Chapter 349: Cheng Yu Died!

“What! Kunlun actually kidnapped his family to threaten him? Truly shameless.”

“Kunlun is really shameless. They actually did something so ignominious!”

“That’s right! Kunlun’s method is too disgraceful!”

“Kunlun is one of the ten great sects but still did such a thing. Truly a disgrace for all the righteous sect!” Cheng Yu howled. A lot of the audiences had started to help Cheng Yu voiced out the injustice.

The strength of these people were all very ordinary. But when it comes to hitting a person who is down and acting pragmatically, their ability to do so was one of the best. In any case, it was not their business. Regardless their target was Kunlun or Cheng Yu, it was hard to come by chance for them to hit a person who was down. It was a waste not to do so.

Therefore, it was no longer important as to whether they stood by the righteous side. They would just parrot other people words. Whichever side had the more protestor, they would support that side.

“What a good Kunlun! If you are to not hand my wife over, I will tear down your Kunlun main hall!” Cheng Yu seize the opportunity and called out his Jewel Cauldron. To one surprise, it rammed towards the direction Yunxiao Main Hall was at.

Boom! When the Jewel Cauldron rammed towards the Yunxiao Main Hall, a spiritual light flashed before the Jewel Cauldron got repelled back. Cheng Yu was shocked. Followingly, Cheng Yu realized he no longer had any link with the Jewel Cauldron.

Cheng Yu immediately store the Jewel Cauldron into the Mountain River Diagram. He could only wait until he returned back before refining it again.

“Brat! Wish for death!” Guang Ning realized Cheng Yu actually dared to smash their Kunlun Yunxiao Main Hall. This hall was constructed by their forefather and was their Kunlun logo. Although there was a formation to protect it and Cheng Yu did not manage to damage the hall, he still wasn’t able to tolerate how Cheng Yu dared to act so unbridled. That was a humiliation to their ancestor.

Under anger, Guang Ning sent a palm strike towards Cheng Yu. Qing Xu didn’t expect Guang Ning would make a move himself. When he wishes to save Cheng Yu, it was already too late.

Bang! When Cheng Yu saw the incoming huge palm, he was terrified. Not being able to dodge it, he could only receive the attack head-on. Chanting the Primeval Chaos Stab technique, he struck towards the palm.

Pu! Cheng Yu attack and defense were like a paper in front of the attack. With just a palm strike from Guang Ning, Cheng Yu was blasted flying out. It was unknown if he were still alive!

“Yu’er!” Qing Xu was astonished! He immediately flew over to Cheng Yu and placed his finger on Cheng Yu’s philtrum. No signs of breathing with an ashen face! He immediately grabbed onto Cheng Yu pulse and sensed it. No signs of a pulse. Qing Xu was angered!

Dead! This time, Cheng Yu had really died! In this life, he had only accepted such a young disciple. Cheng Yu was also a disciple he was extremely pleased with. The number of days they had interacted with might not be a lot, but it was extremely hard for him to find another such disciple! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any disciple for over hundreds of years.

But now, a disciple with unlimited potential had actually been sent to death before him. Qing Xu was in extreme sorrow.

“Ah! Guang Ning! I want you to return my disciple’s life!” Qing Xu yelled as a black sword appeared in his hand. Followingly, he charged at Guang Ning with full killing intent.

“Hmph! Since he dares to assault my Yunxiao Main Hall, he deserves death!” Guang Ning was surprised. Now he no longer needed his useless disciples to kill him. Because of his status, it was impossible for him to make a move himself. But now, it was no longer an issue.

It was a fact that Cheng Yu had assaulted Yunxiao Main Hall. Granting him the rights to make a move on Cheng Yu. It was a clear-cut death so as to avoid bringing Kunlun future troubles.

Guang Ning evaded Qing Xu attack. When he saw how furious Qing Xu was, he was extremely delighted. No wonder this old freak cared so much for Cheng Yu. Turns out, it was his disciple. Recalling the shame Qing Xu had caused him, Guang Ning was in satisfaction.

“You deserve death!” Qing Xu heart was in pain and anger. Once again, he launched another attack at Guang Ning.

When Qing Yuanzi saw Qing Xu had gotten so angry, he knew something was not right. Could Cheng Yu have really died! Qing Yuanzi immediately flew over to where Cheng Yu was at to investigate. Shocked, Cheng Yu actually died!

Qing Yuanzi was feeling extremely complicated. As Limitless Palace Sect Master, he needed to think for the whole Limitless Palace. In his heart, he truly did not wish to wage war with Kunlun.

But now, Cheng Yu had actually been killed in front of everyone. It was a clear-cut provocation to Limitless Palace. As Cheng Yu’s Martial Uncle, he still owed Cheng Yu a big favor. Now that he died, regardless of it being Limitless Palace reputation or returning Cheng Yu a favor, they had to make a move themselves.

Qing Yuanzi carried Cheng Yu’s corpse back to where Limitless Palace was stationed at. Immediately, a lot of people encircled over.

“Father, how’s Junior Brother Yu?” Seeing how Qing Yuanzi was acting, a bad premonition rose in Xin Yao’s heart.

“Yu’er…… he…… died!” Qing Yuanzi sighed.

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“What!” Everyone was shocked. Cheng Yu died just like that? He had escaped death so many times during the crashing of sect gate challenge. He had finally persisted on yet, he actually died at this crucial period?!

Every elder sighed. If it was about friendship, there was almost none between them. But Cheng Yu knew how to conduct himself. Furthermore, he was extremely magnanimous. Even if there were no friendly relations between them, all the elders around owe him a favor. Besides, everyone felt that Cheng Yu character was still pretty good. For Limitless Palace to have such a talented person was really their good fortune.

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But now that he got killed by Kunlun, they should at least get back the face of Limitless Palace. If they were to remain silent, wouldn’t others take them as easy to bully?

Or had Limitless Palace members turned timid? Limitless Palace had secluded themselves for thousand over years and the majority of the cultivators had long forgotten about them. It was to the point that they even dared to trample on Limitless Palace. This Kunlun was a very good example.

Did they really think that just because they had secluded themselves, they had become a coward? And anyone would be able to provoke them? Now was a good time for them to establish their might once again!

“Sect Master! Regardless of what, Yu’er is still our Martial Nephew. Now that he had been killed by Kunlun, this is simply a pure provocation to us. We should like them to know who’s the true monarch of the cultivation world!” Elder Qing Yun spoke out strictly.

“That’s right! It’s time for us to make a move. Cheng Yu had died a terrible death. We should at least take revenge for him!” The few other elders had also agreed along.

Only Extreme Earth Peak Elder Qing Feng didn’t speak. But he didn’t deny it.

“Senior Brother Qing Feng! What do you think?” Qing Yuanzi knew that his Extreme Earth Peak had some conflict with Cheng Yu. He wanted to see what was Qing Feng attitude on this.

“This…… I agree with what the other Junior Brothers had said. Since they think of us easy to bully, it’s time for us to show some dominance!” Qing Feng might be somewhat narrow-minded and was very defensive of his disciple. However, compared to the hate he had for Kunlun, it was insignificant.

“Good! Yu’er is my Limitless Palace disciple. Now that he was killed by Kunlun, how can we Limitless Palace watch with folded arms? We must get back our injustice. Yu’er wife is still on Kunlun hands. No matter what, we should at least save his wife out. Otherwise, Cheng Yu wouldn’t be able to die in peace.” Qing Yuanzi knew that Cheng Yu cared a lot for his wife. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have accepted this unfair challenge.

Now that Cheng Yu had died, as his elder, he should at least fulfilled his last wish!

Above Yunxiao Peak, Qing Xu and Guang Ning were fighting full force, making the battle extremely intense.

The surrounding Mountaintop audiences had already known of Cheng Yu death after Qing Xu yelled. Now, they were all rumbling in the discussion.

“What? Cheng Yu had died just like this?”

“How can he not die? The one who attacked was a Great Ascension Realm expert. It wasn’t someone a Nascent Soul Expert could compare to. Just a look, I can tell the palm strike was not simple. It would be strange if Cheng Yu didn’t die!”

“Aish! A moment ago, we were shouting to kill Cheng Yu. Now that he had died, it’s really a pity.” A person sighed.

“Right! Actually, whether Cheng Yu was a good or bad person, it was totally unrelated to us. Even if he was a bad one, he was only a bad person because he had killed those people from Kunlun. I feel that from this point, Cheng Yu could be counted as a good person. How worse can he be, compared to Kunlun?”

“From how you phrase it, it’s really a pity for Cheng Yu to have died. In the future, Kunlun is going to act arrogantly and despotic again. If I had realized this earlier, I wouldn’t have jeered!” Everyone butted in.

Even if Cheng Yu was a bad person, they wouldn’t be able to touch him. However, it was different for Kunlun. Every time they head out for training, bumping into Kunlun would certainly call for trouble. Thinking of this, a lot of those who were crying out to get rid of Cheng Yu started to feel regret.

Meanwhile in Tianshan Sect area.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How can Cheng Yu just died off like this?” Hearing Cheng Yu had passed on, Tian Xue complexion instantly grew white as she shook her head, not daring to believe this was real.

“Senior Sister! Calm down. Perhaps, Senior Brother had only lost his consciousness after being inflicted with serious injuries. How about let’s head over to have a look!” Tian Xue was also worried if Cheng Yu had truly passed on.

“Right! Let’s head over to have a look!” Tian Xue was extremely anxious as she agreed.

“Get back here!” Yu Lingzi yelled.

Tian Xue was getting more and more outrageous. A moment ago, she was just standing out to testify for Cheng Yu. How was doing that beneficial for her? Kunlun had long harbor malicious intentions to their Tianshan Sect. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have personally came over to cause trouble for them.

Meanwhile, this little lass was out hanging around. If she were to get targeted by Kunlun, what was he gonna do? If her Junior Sister Yu Ji were to know of this, it would certainly spell troubles.

Besides, the current situation was extremely complicated. There were no benefits for their Tianshan Sect to get involved with this. Now that Cheng Yu is dead, it was impossible for them to pull strings with Limitless Palace.

Therefore, it was better for them to not interfere with this conflict. When the time comes, if both sides were to be unhappy with them, it would only bring them even more trouble.

Similar to what was happening in Tianshan Sect, Huaxian Valley Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang were voicing out that they want to head over to take a look at Cheng Yu. However, they were both stopped by their big senior sister.

There were numerous powers in the cultivation world, making the situation here extremely complicated. Huaxian Valley had never once participated in any dispute. If Huaxian Valley members were to get together with Limitless Palace people, the other 3 secluded sects might think that they were in alliance. If then, the cultivation world equilibrium would be broken and would no longer be in peace.

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