Chapter 295: Incomparable Charisma

In 0.03 seconds, the target, who was still in hiding, had a sharp bullet penetrate through his skull. After a few centimeters of traveling, the bullet burst out from the other end of his head, making a hole through a tent with its remaining momentum. No one knew where it landed.

The target had his sides facing towards Ye Jian. For her to eliminate the target in one shot, Ye Jian chose the bloodiest way of sniping.

As soon as he heard the gunshot, Han Zheng immediately stopped in his tracks.

It seemed like something had clicked in his head. After he glanced towards the vantage point, he made an ‘OK’ gesture, and then pointed ahead, signaling Ye Jian to snipe her second target.

The sound of a sniper rifle firing wasn’t conspicuous when mixed in with the sound of gunfire. Han Zheng reported Ye Jian’s location to all his comrades, “Successful sniping of the primary target. There’s still a small fry. Lure him outside. Ye Jian’s at a vantage point and she can eliminate the small fry in no time.”

The mercenary boss leading them had died. For the members of the Elite Platoon, that was good news. Xia Jinyuan adjusted his mic and queried, “What’s Ye Jian’s position? Z7, report!”

Following Han Zheng’s reporting of Ye Jian’s location and direction, very quickly, Han Zheng, who was in Ye Jian’s crosshair, started making hand gestures, “10 o’clock, target, please snipe.”

She immediately turned her rifle towards her 10 o’clock direction, and scanning through her scope, she instantaneously discovered the black figure moving vigilantly among the pile of rocks.

Ye Jian smirked. She placed her target in the center of her scope’s crosshair and followed the movement of her target. A 762-millimeter bullet flew out from the muzzle brake, speeding towards its target that was about 300 meters away from it.

The sniping distance of the rifle in her hands was 800 meters. Under the influence of the wind speed within three hundred meters, based on Ye Jian’s calculations, the sharp bullet pierced through the air and hit the target’s back.

Within three hundred meters, the target was hit.

The sounds of gunfire ceased. The oil lamps in the tents lit up one by one.

It was very calm as if all the shepherds had just awoken from a deep slumber. There were no panicked shrieks and no cries of fear, with the blood of heroes running through their veins. They had a very calm demeanor toward the gunfight that had just happened.

Ye Jian carried her sniper rifle on her back, then saw a shadowy figure standing still on the rocky beaches. The snowy mountains were towering behind him, and he possessed the presence of a snowy mountain. He stood there in silence, emitting a presence that was as majestic as the mountains.

It was a calming feeling, a feeling that as long as he was there, he would be able to guard the peace of the land.

This Xia Jinyuan was much more charismatic than he had been one year ago.

When faced with enemies, he was smart and calm, handling the situation with composure. When fighting alongside him, no matter how dangerous the road ahead looked, his comrades would walk alongside him without hesitation.

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There was no retreat. There was only moving forward. As long as he was there, no matter how hard it was,  the team would be able to continue the journey ahead together.

That was Xia Jinyuan’s charm, his incomparable charisma.

“Little fox, are you admiring the night sky? Or are you waiting for me to walk towards you?” She stood not far away and stayed there for a bit. Xia Jinyuan laughed with his brows raised. His black pupils that looked like starlight was shimmering in them had a smile like water to them, layers upon layers of ripples and genteel, “From what I see, you must be waiting for me to walk to you, and for me to give you an enthusiastic hug.”

He could quickly walk out of the smoke-filled battlefield, and switch to his original personality.

Ye Jian heard that and immediately skipped over a rock, but she did not expect to have a tearing pain in her back.

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The pain came while she was unguarded. Ye Jian, who usually was able to endure the pain, couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air. It seemed like she was injured quite badly. Especially her waist — it felt like her muscles were being torn apart.

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