Chapter 127: Right Up Her Doorstep

In the end, when Shi Fenghua invited Sang Yufei to his academy without informing Ren Zhixian, Ren Zhixian became infuriated and vented all his unhappiness onto Shi Yumei.

Sh Yumei became angry too. She said venomously, “How could they! The Sang siblings are just too much! They really are treating our Shi household as their own! Provoking us once wasn’t enough for them and they do it again! Outrageous! I am going to teach her a lesson; does she really think she is so important!”

Without any care for lunch, Shi Yumei rushed straight to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence with Cui Zhu.

Sang Wan was drinking tea after having her lunch. When she heard that Sister-in-law Yumei had arrived, she hurriedly got up to greet her.

Without waiting for Sang Wan to leave her room, Shi Yumei barged in angrily. She pushed away the screen violently before pointing at Sang Wan, “The fine Ma’am of the Shi Household, wonderful, wonderful! Even me and my husband are being despised by you! Your Sang family sure have the guts to be arrogant and prideful in the territory of the Shi household. Don’t you think you’re too much? Are you going to chase us away next time? So what if your family got a top escorted examinee? What does it have with our Shi family? Our Shi family has no need for your little fame to add on to our reputation! What a joke!”

“Big Sister Yumei, what are you saying?” Sang Wan was a little flustered from the scolding which came without warning. But after a moment, Sang Wan felt a little furious as well, “Big Sister Yumei, calm down first. What have I done again that made Big Sister Yumei so displeased?”

“Just your very presence is enough to make me unhappy!” Shi Yumei pointed at her and spat, “Why don’t you have look at yourself in the mirror! For someone from an insignificant family, is our Shi family something you can hold? What tricks did a vixen like you use to bewitch our Fengju! Your second brother isn’t something good as well, bringing my third brother around everyday to learn the vices and not allowing him near his dear brother-in-law! Pweh! You must think that my third brother is innocent and gullible and didn’t want my husband to find out, right? Both of you siblings are nothing good!”

Nanny Li and Zhide, along with all the maidservants hurriedly went to pull and stop Shi Yumei. Liu Ya was holding onto Sang Wan without a word. Sang Wan was entirely stunned as she finally realized the resentment Shi Yumei had towards her. It wasn’t some simple rift between in-laws anymore.

“Big Sister Yumei, you need evidence to support your claims! Even though our Sang family isn’t prosperous, we’re definitely good people. My brothers and I were brought up by our parents to know and closely follow our morals. Big Sister, please don’t speak so offensively. In any case, are you speaking about me, or my brother? If my marriage into the Shi family displeases you, please save yourself the trouble from telling me about it because it wasn’t arranged by me; I wasn’t the one who called for the matchmaker or arranged the marriage ceremony! If you’re speaking about my second brother, I do not know what my second brother has done to make you so furious. As for my second brother accompanying your third brother, I don’t think that concerns you in any way!”

“How dare you! How dare you talk back to me and find excuses!” Shi Yumei was so angry that she rashly pounced on Sang Wan to vent her unhappiness.

Li Nanny and Zhide was taken aback and desperately held her back, “Please calm down! Please calm down! Calm down and only use words! ”

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“Let go of me!” Shi Yumei was agitated and was struggling to remove herself from their grasp. She shouted, “Sang Wan! You are indeed capable! Ordering the servants from this entire house to bully me! Great, great! If you have the guts then ask them to not let go of me, I look forward to seeing what Mother will say about this!”

Speechless, Sang Wan became angry too, “Big Sister Yumei, just what are you trying to tell me! And what’s with all this fuss you’re trying to make here? If you don’t like me, that’s your matter for I can’t do anything about it. But you came over and made such a big ruckus, just what do you want! My second brother was invited over by Mother-in-law and Fengju for a visit, I really don’t understand how he offended you in any way!”

Shi Yumei gave a deadly stare and forcefully shook off the grasp of Nanny Li and the rest. She sneered and said, “You don’t know? Hehe, you really are a natural in acting kind and innocent! I want to ask you instead, what has my husband done to offend you guys? Why is that rascal occupying all of Fenghua’s time and making him ignore his own brother-in-law? What? Do you think that only intellectuals come from your Sang household and that others are not worthy to be an intellectual? Just becoming a top escorted examinee, he already has his tail high up in the sky and think that he can step on the whole world now?”

Shi Yumei got angrier as she spoke; the old and new resentment all rushed up to her head, “I especially despise the way you act! Hiding all the underhand methods under your sleeves; stop putting on an innocent act! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you might really continue to act like our Shi family are fools!”

Shi Yumei raised her hand and sent it straight towards Sang Wan’s face. Nanny Li and the rest gasped. Sang Wan exclaimed in shock while she ducked backwards. “Ma’am!” Liu Ya shouted and went forward to shield her instinctively. “Pa—” the slap landed squarely on Liu Ya’s face.


“Liu Ya!”

Everyone cried out in shock and rushed to pull Shi Yumei back again.

However, Shi Yumei sneered, “What a loyal servant! Sang Wan, your tactics really are something. Not only do you masterfully manipulate men, your servants aren’t spared as well !” While she spoke, her body did not stop struggling. She vigorously pushed Liu Ya to the side and raised her hand again to hit Sang Wan.

If she did not pull off this vixen’s face today, then she isn’t surnamed Shi!

“Big Sister! What are you doing!” Shi Fengju hurried over and caught sight of the scene when he arrived after receiving the news. He hastily rushed forward and grabbed Shi Yumei’s arm, “Big Sister, what’s the matter here? Do you have to resort to violence?”

“What? Why don’t you ask what this woman did instead of putting the blame on me! Fengju, if you still want to regard me as your sister, then teach this woman a lesson for me today!” Shi Yumei took back her hand hatefully.

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“Sir, just give me the separation document! Give me the separation document!” Tears gushed out of Sang Wan’s eyes uncontrollably. She knew that regardless whether it was this life or her previous life, her life in the Shi household was destined to be tragic.

At all times, she was living precariously and extremely careful with Gu Fangzi around. Now, life had become even more unbearable with Shi Yumei who she could not afford to offend at all.

“At least you have some sense!” Shi Yumei sneered, “Separation document? You wish! Fengju, give her the divorce document! Divorce this unvirtuous woman! Isn’t the person that you want to marry Gu Fangzi? Divorce her and you can marry Gu Fangzi! That way, you can live happily and have a better life than the one now!”

“Big Sister!” Shi Fengju shouted, his face cold as ice. He stared at Shi Yumei sternly, “What rubbish are you saying! Sang Wan is my wife and I won’t divorce her!”

Sang Wan’s heart trembled, she bit her lips as her tears fell.

“You, how dare you shout at me?” Shi Yumei looked at Shi Fengju with disbelief, “You have never spoken to me this way. Today, you shouted at me for this woman! Good, good, hehe, looks like I’m the one in the wrong. You guys are a family, whereas I’m an outsider, I deserve to be bullied! Why did I even try to seek justice here! I should just hide in my room, cry quietly and suck up to the people who will pity me with a bowl of rice!”

Shi Yumei covered her face and ran out of the house, sobbing. Shi Fengju quickly instructed, “Quickly, stop her!”

“Eldest Miss!” All the servants came to their senses only a moment later and they rushed out shouting, but they were too late

Shi Fengju creased his eyebrows. This sister of his was stepping out of line these days, she must have gone to Mother to complain again.

“Sang Wan,” Shi Fengju held her shoulders and said gently, “Don’t cry, I am so sorry, I let you down again! Don’t cry, don’t cry!”

Sang Wan pushed him away vigorously and wiped her tears, “Sir, separation or divorce, you decide. What can I do as a woman? I can’t stand being in this household anymore!”

“No!” Shi Fengju’s heart ached. He stretched out his arm and pulled Sang Wan into his embrace, holding her closely without letting her go, “I am not going to divorce or separate with you! Sang Wan, please don’t raise this up again!”

Sang Wan could not struggle out of his embrace, and she pinched his waist frantically without mercy. Shi Fengju clenched his teeth from the pain but hugged her even more tightly. How he wished he could embed her into his body. He spoke between his teeth, “Sang Wan, you can be angry and hit me or scold me, but I won’t ever let you leave!”

Sang Wan let down her hands placidly, and she cried, “Do you really enjoy seeing me getting bullied? One is your sister and the other is your cousin. What do you want me to do!”

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju sighed and said, “Tell me, what exactly happened here. Sang Wan, I will help you to seek justice.”

“How many times can you help me?” Sang Wan said coldly, “Don’t tell me you are going to guard me everyday. If you do, I will end up in an even worse situation! You ask me what happened? You’d better ask your sister instead! I don’t know what rumours she heard, but she suddenly came over to make a big fuss!”

“Sang Wan, Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju patted her back softly and consoled her, “Sang Wan, you’re able to tell me that she heard some rumours. Doesn’t that mean this is only a misunderstanding, please don’t be angry. Okay? Sang Wan, be good. I promise to give you an answer. Be good, Sang Wan and don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Shi Fengju consoled her gently, but she was feeling so angry. For a moment, her mind was in a turmoil and she did not know what to say or do, she was so frustrated that her tears would not stop gushing out.

“Sang Wan, let’s go. Let’s go to Mother’s place.” Shi Fengju gently let go of her. He touched her face and wiped away her tears before smiling, “Okay, don’t be down anymore. Let’s go! I’m very sure that sister went to complain to Mother. We cannot let her spread false rumours and make wrong claims. Let’s go!”

Shi Fengju spoke and held her hand to bring her with him.

Seeing how Sang Wan was hesitating, Shi Fengju smiled and said, “Sang Wan, do you want to stay put and let everyone misunderstand you?”

Sang Wan was stunned: He was right. Disregarding everything else, she had to do herself justice; she must not be humiliated without any reason. If she doesn’t go over now, the truth would be moulded into whatever Shi Yumei wished.

“Let’s go! We have to be quick!” Shi Fengju saw how she seemed to be a little undecided and hurriedly pulled her along. Nanny Li, Zhide, and Liu Ya came along too.

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