Chapter 611: Demonic Corpse

The faint heat in the air whisked past their face, and the leaves of that big tree not far away swayed with a rustling sound. In this open and spacious area, that rustling sound was especially clear as if this sound were amplified.

Under that big tree was a rock with strange weeds surrounding it.

Long Yi walked forward accompanied by the two Fire Qilins, and Karl also closely followed behind them. They felt very refreshed seeing the wonderful scene in front of them. Long Yi tried to fly in the sky, but once he reached that light blue cloud mist, he realized that he couldn’t fly up anymore as if there were a layer of invisible energy. Even after using all his available means, he was helpless.

Nevertheless, after that initial refreshing sensation, everything looked kind of dry and dull. The scenery followed a fixed pattern where they were unable to see any other living creature despite walking for a long time. Other than the everpresent sound of the wind, this place was a quiet world, and this unnatural quiet made people feel fear.

“Long Yi, is this place truly still in Smelting Death Cave? Those people who had returned alive in the past never mentioned the existence of this kind of place.” At this moment, Karl had no time to fear the god beast Fire Qilin. He quickened his steps to catch up to Long Yi and voiced his concerns.

“No need to worry. The Smelting Death Cave is itself an independent space formed due to the eruption of energies during the War of Gods and Demons. As for why those people who had returned alive before never mentioned the existence of this place, perhaps, no one was able to pass this variant Fire Qilin,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Karl glanced at the variant Fire Qilin and couldn’t help but believe in Long Yi’s words. Facing such a powerful variant beast, who among the Sea Race could pass its territory? Only someone on the level of this mystical human being could pass through its territory without any injuries. Moreover, Long Yi had had sufficient resources to easily subdue this variant Fire Qilin.

After thinking so, Karl relaxed.

Long Yi leisurely walked forward while sizing up their surroundings. Suddenly, a hint of seriousness flashed through his eyes as his beast-like intuition told him that something hidden was staring at them.

Karl, who was walking behind, suddenly staggered. When he turned around to look at what had struck him, he saw a white thing flickering with an indistinct light appear behind the rock.

“Long Yi, did you see that?” Karl called out to Long Yi.

But, just after Karl had finished speaking, he sensed a burst of cold wind blowing over and shuddered. His heart quivered, but he still immediately stepped sideways, and Miluo Divine Bow instantly appeared in his hands. A green Miluo divine arrow changed into a green beam as it shot behind him. The space twisted behind this green light.

A sharp hissing sound resounded, and pain blossomed on his shoulder. Karl knew that his Miluo divine arrow had hit his target, but at the same time, he had also been injured.

Nevertheless, Karl didn’t have time to sigh in relief at successfully harming his enemy. Another wave of attacks already approached his neck. Karl wanted to dodge, but he was helpless. The pain radiating from his shoulder had spread through his body and paralyzed him. Fortunately, at this critical moment, the attack that had nearly come into contact with his neck suddenly disappeared, and gentle energy enveloped his body, making that paralyzed feeling disappear.

After he had been saved by Long Yi, he looked back and saw a pitch-black monster with a pair of sharp horns nailed securely on the ground by his Miluo divine arrow. There was a pile of smoking ashes beside that monster.

Karl smiled gratefully at Long Yi. Strangely, at that critical juncture, his heart had not despaired. For an unknown reason, he had known that Long Yi would save him. One should know that, if a person had this kind of feeling toward another person, he already had a kind of blind trust and confidence in that person and, moreover, worshipped him.

There had been two monsters, one had been shot to death by Karl, and the other had been instantly burnt to ashes by the variant Fire Qilin.

Long Yi squatted down and examined the dead beast. Removing the arrow and returning it to Karl, he said, “These are dark-attributed variant beasts. Their attacks are highly toxic, and they are good at concealing themselves, but their offense, in itself, is not strong at all.”

At this moment, Long Yi had already removed the poison within Karl’s body. Thus, other than a somewhat numb feeling, there were no big obstructions in his battle ability. He then pointed at the white thing he had seen just a moment ago and said, “Long Yi, you should see what this thing is.”

Long Yi concentrated on that white thing on the ground that had a vague radiance circulating within it. Then, he scanned it with his spirit power while closing his eyes. Immediately after that, that peeping feeling intensified.

As a matter of fact, with the spirit power of Long Yi, he had already noticed the existence of this thing from the very beginning. With the sudden appearance of such a pure energy fluctuation, coupled with the feeling of being spied upon, Long Yi had thought to turn around back then, but he hadn’t stopped and rather continued to advance forward, wanting to test whether that feeling would disappear. However, beyond his imagination, Karl had also coincidentally noticed it; moreover, two dark-attributed variant beasts had attacked the Prince.

At this moment, Long Yi decided to think no more on this conundrum. He used telepathy to instruct his Fire Qilin and the variant Fire Qilin to be alert. On the other hand, he waved his hand and blew away that rock. The white thing below gradually revealed its true colors. It was unexpectedly an over three-meter tall humanoid skeleton, and a faint radiance circulated from its head to feet. It looked scared.

Long Yi’s heart jumped and a strange response stirred in his sea of consciousness. The spinning spirit tablets within his sea of consciousness responded to this external origin energy that resembled their own.

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At the same time, the wary Fire Qilin and variant Fire Qilin simultaneously roared. Their bodies expanded, and they assumed an attack posture.

Karl nervously looked around and notched the Miluo Divine Arrow to his bow. This kind of pressure made his heart jump violently, and his muscles stretched taut.

After a while, that strange aura in the air grew denser, but the owner of that aura had yet to show up. Even with the spirit power of Long Yi, he was unable to find the owner of this aura.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He then looked back at the white skeleton on the ground. Since he couldn’t find the peeper, he would look for the thing causing the reaction of the spirit tablets within his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi carefully scanned this skeleton, and his gaze suddenly rested at the chest of this skeleton. That place emitted weak energy that caused the reaction by the spirit tablets within his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi slowly reached out toward its chest, but just when he had come into contact with it, a series of explosions suddenly reverberated throughout the sky, and that ice-cold aura covering the entire sky gushed over. Moreover, several blood-red radiances suddenly appeared in front of Long Yi and shot towards him at lightning speed.

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Those blood-red radiances pierced through his body and hit the ground, causing a more than ten meter wide crack to appear as the earth shook.

As for Long Yi, his figure twisted and broke up, gradually fading into oblivion.

At that moment, the two Fire Qilins roared simultaneously, and intertwining beams of purple Qilin Holy Fire tainted with black tyrannical qi shot towards a location.

A dark black light ball suddenly appeared. Under the onslaught of the two Fire Qilins, it bounced around like a rubber ball, but it withstood their attack without being damaged.

Suddenly, a gorgeous seven-colored radiance flashed past, and that black light ball twisted. Cracks began to spread along its surface. Finally, along with shattering sounds, smoke and dust filled the entire sky.

After the smoke and dust settled down, Karl clearly saw two tall figures standing opposite to each other. The entire body of one was covered with heavy black armor with only his eyes that flashed with a brutal green light being visible through the opening of his helmet. This green-eyed figure held a more than five feet long heavy sword in his hands. In addition, he emitted a dense aura of death. The other figure wore silverish purple armor that had mysterious patterns all over it and held a huge Lightning God Hammer. Moreover, he emitted such a violent aura that it stifled people.

“Demonic Corpse? There truly is this kind of thing in this world!” Long Yi, wearing the suit of Lightning God Armor, was surprised as he recalled a legendary thing recorded in the Undead Magic Collection of Bite-Xiuge.

A Demonic Corpse was a kind of undead creature formed in a special environment under the circumstances where its nature hadn’t disappeared even though its brain had already died due to being killed by a high-class demon with a dark demonic nature. The attack power of this kind of undead creatures was several times stronger than when they had still been alive. Moreover, they also possessed considerable spiritual wisdom.

Long Yi already knew about the strength and trickery of Demonic Corpses, but to his surprise, this Demonic Corpse even knew how to hide and exert pressure to perturb its opponent’s morale. In addition, its dark shield had been able to withstand Qilin Holy Fire, and even an attack by Long Yi who had worn Lightning God Armor and used the six spirit tablets was unable to defeat it.

The Demonic Corpse warily watched Long Yi with its cruel green eyes, but the huge sword in his hand was absolutely still. It didn’t react to Long Yi’s stifling pressure, but the aura of the spirit tablets surrounding Long Yi made it somewhat afraid.

Long Yi and this Demonic Corpse looked at each other for a while, and then, Long Yi suddenly looked toward the chest of that skeleton. Sure enough, this movement by Long Yi immediately attracted the attention of that Demonic Corpse. It roared and took a step forward.

“Karl, go and look what thing is in the chest of that skeleton,” Long Yi ordered.

Karl who had been standing in a daze rushed to the side of that skeleton upon hearing the voice of Long Yi. He then broke open the chest of that skeleton, and a piece of oval spirit tablet emitting a soft radiance appeared before his eyes. Nevertheless, this spirit tablet had some clear differences from the Main God spirit tablets that Long Yi possessed. The Main God spirit tablets were smooth like mirrors, and they each contained a Main God’s aura along with his or her Godhead and God essence. But this spirit tablet clearly had veins on its surface, and its aura was also substantially different from the aura of the Main God spirit tablets. Moreover, there was an even stranger matter. At the center of this spirit tablet was a thin pitch-black halo.

Upon seeing that the spirit tablet had fallen into Karl’s hands, the Demonic Corpse was unable to control itself and roared madly. It then suddenly rushed towards Karl.

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