Chapter 65 – Venom

“Impossible, I do not believe you.”

“You will believe me eventually.”

Yang Tian snorted disdainfully at Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s reaction. Even though it possessed the King’s Bloodline of the Insect World, there were still too many unknowns regarding the Insect World, it will forever not be as simple as it seems on the surface.

Taking the Violent Corpse Worms as an example, why a being that possessed the King’s Bloodline of the Insect World was not able to have much of an effect on zombies?

“Are the Violent Corpse Worms inside the zombies dead?”

“Can’t you sense it?”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was unable to sense the presence of those Violent Corpse Worms anymore, the Irascible Zombie had also regained control of its body. However, how much fighting power could that injury-ridden body produce?

Trying to deactivate their combination?

“Quickly destroy its brain.”

Yang Tian immediately commanded the Wilderness Wolfman, he could not allow the Irascible Zombie to deactivate its combined state, a Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie was of great use to Yang Tian.

The heavily injured Irascible Zombie has stopped using Rage Boost and so the defense of its head was also not very high.



One crack.

Two cracks.


Ten cracks.


Final strike and the head of the Irascible Zombie shattered its blood splashing everywhere.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog got extremely excited when it saw the scene. Yang Tian allowed it to eat as much as it wanted. After the hog consumes everything, it would likely achieve the qualifications to promote.

It went into hibernation.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog required time to digest all the essence. Therefore, the best method was to enter deep sleep.

“Dafu, bring out some Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots.”

The power of the Wilderness Wolfman has disappeared; power that the Violent Corpse Worms had bestowed on it has a time limit and so would enter a period of weakness. The bodies of the Wilderness Wolfmen would also become extremely fragile after they cancel their combination.

The Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots will help boost their recovery and injuries.

“Roger Boss.”

The Wilderness Wolfman split up and reverted to their original sizes and looks. Only their faint breathing informed Yang Tian that they were still alive.

“Don’t move them.”

Their bodies were too weak at the moment and should not be moved casually as problems would appear on their bodies easily. The best method now was to let them slowly recover by themselves for a while.

Xu Dafu brought large quantities of Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots with him.

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“Smash some of these into smaller pieces and slowly place the smaller pieces inside their mouths!”

Once they have recovered slightly, they would be able to consume the Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots on their own.

The area was covered in a sea of corpses; all of it was given to the Crazy Vine Matrix as it had expended the most energy during this battle. In fact, it might not even be able to recover what it had spent after absorbing everything.

“Check if there are any energy crystals!”

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There is only a small chance that a Rank 1 Zombie will produce an energy crystal, and the zombie horde also caused Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and the rest to be covered in injuries. This was also what Yang Tian felt most disgusted about; the high risk he had to take but yet given low returns.

“Boss, there’s only thirty pieces.”

This zombie horde was over a thousand in numbers, yet only thirty energy crystals were found. Moreover, the flesh of zombies was inedible, even if Crazy Vine could absorb the corpses, the benefits from ten zombies might also not be comparable to one ordinary person’s body.

“You guys eat some Red Fruits as well, it will help with your recovery.”

Fortunately, the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie he managed to obtain, else they would be suffering a huge loss this time.

Yang Tian also sat on the ground to rest, the mark he used earlier on to make the Irascible Zombie attack itself was very demanding on Yang Tian’s Mental Power as well. Yang Tian has plans to use the Irascible Zombie to perform a summoning later, so he needs to replenish his Mental Power.

Yang Tian’s Mental Power has reached Elite Tier; with the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie as the sacrifice, Yang Tian believes that the summoned creature would not disappoint him.

After resting for a period the Wilderness Wolfmen could finally walk but they were still extremely weak.

Yang Tian had also replenished his Mental Power and was preparing to start summoning.

With his Elite Mental Power, plus the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie was not far from the Manor, Yang Tian could perform a summoning on the spot.

A huge marking surrounded the corpse of the Irascible Zombie and completely wrapped its massive body.

Strange flames started to burn the Irascible Zombie’s skin, signifying that it was accepted as the sacrifice.


The summons was a success. The massive Irascible Zombie had disappeared, replacing it was a pile of black sticky liquid.

It was Venom from the <Marvel> World.

Rank 3 Parasitic Organism, a parasite that could live in any creature. Once the parasitism is complete, you can change any part of the body into whatever form you want.

Venom does not possess any skills, but their abilities are very alluring. The host of Venom will almost become an immortal. Even when the host’s rank is higher than Venom, the latter will still be able to boost the attributes of its host. For Metahumans with fragile physiques such as Mages, Venom is an excellent option for them.

“Come here, your master is here.”

Venom immediately pounced towards Yang Tian when it saw him, turning the latter into its host.

“You rejected me, yet you chose it?”

“It is summoned by me, and is absolutely loyal.”

Venom and its host will mutually affect each other. If the willpower of the host is strong enough, Venom will be willing to follow the will of its host. Yang Tian’s willpower could easily suppress Venom so Yang Tian saying that Venom would be absolutely loyal to him was not an overstatement.

“Let me test the power of a Rank 3 physique.”

When Venom entered Yang Tian’s body, the latter could feel that his body had attained Rank 3 fighting power.

Yang Tian transformed his hand into a black blade and viciously slashed the ground with it, creating a three-meter-long scar.

“Boss, are… you alright!?”

Xu Dafu asked uncertainly, the “Black” form that Yang Tian took caused Xu Dafu to feel unease. Especially when the latter saw that mouth full of sharp teeth and that huge long tongue, no matter how he looked at it, he could not believe that it could be a human.

“No problems.”

Yang Tian got Venom to hide inside his body, returning him to his usual look.

“Boss, just now…”

“Now that everyone has recovered enough let us return now.”

Yang Tian stopped Xu Dafu from asking, the sky had already turned dark. They had fought through a long battle so both Yang Tian and his Tamed Beasts were feeling fatigued.

“O… okay.”

After returning to the Manor, Yang Tian saw Xiao Xiao’s red eyes.

“Big Brother, I am so scared just now.”

“Don’t be scared, Big Brother is very powerful.”

“Xiao Xiao is still worried. Worried that Big Brother will disappear like the uncle from the village.”

“Did Xiao Xiao cause trouble just now?”

Yang Tian saw that Wang Yu’s torned clothes. If he guesses were correct, Xiao Xiao had likely wanted to go out of the Manor when she saw the Giant Irascible Zombie but Xiao Xiao had been stopped by Wang Yu due to Yang Tian’s orders and resulted in a scuffle.

Xiao Xiao was already a Rank 2 Martialist but Wang Yu had likely assumed Xiao Xiao was still an ordinary little girl and underestimated her. It has probably resulted in Wang Yu miscalculating, making mistakes.

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