.

And after walking for a while, Long Yi suddenly stopped and turned toward Karl.

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Karl knew that something was wrong with this place, so he carefully looked around but discovered nothing wrong. However, just when he felt shame and was about to concede defeat and ask Long Yi what was wrong, he suddenly noticed a piece of cloth hanging on a protruding fiery-red rock on the right wall. Clearly, this was a thing that had been left behind not long ago.

When Karl told this discovery to Long Yi, Long Yi smiled and nodded his head, before saying, “This indeed is a clue that shows that there is danger here, but this is not the only sign. Did you see that scratch below the debris? Although it is very shallow, even at first glance, one can see that it was created by a weapon. Furthermore, there are a few crimson stains not far away. If my guess is correct, blood was splattered there.”

Karl gazed at Long Yi with admiration. The more he interacted with this human, the more he felt that Long Yi was more unfathomable than the seas themselves. Following him, he would undoubtedly learn many things that other people couldn’t teach.

Long Yi signaled Kart to take two steps back. Then condensing energy on his palm, he lightly patted the ground in front of him.

Don’t underestimate the power of this palm; the seventh layer of AoTianJue was very powerful. Long Yi’s tap appeared light, but the power contained in that palm was enough to level a small mountain. Only after this move made contact with a target, would its huge might suddenly break out. Long Yi feared that if he used too much power, something unexpected might occur, so he used only seventy percent of his full power. Like that, once he sensed something was wrong, he could immediately withdraw since his control over his internal force had reached a very high level.

When the internal force of Long Yi came into contact with the ground, it exploded in an instant, and shockwaves penetrated into the ground.

Then, the ground which had been dense just a moment ago suddenly melted and began to seethe. Fiery red magma splashed everywhere with stifling heat. All this was accompanied by a low roar and a crazy fluctuation of fire magic elements.

“Strange, how come this aura is so familiar?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and thought.

The splashing magma was blocked by Long Yi. Not long after, a huge dark-red head popped out from the boiling magma, and its huge eyes ferociously glared at Long Yi and Karl.

Karl took out his Miluo Divine Bow and aimed at this terrifying huge head. That huge pressure made his arms tremble continuously, and he was greatly frightened in his heart, but he was a brave warrior who had faced the Heaven Slaying Squid. He was able to maintain his calm on the surface.

“Fire Qilin?” When Long Yi saw the huge head that popped out from the magma, he was shocked. The only difference was that Fire Qilin’s head was dark red; moreover, it also had a hint of a dark evil aura. It was clearly a hybrid variant left behind from the cross-breeding of a Fire Qilin and another magical beast.

Fire Qilin was a god beast under Fire God. The one he had in his dark dimension space was undoubtedly the legitimate Fire Qilin, but what about this one? Was the Fire Qilin he had the same god beast that had participated in the War of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago? Or was it actually that…

Just as Long Yi was lost in thought, that variant Fire Qilin held his head high, and the air above his head rotated and churned into a burning red cloud; furthermore, there was a black yin wind interweaved with it. It was a fusion of two completely different physiques.

At that moment, Long Yi noticed a fluctuation coming from the blood-red skull mark on his left palm. Fire Qilin seemed to have noticed the familiar aura outside and was very impatient to come out.

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With a thought by Long Yi, a red light flashed beside him, and a miniature version of Fire Qilin appeared. Unexpectedly, it ignored the variant Fire Qilin. On the contrary, it familiarly rubbed its head against Long Yi’s leg.

The red cloud brimming with dark qi suddenly dispersed, and the momentum of that variant Fire Qilin in the magma also suddenly fell. In addition, there was panic and fear in its big eyes as it watched Fire Qilin who purred at the legs of Long Yi.

Long Yi used his thoughts to communicate with Fire Qilin and learned that it knew nothing about this variant Fire Qilin from Smelting Death Cave, but the strength of this variant Fire Qilin was clearly far below it. As a result, that big fellow was frightened upon seeing it.

 Fire Qilin turned over and issued a low roar at the variant Fire Qilin in the magma. The variant Fire Qilin immediately cowered and jumped out. At the same time, the magma also condensed.

This cave was not too big, and just the huge head of the variant Fire Qilin nearly filled this entire cave, so when it jumped out, it too shrunk into a miniature version. It then lay on the ground while whimpering as if it were begging for mercy from the legitimate Fire Qilin

Among the god magical beasts left behind as a result of the War of Gods and Demons, all were very powerful and possessed earth-shaking strengths. Such powerful strength was accompanied by a foolhardy pride to rather die than to submit. It could be said that once two god magical beasts met, generally, both sides would suffer losses. When these kinds of god magical beasts reproduced, some traits of their ancestors would be deeply ingrained in their lineages. At this moment, although this variant Fire Qilin also had an aura of a wicked magical beast, the majority of its lineage was still from a Fire Qilin, so it was only natural for it to succumb to Fire Qilin who had a very pure lineage.

Long Yi carefully observed this variant Fire Qilin. Other than many sharp bone spurs on key parts of its four legs and tail as well as its slightly different color, its overall appearance was similar to Fire Qilin.

On the other side, Karl had already put down his Miluo Divine Bow and was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In the record of the Sea Race, god beast Fire Qilin was a god beast under Fire God, one of the seven Main Gods. For him, it held a supreme position. He had also seen illustrations of a Fire Qilin in the records of the Sea Race. In it, a huge Fire Qilin’s entire body was covered with reddish purple flames, and a fiery cloud drifted about his legs. In addition, wherever it passed, everything would be burned to annihilation.

But, this little thing that resembled a cute red puppy in front of Long Yi was the Fire Qilin under Fire God. He could discern this upon seeing the fearful attitude of this variant Fire Qilin from Smelting Death Cave. It was just that the god beast under the Main God obeyed the orders of Long Yi, this mysterious human. Could it be that Long Yi was Fire God? Karl’s mind was in a mess.

“Why are you in a daze? Let’s go,” Long Yi patted Karl’s shoulder and said.

Karl came back to his senses and opened his mouth as if to speak but then stopped.

“I know what you want to ask, but it cannot be cleared in a few words, and this place isn’t good for a long talk. Besides, you will naturally know everything in the future,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Long Yi took the lead and walked forward. The now condensed ground was very solid. It would be unimaginable that magma had splashed here just a moment ago.

Fire Qilin held its head high and followed behind. That variant Fire Qilin also obediently followed behind Fire Qilin with its head lowered. It now looked like a small footman. Karl however was full of lingering fear. These two puppy-like things didn’t appear at all dangerous, but he knew of their terrifying prowess. He consciously fell behind Long Yi because he didn’t dare to pass these two things and walk shoulder to shoulder with Long Yi.

This cave within Smelting Death Cave was the territory of this variant Fire Qilin, so they didn’t encounter any other strange beasts here.

Since this cave wasn’t too big, they reached the end not long after their encounter.

Nevertheless, the scene outside greatly surprised Long Yi and Karl. Looking around, Long Yi almost thought that he had arrived at one corner of Blue Waves Continent, not the Smelting Death Cave at the bottom of the sea.

The ground was rocky with a lot of mud soil, and there were various kinds of vegetation. In addition, there was a light blue cloud-like mist fluttering several hundred meters in the sky. It resembled an azure sky. There were also no cliffs around. It was open and spacious without end. Anyone who suddenly appeared here would never believe that they were inside Smelting Death Cave.

“Damn, Sea Emperor. That old fellow didn’t tell me that there is a place like this was in Smelting Death Cave,” Long Yi habitually touched his nose as he muttered.

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