Chapter 294: Righteous Cause for the Greater Good


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After the gunshot, the silver wire wound around her arm suddenly lost its strength; all the blood seemed to have drifted into the chilly wind, forming bloody snow that landed on her face.

Everything followed as the body of the mercenary from an unknown country collapsed onto the floor. Ye Jian ended her lone battle.

The smell of blood was thicker than before. Ye Jian gently closed her eyes; she drew in a long yet forceful breath of air.

Only after resting did she feel the burning pain on her back. It was from the time she was flung onto the ground. Her back had scraped hard against the sharp edges of the rocky beach; her tissues were probably hurt from the fall.

He started taking deep breaths and then exhaled out slowly as if she was forcing out the bloody particles that had entered her cavity.

“This is nothing, and this was the path you have chosen. It was the necessary path.” She mumbled after regulating her panicked breathing, and she started rewinding the silver wire around her forearm. A calm expression had returned to her breathtaking face.

A necessary path: you are good, and they are evil!

It was as what Xia Jinyuan said; the soldiers are the country’s last line of the defense; to fight in the country’s stead, to fight in the citizen’s stead, that was the good course! That was the greater good!

Further ahead, the sounds of gunshots were very intense. Ye Jian rushed to the front of Uncle Ci Zha’s family’s tent. The sound of bullets sounded like they had scraped her skin as they flew past her. After she reached the entrance of the tent, she yelled, “Yang Jin.” Only after hearing a reply from inside did she enter the tent.

Yang Jin recognized that the voice was from the Han Chinese girl who was staying with them. She walked out from the dark corner and spoke in a rushed tone, “It’s very dangerous outside, where are you going?”

The only words Ye Jian understood were “where are you going.”

“Be careful, stay hidden! I’m going out.” Ye Jian used her limited Tibetan vocabulary to gently order Yang Jin, who was in the corner of the tent. She then picked up her sniper rifle and started heading towards a vantage point.

She deployed her bipod, leaned into the thermal imaging riflescope, finished adjusting the distance and searched for her target in the green landscape.

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A man wearing Tibetan clothes entered her line of sight. She magnified her scope, and then slowly aimed at him, closely following his hidden backsteps and realized that the person wearing Tibetan clothes would occasionally put his hand to press on his waist.

Xia Jinyuan had mentioned it before, there was an important person among the mercenaries that had suffered an injury, and now she had discovered that this Tibetan wasn’t entering any of the tents to hide. Instead, he kept looking for a hiding place from the outside. From the looks of it, he was very suspicious.

However, she couldn’t just act because she couldn’t confirm that the person was suspicious just based on her guess. Therefore, she turned off her laser pointer and only followed his every move with her crosshair.

Probably because all the shepherds were brave, no matter how loud the gunshots outside were, no one was running out in the open in panic.

In that area, they all believed in the soldiers that were in uniform. In the eyes of the shepherds, the soldiers who stood guard on the borders were like their guardian angels.

Every year, they would gift innumerable khatas to express their ardor and respect for them.

In fact, it was that belief that made them remain in their tents and wait for the sounds of gunfire to cease.

As to why the soldiers were fighting, naturally, it was to fight for their country and to fight for the citizens that they stood for.

Each and every bullet that they fired represented their display of courage; it was the courage that made them fearless of death.

Before she wore the uniform, she had already placed herself among the ranks of soldiers. Ye Jian had recognized herself from the depths of her heart as a soldier. As soon as she saw Han Zheng holding a gun chasing towards the hiding spot of the man in Tibetan clothes, she did not hesitate. She pulled the trigger of her rifle; the laser pointer flashed past … The bullet had been fired.

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