Chapter 291: I’ll Go Right, You Go Left, We’ll Attack Together

“Little lass, if you knew how to speak Tibetan, then you would be a suitable person if you went, but you don’t.” Principal Chen took the medicine into his hands with a smile and replied, “I’ve been a retiree for so many years. I don’t possess the amount of elan you youngsters in the military today have. Little lass Jian, you cooperate with Captain Xia’s team and take care of everyone outside. Act according to Captain Xia’s instructions.”

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No matter what type of warfare it was, once the battle plan was arranged, the commander became the soul of the battle; everyone had to obey his orders and couldn’t act rashly according to their liking.

Xia Jinyuan noticed that Ye Jian was very concerned about Principal Chen entering and facing the murderous people alone. He said gently, “Rest assured, we have a plan to get the people out. Uncle Chen entering is basically to ensure the safety of the hostages.”

Once he said those words, Ye Jian’s heart managed to relax a bit … It seemed like they really did have a plan.

This was a battle in the darkness that couldn’t afford to have any mistakes. Principle Chen led big Uncle Ci Za while crouching to awaken the other Tibetans who were sound asleep.

There were only six tents close to them. After the awoken Tibetans realized the gravity of the situation, they picked up their Matchlock muskets and were going to duel with the mercenaries who dared to harm the shepherds in their village.

The shepherds were bloody people. If it weren’t for the presence of Uncle Ci Za, there was no way they could be stopped.

Principal Chen put on a Tibetan outfit and then put on a hat. Now, he looked exactly like the other Tibetans, in addition to the fact that he could speak fluent Tibetan. The world-class sniper walked closer to the tent with leisurely strides while G3 and the rest held their breaths slightly.

Principal Chen, who stood outside the tent, raised his voice. His voice was clear without a hint of fear.

K7 became the translator, translating each and every sentence that Principal Chen said in a soft voice, “Is De Ma here? I’ve brought you the medicine that you asked for. I only came back so late because I ran into some snow wolves and almost lost my life. Thank goodness I had my matchlock musket. That managed to keep me alive.”

After translating, K7 mumbled, “He’s definitely a pro, is he a retired frontline soldier? He’s already in; that’s so awesome!”

His sentences carried two meanings: the first was that he only came to deliver the medicine because he had a late return; secondly, he had a matchlock musket and was able to battle with the wolves.

That was why K7 said that he was a pro.

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Xia Jinyuan listened, then gently smiled at Ye Jian, “Principal Chen’s display of his skills has left all my brothers impressed. Little fox, we don’t have much time. In five minutes, take care of the duo in front of us. What do you say?”

The less time they spent dealing with the men outside, the more they could ensure Principal Chen’s safety. Ye Jian naturally hoped to settle them in the least amount of time.

The snow winds in the desolate land were blowing from the sides of the snowy mountaintops. At night, the noise of the wind sounded like a monster roaring, emanating a ferocity that caused men to tremble subconsciously.

And it was the sound of the wind that not only concealed the sound of their footsteps but also brought the thick scent of blood to their sides.

It was the blood of the mastiffs. They didn’t know how they killed the mastiffs, but listening to the sound of pounding rocks, Ye Jian couldn’t help but bite her lower lip.

Through the night vision goggles, Xia Jinyuan, who had finished surveilling the surroundings, silently positioned himself by Ye Jian’s ear. His light minty presence filled with his manly scent embraced her, “I’ll go right, you go left, we’ll attack together.”

He extended his fist into the space between the both of them. The corners of Ye Jian’s mouth curved upwards, and she extended her fist as well … Big fist and small fist gently bumped against each other, and then they went towards their flanks; both of them had one multi-purpose bayonet each and flanked their targets.

What they needed to do was to silently exterminate the two mercenaries who were preparing to return.

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