Chapter 293: Ye Jian and Her Lone Battle

There was only a thick layer of coldness on his chiseled face when he pulled out the bayonet that minced his opponent’s throat. Blood sprayed out as if it were flowers blooming in the cold wind, forming blood petals that merged with the dark, night sky before they landed on the ground.

The blood sprayed all over his face. After being exposed to the chilly wind, it became frozen patches of blood on his face. Xia Jinyuan, who had just eliminated a mercenary, turned around and started heading towards Ye Jian.

Before he had a chance to wipe off the frozen blood, he suddenly heard Ye Jian yell, “Go support Uncle Chen, hurry!”

Based on her strength, Ye Jian knew that she was able to take care of the mercenary in front of her who wasn’t that skilled.

At the same time, she also caught a glimpse of how dangerous the battle was between Xia Jinyuan and the now-dead mercenary!

She was apprehensive that all of the mercenaries left in the tent were skillful warriors!

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Principal Chen had rheumatism in his shoulders and knees. He wouldn’t be a worthy opponent to them.

“Hurry! Don’t make me worried!” Ye Jian’s clear voice was like a sharp sword cutting through the air. It pierced through space and instilled a hint of coldness into his ears.

A layer of frost lay at the bottom of her jet black pupils; even her gaze was like Xia Jinyuan’s: brutal, fierce…

However, there was a firm resolution in her eyes. Facing life and death, facing the race with the reaper, what she depicted was the embodiment of a remarkable soldier: Never back down!

“Little fox, remember this, you are a soldier. You must know your mission and your responsibility deep in your heart. You are not allowed to panic even the slightest under any circumstances! Do you know what soldiers are? Soldiers are the country’s last line of defense, and also the first line of defense!” He didn’t go her way; instead, his voice was projected her way. His gruff voice was cold; his words traveled one by one into Ye Jian’s ear.

After finishing his speech, he turned around and left without any hesitation.

Because Xia Jinyuan knew from the beginning that his little fox was like a wolf cub that had left the pack, that started hunting with her strength and proving with her abilities, there was no problem with her doing it alone.

His words were only there to tell her that even if she killed someone with her own hands, it was also because she was a soldier; she was her motherland’s line of defense, and there was no need for her to have any mental obstacles!

Till this day, Xia Jinyuan clearly remembered that day in Australia that happened more than a year ago when he saw how hesitant she was when she killed her first person. He had also told her in the same severe and cold manner that a soldier fought for their country, and even though their hands were stained with fresh blood, that also deserved honor!

There was no one accompanying her now. It was Ye Jian’s first time in a battle where she had no one to back her up if anything untoward happened. It was a necessary path that everyone had to take. Once Xia Jinyuan left, Ye Jian, who had calmed herself down, started her furious assault.

To fight for her country, even if her hands were stained with blood, she would still be honored!

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She sheathed the bayonet in her hands, and then gently rubbed her wrist. The silver wire that hadn’t shone yet landed in her palm.

It was the start of Ye Jian’s counter-attack, to use her abilities to eliminate a mercenary.

At the moment the silver wire wound around her opponent’s neck, Ye Jian stepped onto a rock that was around twenty centimeters tall, and she leaped high into the sky, like an eagle spreading its wings and jumping over her opponent’s head. At that moment, the silver wire was tangled entirely around his neck.

One end of it was wrapped around her arm. Without caring about how much her opponent was struggling, she unleashed her bayonet and stabbed forwards. In between those roars of pain, Ye Jian could hear gunfire sounding from further in front of her; it was the sound of the commencement of the conflict!

She thrust the bayonet into the mercenary’s back. The mercenary’s roars of pain drowned out all sound, and his greater burst of power during his struggles caused Ye Jian to be flung across, and she landed on the sharp rocky beach.

The silver wire wrapped around her arm didn’t have any indication of letting loose. She did not stand up immediately; instead, she kicked both of her legs onto the rocky surface, unholstered her gun, and in sync with the gunshots coming from the front, Ye Jian fired the first bullet of the twelve in her handgun.

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