Chapter 292: He Accompanied Her Growth

To coordinate with Ye Jian’s speed, Xia Jinyuan slowed down his pace by half a beat. By the time the rock pounding sounded again, his slender figure and her slim figure appeared simultaneously behind the two mercenaries.

Ye Jian’s gaze was filled with killing intent. For them to be chased after by Xia Jinyuan, they must have been people who could not be forgiven. Moreover, they even took the life of the shepherd!

The wind was howling around them as if it was trying to add suspense to the battle of life and death that would follow.

Every battle was a dance between life and death; no matter what, keeping a cool head during a decisive battle was the key to every battle. Because, not only does close combat not give the opponent the chance to fire their guns, it also costs their allies the opportunity to shoot as well.  That’s why it was essential to be calm and never panic.

“Soldiers! F*ck!” A mercenary swore in some language of another country, and his fist went straight for Ye Jian. Quickly, he realized that the person who dared to battle him was a little girl. Laughter exploded from his mouth.

The taboo of the battlefield was underestimating your opponent. Facing Ye Jian, her opponent was already taking her lightly.

For Ye Jian, that was good news!

She also behaved in a way that showcased her “weakness.” From the start of her training, Ye Jian memorized how to use her advantages in the battlefield in the depths of her heart and did not dare to forget it.

There was a difference in strength, but Ye Jian wasn’t the weaker one.

From the start of the battle, she could see that her opponent’s training wasn’t professional.

On the other hand, for them to leave the tent while taking the risk of being discovered to dispose of the mastiffs, it could also be said that they were small fishes in the hierarchy.

In mercenary armies, hierarchy is always present!

The bayonet in Xia Jinyuan’s hands swept through the air with a strong gust. Then, he experienced the feeling of the sharp blade piercing through the target’s skin. The bloody attack at the edge of death was always so cruel! If it isn’t you that dies, then it will be me!

Xia Jinyuan’s speed was fierce and quick. In just a few sweeps, the bayonet in his hands had already embedded itself into his opponent’s thigh. Before he managed to pull it out, his opponent roared, and an elbow ruthlessly crashed into his skull.

This person was a professionally trained mercenary. Before surrounding them, Xia Jinyuan had already observed through the night vision goggles and purposefully picked him and left the weaker one for Ye Jian.

His brain suffered a heavy blow. Xia Jinyuan could only feel that his head was buzzing, and out of instinct, his extended fist firmly hit the bridge of his opponent’s nose.

Whenever a person’s nose bridge was hit, their eyes would subconsciously shut tightly, and their brain would have a few seconds of blankness due to the pain.

In those crucial seconds, Xia Jinyuan, as a soldier who had experienced harsh training, performed bravely and without fear. He suffered a heavy blow to his head, but his hands were still able to accurately grab onto the bayonet that was embedded in his opponent’s thigh.

He pulled hard; warm blood started spraying out from the wound, splattering his tactical gloves with blood.

The mercenary let out a horrible scream. The mercenary lifted his uninjured right leg and kicked at Xia Jinyuan’s chest with all his might. Unfortunately, his injured left leg encumbered his speed, causing him to be unable to counter-attack.

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Xia Jinyuan did not retreat; instead, he used his right forearm to block the brunt of the force from his opponent’s kick, because he needed to immediately take care of the mercenary who was fighting like a trapped beast.

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Xia Jinyuan’s face clenched tightly from the pain of his right forearm being kicked. In the next second, he jumped into the air and plunged the sharp blade covered with blood into his opponent’s neck.

Underneath the tactical gloves, the muscles on the back of his hand could be clearly seen; he was exerting force — exerting force to ruthlessly twist the bayonet that was stuck into his opponent’s neck.

That was the fatal blow, and it was also the blow that left his opponent without a chance to turn the tide in his favor.

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