Chapter 296: Macho Tenderness

The sounds of groaning were apparent in the quiet night. Xia Jinyuan, who originally had a smile on his face, upon hearing the groans, his smile instantly disappeared and reached her in a few steps.

“Sit down and show me your wound.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and switched on the flashlight on his helmet. Under the illumination, Ye Jian’s delicate beauty could be seen, and his elegant handsomeness could be seen, too.

Ye Jian didn’t have a chance to refuse and was seated on a rock with his help.

In the middle of the night, the rocks were icy. The temperature of the land without people during a night in August could reach sub-zero temperatures. If that weren’t the case, then phenomenons like blood spurts turning into blood droplets or bloody snow falling onto the ground wouldn’t have happened.

Very quickly, Xia Jinyuan realized that checking her body for wounds while she was sitting on an icy cold rock while a chilly wind was blowing wasn’t proper, and he laughed nervously, “I’m sorry, I’m used to being roughed up in boot camp. I’m still … um, not too good at taking care of girls. Forgive me.”

Those words were the truth.

It was as Han Zheng said, Xia Jinyuan was born in a reputable family. He had a humorous personality, but he always held himself back from relationships. The twenty-one-year-old Xia Jinyuan indeed was terrible at taking care of women.

How would Ye Jian allow him to care for her? Once his hands left, she immediately stood up, “There’s nothing too bad. I probably scraped myself somewhere. Aren’t you going to clean up? They’re all busy down there, you know.”

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“You’re not back yet, so how would I rest assured?” Her refusal caused Xia Jinyuan to smile, “Come, pick a choice. Do you want to be carried in my arms? Or on my back? Pick one of the two; there’s no third option.”

Ye Jian, “…” Why did he like to act so shamelessly in front of her?! She tightened her grip on her sniper rifle, turned her face away, and replied blandly, “There’s no need. I’ll walk on my own.”

This gave her such a headache. She wasn’t a fifteen-year-old girl, but whenever she had to deal with Xia Jinyuan, why could she never figure out what to do?

She couldn’t treat him with the cold face of indifference that she used to treat Ye Zifan’s whole family, and she couldn’t act too enthusiastic. All she wanted was to maintain a pure and platonic relationship with him, but … but he deliberately crossed the line every time!

No matter how smart Ye Jian was, she had zero experience and was a complete stranger about having relationships with the opposite sex. Faced with Major Xia, who always liked to act shamelessly from time to time and tease her, she had no idea how to deal with him.

“That won’t do. You were drawing cold breaths due to the pain with just one step. We’re still a few hundred meters away from the village, wouldn’t you be bombarded with pain with each step you take?” He smiled at the little lass who was always thinking of plans to refuse his approaches. Although his gazing eyes were clear and gentle, however, he revealed just enough of his manly strength, and spoke without crossing Ye Jian’s bottom line, “Little Fox, you only have two choices.”

Ye Jian raised her head and stared at him, the major, who had just finished a battle and hadn’t removed his helmet. The light illuminated herself and also illuminated his charming face that looked like that of a noble prince.

His face contours were perfect, and his pupils were bright; the depths of it contained a warmth that could drown a person. This Xia Jinyuan was currently dripping with a soldier’s expression of laborious feelings and macho tenderness.

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Her eyelids lightly drooped, and she laughed helplessly, “Captain Xia, I’m, for sure, picking the third option.”

“But I didn’t give you one.” Xia Jinyuan maintained a smile which she was the most familiar with: elegant, noble, and extremely dangerous. But when Ye Jian thought that he would continue to insist on his two options, the man, who had thoughts that often eluded her mind, spoke slowly, “However, I always respect ladies. Okay, tell me, what’s your third option?”

“Oh, I know what you’re gonna say. You’re going to walk by yourself, am I right?”

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