Chapter 347: One Wave After Another!

Cheng Yu was no longer as fearful as before when facing Yu Fu attack. However, it didn’t mean that he was capable of defeating the other party because the eruption a moment ago had consumed a large amount of strength. Thus, he started playing the evasion game again.

After all, Cheng Yu had utilized all of his strength in the eruption. To be able to gravely injured a Middle Stage Nascent Soul fellow in his current realm, it was sufficient for him to act arrogantly. Besides, he no longer had any more strength left to continue fighting and could only start evading. In any case, he still had the ability to recover swiftly.

The injured Yu Fu was like a tiger without his teeth. Although he was still powerful, his strength had been greatly depreciated. Originally, their disparity between their strength had already been very big. Normal attacks would never work on Yu Fu. But now that Cheng Yu had injured Yu Fu, their disparity had slowly lessened as Cheng Yu was recovering swiftly.

“I’m going to kill you!” Being injured by a Golden Core Realm cultivator, Yu Fu was truly in hatred. The anger in his heart could never be quenched. Immediately, his eyes turned red in killing intend as he charged towards Cheng Yu.

“Haha. Just by your insignificant Nascent Soul Realm cultivation?” Cheng Yu had been trampled on by Yu Fu for so long and had finally managed to seriously injure the other party after a counter attack. This caused him to be extremely elated as his mood became a lot better.

“Take this!” Cheng Yu had focused himself in evading all the incoming attacks but time to time, he would strike by with some minor attacks. This way, not only would it prevent Yu Fu from acting so unbridled, but it would also cause Yu Fu to remain on guard against Cheng Yu.

“AH! Swifty Sunray Raindrops!” Hearing the contempt the other party had for him, Yu Fu got even more annoyed. However, he wasn’t like those Nascent Soul realms Cheng Yu had just battled moments ago.

He had only advanced into the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm for roughly about 10 hours. Therefore, he had yet to grasp the techniques that could be learned only in the Nascent Soul Realm. And this was the most powerful technique he had mastered currently.

A sunray flashed past the void as numerous sword qi rained on Cheng Yu.

Facing such a large scope attack, Cheng Yu had no choice but to deflect them head-on.

“Sunray Sword Slash!” Yu Fu wanted Cheng Yu to deflect his attack head-on. Now that he saw the other party had finally decided to receive his attack head-on, he immediately launched another attack up.
Cheng Yu’s strength has yet to recover. To be able to deflect such a large-scale attack was not an easy task for him. When he saw Yu Fu following the move up with another combo, he was caught unprepared and got slashed out by Yu Fu.

Yu Fu continued to pursue Cheng Yu. With a leap, he thrust at Cheng Yu.

Clang! When Cheng Yu felt a sense of danger creeping up to him, he immediately beckoned out his Jewel Cauldron. Although Cheng Yu was no longer able to fully control the Jewel Cauldron, he was still able to call it out to defend a few attacks.

“Die!” Jewel Cauldron was instantly repelled back into Cheng Yu body. Yu Fu leaped once again, slashing at Cheng Yu.

“S***!” Cheng Yu cried out in alarm while lying on the floor. Even if he were to not die under this sword, he would certainly lose all his combat strength. Under moment of desperation, he could only take a risk and thrust his sword against the attack.

Formerly, Primeval Chaos Thrust was Cheng Yu’s pride. But having injured gravely, what kind of might could this sword move possibly have? Yu Fu would never take it seriously as despise flashed past his eyes, colliding his sword at Cheng Yu.

Clang! Cheng Yu was like a mop, being dragged back for over ten meters, leaving behind a long blood stain.

“Over! Cheng Yu is dead this time!” When the audiences saw this, they felt that Cheng Yu would never be able to make a comeback. Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm could never be defeated so easily. Even though Yu Fu was injured, he still wasn’t someone Cheng Yu could contend against.

If it wasn’t because Cheng Yu had nearly exhausted himself as well as being gravely injured, there were still some hopes for him.

“Not good!” When Qing Xu saw Yu Fu was about to give Cheng Yu a death sentence, he could no longer endure any longer and dashed into the battlefield.

Guang Ning had long prepared for this scene. When he saw it, he laughed coldly before flying over as well. Qing Xu felt that he wouldn’t be able to make it there in time, he immediately sent a palm strike over from a distant.

Bam! However, after traveling for a distance, the palm strike was immediately being blocked off. And the person who intercepted the move was Guang Ning. Before the two of them even spoke, Yu Fu sword had already been lifted up and was about to slash at Cheng Yu!

Whoosh! It was at this moment, a golden ray shot out from Cheng Yu body.

Clang! The golden ray descended and blasted Yu Fu back. When Qing Xu saw Cheng Yu had managed to evade the calamity, he heaved a sigh of relief.

When the golden ray disappeared, a familiar yet mysterious pagoda appeared before everyone.

Hu! Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Soul Suppressor finally made his move. Otherwise, he would be in dead meat. Cheng Yu had already killed quite an amount of people and had faced the brink of death numerous times. However when in front of death, there was still an unprecedented fear to it.

Cheng Yu was saved. However, Yu Fu had run into trouble. Now that he had somewhat understood the Soul Suppressing Pagoda ability, he no longer felt threatened by it. Just like how he did it a moment ago, he slashed at the pagoda. The pagoda returned fire by shooting a golden ray back, forcing Yu Fu to remain on the ground.

Subsequently, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda started shooting rays out, enveloping Yu Fu in it. Yu Fu was shocked because he sensed the might contained within the Soul Suppressing Pagoda had to increase numerous times!

Ha! Yu Fu cried out. He placed all his concentration in resisting the suction force.

When the audiences saw the aching expression of Yu Fu, they were extremely puzzled. Cheng Yu had already used this Soul Suppressing Pagoda numerous times. Other than it being able to crash two Nascent Soul expert to death, they weren’t able to tell any uniqueness to it. But judging from the current situation, Yu Fu seemed to have run into big trouble.

Yu Fu clenched his teeth to resist against the halo from Soul Suppressor. His forehead was already filled with sweat with his complexion turning white. Followingly, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda golden rays flashed even quicker. Yu Fu gradually felt that he could no longer constrain his Nascent Soul as his Nascent Soul had already started to ascend.

“Ha!” Yu Fu cried out once again. All the spiritual qi around him had been mobilized by him. Instantly, the Nascent Soul was suppressed down by him again.

This moment, Soul Suppressing Pagoda started emitting “chirping” sounds. All kinds of runes within the Soul Suppressing Pagoda started to appear as Yu Fu’s Nascent Soul ascend once again.

And this time, Yu Fu was truly helpless to even fight back. Guang Ning stood above the sky in confusion. However, he was still able to sense the non-ordinariness of this Golden Pagoda.

Yu Fu was already their biggest hope in getting rid of Cheng Yu. If he were to fail as well, that would mean Kunlun had really lost. Similar to what Qing Xu did, he could no longer hold himself back and sent a palm strike towards Cheng Yu’s Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

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Ha! When Qing Xu saw this treasure of Cheng Yu had initiated a counterattack, he was delighted. Now that he saw Guang Ning had made a move, how could he possibly look without lifting a finger? Similarly, he intercepted the palm strike of Guang Ning.

“Haha! Guang Ning, didn’t you said that we should abide by the rules? Why did you become so shameless as well!” Qing Xu obstructed Guang Ning palm strike in laughter.

“Hmph! It was you who acted shameless first. I only returned it with politeness only!” Guang Ning replied with an ashen complexion. He knew that with Qing Xu around, he wouldn’t be able to interfere with this match.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Cheng Yu held onto God’s Awakening to recover. He had no idea if Soul Suppressor would truly be able to subdue the other party. He still had to take some precautions.

Yu Fu complexion had grown extremely white, similar to a paper and his body started to tremble. Soul Suppressing Pagoda suction force grew even stronger as his Nascent Soul had already reached the brink of being extracted off. At any point in time, it could be absorbed away.

“I surrender!” Just when everyone had no idea what was going on, Yu Fu could no longer endure the pressure and threw in the white flag.

This yelled could not be considered loud but it did resonate out the whole Kunlun.

“What? He actually surrendered? How come?”

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“What is that golden pagoda for? Clearly, Kunlun had the victory in their hands. Why did they suddenly surrender?”

“Doesn’t that meant that Cheng Yu won? This is simply a miracle!”

“Haha! There’s a return on my investment!”

This shout from Yu Fu seemed to have pierce right into everyone’s heart. There were anger, shock, surprise, and excitement. All sorts of expression could be seen on everyone face.

“No!” Just before the audiences had managed to digest this devastating news, Yu Fu suddenly shouted out miserably again.

Everyone immediately raised up their head to look over. Yet, they only saw the golden ray shot out by Soul Suppressor had already disappeared while Yu Fu had already collapsed onto the ground. Unconsciously, his body would shudder.

Others might not have seen it clearly but Guang Ning and Qing Xu stood very near them. When they saw what happened, their faces were in shock. Followingly, Guang Ning shouted at Qing Xu:” Good! Your Limitless Palace disciple actually used such a vile treasure!”

Even though Yu Fu managed to survive, he had already become a mortal. There was not a single trace of Nascent Soul energy on him.

In the cultivation world, seizing away another cultivator golden core, nascent soul or nascent spirits are extremely malicious. Of course, such a thing only applies to the righteous sect.

“Hmph! The cultivation techniques my Limitless Palace disciple practice are all upright. This was only a treasure. For my Limitless Palace disciple to be able to chance upon it, it was his luck!” Qing Xu was also shocked by it.

Just like what Guang Ning had said, seizing of another cultivator cultivation energy was only limited to a person cultivation technique. As for treasures, there was no such restriction on them. But even so, it would still become information that could be used against them.

Even if the whole cultivation world agreed that they could use such treasure, it was still not something that could flaunt upon. Who doesn’t want a powerful treasure? But if they couldn’t get it, they also wouldn’t wish for others to obtain it. Therefore, everyone would always find excuses to deal with that certain someone.

The current Cheng Yu knew that he was in the disadvantage. In front of so many people, he utilized such a terrifying treasure. It would certainly garner everyone lust for it.

Guang Ning voice was very long, allowing all the audiences to hear it clearly. This time, everyone attention went to Yu Fu who was lying on the ground. Instantly, they understood what Guang Ning meant.

“What? That fellow Nascent Soul actually disappeared? He had been turned into a mortal!” Everyone voiced out their surprise.

The moment such a sentence was said, it arose everyone’s astonishment!

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