Chapter 348: Who’s More Deserve To Die?

“How could this be? How can he use such a malicious treasure? No wonder Cheng Yu was able to crash 2 Nascent Soul to death when he’s just in Golden Core Realm. Turns out, he used such a malicious treasure!”

“That’s right! That fellow had already surrendered but he still didn’t let him off. He actually extracted his Nascent Soul away. This person heart is too vicious!”

Humans would often sympathize the weak, similarly, they would incline to whichever sides benefit them. Cheng Yu was in the Golden Core Realm and had the ability to fight against Nascent Soul Realm but in everyone eyes, he was just a weakling. Therefore, the majority of them stood by the side of Cheng Yu.

Now, when they realize Cheng Yu actually possesses such a terrifying treasure and became the victor, the impression of Cheng Yu was instantly changed.

He was no longer a weakling but a malicious and vicious man. Therefore, Cheng Yu immediately became a person they condemn.

When Guang Ning saw all the audiences had changed sides and started to criticize Cheng Yu, he was elated. This was exactly what he wishes to see.

“Everyone, I believe everyone had also seen it. Cheng Yu is extremely sneaky. He used such a malicious treasure to kill my righteous cultivator, seizing away their Golden Cores and Nascent Soul to cultivate. This Cheng Yu is also extremely weird. In the cultivation world, never once had there been any rumors of people possessing 6 golden cores but he had them. Perhaps, these 6 golden cores come from those Golden Core experts he had killed. I would like to ask, how can we let such a malicious person off!” Guang Ning spoke out in justice.

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“That’s right. His golden cores are certainly taken from other sects. We mustn’t let such a person off!” With Guang Ning taking the lead, a lot of them started to believe his words.

After all, Cheng Yu was truly too weird. A human cultivator possessing 6 golden cores was unheard of. Yet, Cheng Yu was able to accomplish such a shocking matter. Just nice, he also possesses treasures that were about to seize away a person golden core and nascent soul. Perhaps, he might really be using someone else golden core to use it as his own.

If this was true, it would be too sinister. Even if it wasn’t true, Cheng Yu’s existence had also caused them to feel fear. A Golden Core Realm was able to seize away the nascent soul of a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm. Wouldn’t that mean that they who had just advanced into the Golden Core Realm would be of extreme danger? If there was a day Cheng Yu was carried away by a whim, allowing his pagoda to envelop them, wouldn’t their hard earn cultivation all be wasted?

Therefore, they would rather make manslaughter than to let Cheng Yu off.

“Kill him! He had already advanced himself into the demonic arts!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Everyone rose their hand to crusade against Cheng Yu. They no longer care if he was someone from the Limitless Palace. They only knew that Cheng Yu existence was certainly not beneficial for them. Thus, might as well eliminate him.

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Cheng Yu was taken aback. Never had he imagined the outcome would turn to this. Damn it. Isn’t I suppose to be the victim? Why I’m am the one being aimed at instead? It’s as if everything part of him is evil.

Isn’t this nonsensical? What’s wrong with my treasure? Regardless of whatever treasure I use, I only turned him into a mortal. Could it be that you used a sword to kill someone would mean that you are a righteous person?

These people strength was very ordinary. But at times, getting rid of someone need not use a sword. A mouth would also be able to eliminate a person’s existence.

“Guang Ning, you are really being shameless here!” When Qing Xu saw the situation had taken a turn for the worse, he yelled at Guang Ning angrily.

“Hmph! I’m just showing everyone the truth. I believe everyone had a pair of sharp eyes and is able to tell what is right and wrong!” Guang Ning laughed coldly.

“Hand over the treasure! Kill Cheng Yu……”

“Hand over the treasure! Kill Cheng Yu……” Everyone yelled even more passionately.

Cheng Yu know that this must not continue on. Therefore, he leaped into the sky and spoke to everyone.

“Everyone! I’m not sure how you are going to judge if a person is good or evil! But I had never once killed a good person before. I would like to ask when others wish to kill you in order to snatch your resources, do you think of the other party as good or evil?”

“……” Everyone looked at each other and did not reply Cheng Yu.

“Very good. Since you are not denying it, it only meant that you knew such a person is evil. Since it’s so, would you let them slaughter you like a pig or would you resist and kill the other party off?” Cheng Yu paused for a moment.

“I believe all of you would choose to get rid of the other party right! However, what if you aren’t able to defeat the other party? This moment, you had a similar treasure of mine. Are you going to use it to kill that other party off or just let him kill you?” Cheng Yu voice was like a loud drum. Every sentence of his had penetrated right into everyone’s heart.

“If you used it to kill the other party. Let me ask you, are you a good or an evil person? Using a sword to kill someone meant that you are a good person! Using a blade to kill someone also signify that you are a good person! How come when I use my treasure to kill another, I had become a bad person instead?! Do I really deserve death?” Cheng Yu howled out.

He was also a human. There were times Cheng Yu needed to vent out. So long, he had been pressured by Kunlun. His heart was feeling extremely stifling. Today, if he were to become everyone’s enemy inexplicably, how could he be feeling any better?

After hearing Cheng Yu’s words, everyone turned silent. Cheng Yu words had given them a realization. However, that didn’t mean that they were going to support him.

Xin Yao, Tian Xue, Tian Xing, Ning Wushuang, Ning Xue and the others who had interacted with Cheng Yu slowly had their eyes grew red after listening to his sorrowful speech. Who wouldn’t be able to tell the grievance he had in his heart?

When Qing Xu and Qing Yuanzi heard it, their hearts felt extremely unpleasant.

However, Kunlun Sect people remained unmoved. Because Cheng Yu was their enemy. Regardless of whether it was right or wrong, Cheng Yu was still their enemy.

“Cheng Yu, don’t delude others with lies. You said that you had never once killed a good man. Who would believe such lies? Furthermore, how are you going to explain the 6 golden cores?” Yuan Yangzi spoke loudly.

“I’m unable to explain it. There’s also not a need for me to explain to you Kunlun bastard. However, I would like to illustrate to everyone that my golden cores are not seized from anyone!” Cheng Yu did not even give Yuan Yangzi any face.

“You…… Good! Even if you said so, who can prove that you didn’t seize the golden core of others to use it as your own?” Yuan Yangzi was scolded by Cheng Yu in front of so many others. He was in fury. Just when he was about to explode out, he endured it. After all, he was a senior, he needed to maintain his prestige.

“I said before! There is not a need for me to explain it to you!” Cheng Yu ignored Yuan Yangzi.

“I can prove it!” Just when Yuan Yangzi was about to explode out, a woman stood out. This woman was precisely Tian Xue from Tianshan Sect.

“Tian Xue!” Yu Lingzi didn’t expect Tian Xue would stand forth. Immediately, he was angered.

“I’m Tianshan Sect Tian Xue. I can prove that Cheng Yu’s golden core isn’t seized from others because when he formed his core, he was with us!” Tian Xue ignored Yu Lingzi anger and cried out.

“Hmph! Who knows if you are Cheng Yu friend. Your words cannot be trusted as well. Unless someone else can prove it as well.” Yuan Yangzi replied coldly to Tian Xue before looking back at Yu Lingzi.

“I can prove it!” It was at this moment, another Golden Core old man popped out from a mountain! What caused Cheng Yu to be bewildered was this old man was the one he had let off during the battle against dozen of Golden Core expert.

Originally, the old man had told him before that if he had a chance, he would repay Cheng Yu. Unexpectedly, that day was today. Cheng Yu looked over in gratitude.

“Although I’m from a small sect, I had exchanged move with Cheng Yu before. We wanted to eliminate Cheng Yu to seize his treasure. Ultimately, he did not kill us but let us off. With such personality, I believe he wouldn’t kill the innocent. Therefore, I believe that he wouldn’t use such a malicious method to seize other golden cores to cultivate!” The old man cried out.

“I don’t agree. In the Death Forest, Cheng Yu had personally extracted out the golden core from a Golden Core expert. Therefore, his character is vicious. I don’t believe in him!” This moment, an opposition sounded.

The situation became extremely complicated. Although there was a minor part of audiences sympathize and supports Cheng Yu, majority of them still felt that Cheng Yu should be killed.

“Kunlun bastard! Don’t talk so much rubbish. Now that I have won, hand my woman over!” Cheng Yu disregard all these. Regardless, he had already won. He should first save his woman.

“Cheng Yu, don’t spout nonsense here. When had we captured your woman? Besides, you had refined such a sinister treasure and fought so brutally. You had already done what all the cultivators had tried to abstain from. We are not admitting to today’s challenge!” Yuan Yangzi didn’t expect the topic of talk would keep changing.

But this was a good thing for him. Originally, he thought that they would have to admit defeat. But now, they could deny it honorably.

“Good! Your Kunlun actually break your promise! Don’t blame me for being impolite. Kunlun is extremely shameless and despicable. They actually kidnapped my woman to threaten me, forcing me to accept this challenge! If I deserve death, Kunlun deserve it more!” Cheng Yu yelled.

He really wished to tell them that Kunlun had gone over to the secular world to capture her woman. However, he didn’t dare to. It was because this way, it would reveal their secular world identity. He did not wish that when he was with his woman, there would be another cultivator trying to follow him.

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