Chapter 811 – Sand City

The group wanted to follow Ji Mo Ya but he rejected them. Just as Ji Mo Ya was ignoring Mu Rong Xin Nuo’s tearing eyes, a tornado suddenly appeared.

Everyone was caught by it.

Ji Mo Ya was also unable to escape.

As he was in the tornado, Ji Mo Ya got Huan Qing Yan to come out.

A while later, the tornado subsided.

Ji Mo Ya carried Huan Qing Yan while he was standing on the Dragon Spirit Treasure which was slowly descending.

They were at a huge sand city.

From mid-air, the sand city occupied a vast area.

The city was made entirely out of yellow sand and towering city walls, it was unknown what secret method was used to make the loose sands condense together,

Within the city, faint shadows of people could be seen moving about.

They were likely people who were brought in by the tornado first.

After the two landed, the Dragon Spirit Treasure turned into a silver line and dove into Ji Mo Ya’s wrist.

Before they could think of what to do next, landing sounds were heard beside them. The tornado had also caught the others; they fell from high up in the air and landed onto the yellow sand, the agitated sand flying all over the place.

The commotion had attracted Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan’s attention and witnessed the agitated sand rising up to the sky, not falling back to the ground.

It was as though the air were alive as it carried the sand towards the nearest sand wall.

After that, what the sand formed was a strange mark that did not look like a word or a picture on the sand wall before it stopped moving.

What the heck was that?

The two exchanged a look, Ji Mo Ya shifted his hand from Huan Qing Yan’s waist to her hand before walking towards the sand wall slowly.

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Huan Qing Yan peeked at the unlucky fella who had fallen from the sky earlier on.

He was currently climbing out from the sand while spitting out sand which had entered his mouth.

She could not help but snicker secretly.

Ji Mo Ya lightly grabbed her hand, Huan Qing Yan looked up and saw Ji Mo Ya smiling charmingly, “Is he very good looking?”

Huan Qing Yan felt her back turning chilly, she reactively shook her head and gave Ji Mo Ya a fawning smile, “Not good looking at all! Handsome Ya is the most good looking!”

Only then did Ji Mo Ya nodded his head in satisfaction and went back to investigate the strange drawing on the sand wall.

Only then did Huan Qing Yan heave a sigh of relief; she somehow felt that after their short separation, it was getting increasingly easy for Ji Mo Yi to get jealous.

Hmmm, this proved that this lady’s charm is getting stronger and stronger, and Handsome Ya is loving me more and more!

Huan Qing Yan shamelessly praised herself, after she came out of her seclusion, she felt that she was getting cuter and cuter. Her boyfriend is head-over-heels for her, what can she do about it? Guess she would just have to let it be.

“This sand drawing is strange…” Ji Mo Ya muttered, breaking Huan Qing Yan out of her narcissism and causing her to look up to see as well.

This part of the sand wall was over ten feet in height and the strange lines moving on the walls seemed to be forming various pictures. Huan Qing Yan only thought to glance at it, but when she looked at one of the pictures created, her eyes were locked.

That picture seems to have some mysterious function, the moment she glanced at it, the spirit energy within her body was starting to stir.

Something seemed to flash through her mind but before she could focus on it, a wind blew and the sand drawings fell onto the ground like scattered sand. The sand wall was empty again, that trace of enlightenment she had felt also disappeared.

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Huan Qing Yan looked at Ji Mo Ya in surprise and sent a mental message, “That sand drawing seems to have…”

Ji Mo Ya also felt something as well, his gaze turned slightly serious and replied back the mental message, “Let us take a look around.”

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