Chapter 66 – Revenge

It was fortunate that Xiao Xiao noticed that she was at fault and eventually stopped making a ruckus, which allowed Wang Yu to have some respite.

“Xiao Xiao did not purposely do it.”

“It’s fine.”

When Yang Tian looked at the pitiful look on Xiao Xiao, he could not help but consoled the latter.

“Are you hungry? Come, let’s eat some snacks.”

After Yang Tian got Xiao Xiao to a corner to have the snacks, Wang Yu approached Yang Tian explained what happened to Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao was initially preparing to leave the Manor and Wang Yu nearly allowed Xiao Xiao to run out due to that moment of carelessness. However, Xiao Xiao came back to Wang Yu again and started to make a fuss.

That was when Xiao Xiao suddenly calmed down, it should be one of the effects on the Zombie King Ring. It appeased Xiao Xiao and allowed her to understand what was happening outside.

Yang Tian was now very curious the exact grade of the Zombie King Ring, it was a pity that his Mental Power was not high enough to see through it.

“Have more caution the next time.”

“Understand, Boss.”

“Go and take care of Xiao Xiao, I am going to the warehouse.”

Venom wanted to communicate with Yang Tian.

“You are my master… and also my host.”


“I received an attack during the summoning process and is currently only able to display the power of an Early-Stage Rank 3.”


Only sonic attacks could injure Venom and regarding Venom’s injuries, Yang Tian was finding it somewhat thorny. The injuries sustained by this parasitic creatures type could only be recovered through their own healing process.

Venom would need quite some time before it can allow Yang Tian to display its Peak Rank 3 fighting power.

However, different from Charmander, Venom does not have any range restriction and was able to stay within Yang Tian as a parasite and follow the latter to any place on Earth.

Tonight might be the lowest state of alert that the Manor had ever been in. They all survived the fight against the zombie horde but their bodies were all tired and fatigue, causing them to enter into a deep sleep. The only one that could maintain vigilance was Crazy Vine Matrix.

Even Yang Tian was only able to maintain a state of thirty-percent awake and seventy-percent sleep.

“Something’s wrong.”

Venom had greatly enhanced Yang Tian’s danger awareness and the latter was feeling a sense of danger.

On the surface, the Manor looked seemingly peaceful but after Yang Tian used Examine, he had detected the anomaly.

A chameleon had silently infiltrated into the Manor; if not for his danger senses and Examine skill, Yang Tian would not have noticed that a chameleon had evaded the detection of Crazy Vine and sneaked into the Manor.

Rank 2 Burrowing Chameleon. No wonder it could avoid the detection of Crazy Vine, the creature burrowed through the ground to enter.

Yang Tian did not wake Xu Dafu and the rest up, his current abilities were more than enough to handle a Rank 2 Chameleon.

Chameleon creatures usually functioned as scouts and have a relatively weak fighting power.

Rustle Rustle

The chameleon casually explored the Manor with smug confidence, it still assumed that it was still undetected.

“This… is an Entomancer’s method.”

Yang Tian was somewhat familiar with Entomancers; just by looking at the chameleon, he was able to detect that it was under the control of an Entomancer.

This Entomancer was likely that Guo Gang mentioned by Xu San’s group; the Manor’s battle in the day had likely scared them into retreating and that was why they sent a chameleon to scout the place at night.

After Xu San and his group returned, Xu San updated Guo Gang about what had happened. Guo Gang has a suspicious nature but he acknowledged that the Manor was not an easy mark if what Xu San described was true.

However, greed was always prevalent. If the gang could obtain those fruits and carrots that could heal injuries, it would guarantee their smooth development in this Post-Apocalyptic World; Guo Gang does not want to lose such an opportunity.

Guo Gang originally arrived near the Manor earlier in the day but the sudden appearance of a zombie horde that was led by Irascible Zombies had scared Guo Gang into returning back. Only when night fell did he dare to send a chameleon to do some scouting.

One of the three groups of refugees that appeared in the early morning was actually arranged by Guo Gang. It was unfortunate that the group had run to the back mountain, likely turned into wolf chow by now.


The sound of splitting air was picked up by the chameleon and when the chameleon raised its head and saw a huge black axe hacking towards it.


Only allowed on

The black axe split the chameleon into two halves and its green blood splashed everywhere. After Venom attached to Yang Tian, the latter’s speed and strength have exceeded the chameleon’s greatly.

“Not too bad.”

Yang Tian caressed the black battle axe transformed from his right arm. Being able to change the form of his body at will was a significant advantage in both battle and survival.

On the other side, Guo Gang and Xu San were currently having a conversation.

“Big Bro, you better be careful, that fella is not easy to handle.”

“No worries, your Big Bro still knows what to do, that’s why I sent the chameleon to check the situation.”

“The most hateful is that group of traitors; I was unable to torture them to death, I still feel angry about it.” When Xu San remembered his experiences, his face turned extremely ugly.

“Lil Bro rest assured, I will not let them die an easy death. This time, Lil Bro had also obtained a great fortune due to the calamity.”

Guo Gang’s appearance did not match those of a person from a gang and looked like an honest salary worker instead. Unless an outsider knows him personally, they would never find out how dirty his methods were.

“That’s true.”

Xu San felt very excited about his sudden fire abilities, he was absolutely clueless that it happened because of Yang Tian. However what Xu San felt strange about was that ever since he had obtained his fire abilities, he no longer felt like being ordered around by Guo Gang. In fact, Xu San even has thoughts that he can replace Guo Gang’s position.

However, whenever Xu San recalled Guo Gang’s power, Xu San would always suppress those ideas. Xu San continued to display the actions of an underling in front of Guo Gang.

“We should celebrate this matter in the…”


The formerly happy Guo Gang suddenly cursed, frightening Xu San and the other Metahumans around him.

“Big Bro, what happened?”

“The chameleon has been killed.”

When the chameleon was killed, its controller, Guo Gang, experienced it deeply. A faint trace of blood flowed out of the corner of Guo Gang’s mouth. The Entomancer was not able to escape the backlash when the chameleon was killed.

“Were we discovered?”

“I don’t know. Let’s not take any action for now.”

Guo Gang needed to recover from his injuries. Moreover, with the chameleon dead, Guo Gang wants to find another insect to control and ensure he can have maximum fighting power.

“Okay! Some of you will remain here to monitor the place, report to me immediately if you notice anything.”

Xu San selected a few Metahumans to remain to monitor the Manor, seeing Guo Gang injured had also shocked Xu San.

“Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh”

Some sounds were heard and then a few Metahumans collapsed onto the ground. Several small amounts of black liquids were the cause of their deaths but the black liquid disappeared shortly after.

That’s right, Yang Tian was the one who attacked.

The sticky liquid had taken the form of sharp spikes and was thrown by Yang Tian; it had allowed him to easily reap the lives of several Metahumans.

“Who is that?”

“Your killer.”

A humanoid black monster appeared in front of Xu San and Guo Gang. Its sharp teeth were covered in saliva as its long tongue rolled out of its mouth.

“Die for me!”

Two Black-Light Mantises appeared on both of Yang Tian’s sides. Their gleaming black scythes aimed at Yang Tian, it was immediately apparent that the scythes contained great destructive power.

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