Chapter 290: Don’t Worry, You Have Me

The risk was relatively high when encountering second-level firepower mercenaries. Besides, there were around five people inside the tent and two outside. If they didn’t act quickly enough, there would undoubtedly be a gunfight once the mercenaries detected them.

Then, the safety of the 79 Tibetans in the entire village would be in jeopardy; they might even die.

“What’s your plan? If you need any help, please let me know. I’m familiar with this remote district. I used to carry out missions here for more than six years.”

Principal Chen’s words were awe-inspiring to Xia Jinyuan. Carrying out missions for six years in this remote district … According to Principal Chen’s qualifications, backtracking to the time when he was carrying out his missions, which was about seven to eight years ago, it was a chaotic period as people were fighting for the border.

G3’s voice resounded from inside. He was reporting the situation he had observed. After a few seconds, Xia Jinyuan replied, “Uncle Chen, the mercenaries don’t seem to be making a move now. It’s likely that they have already settled in the tent. We have about ten minutes to inform the herdsmen that are within 20 meters, in the front tents.”

“One more thing, we need to inform the Tibetans. Our guns aren’t equipped with silencers. Once we open fire, it’ll surely alarm the Tibetans. We don’t have much time. We must inform everyone within five minutes.”

Principal Chen had no objection to Xia Jinyuan’s plan. As he nodded, Ye Jian, who had already assembled two sniper rifles, walked out, “What can I do to help? I’ve assembled two sniper rifles, and I think they can help you out a bit.”

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Seeing her high spirits as she walked out with two sniper rifles in hand, Xia Jinyuan didn’t hold back, lifting his hand to pat her lightly on the head. He whispered, “You…” To her, danger surprisingly wasn’t something scary; it was … exciting.

“You don’t know the Tibetan language. So, sly little fox, your mission: Firstly, follow me to settle the other two mercenaries at the front; secondly, provide guard from high ground. If you see anyone coming out, kill them.”

Mercenaries? Is it … Ye Jian’s eyes shone, then without thinking twice, she said, “Mercenaries: rich combat experience, vicious and ruthless, and will fight for money. Then, can I assume that I can directly kill anyone that comes out with a gun? Of course, I’ll make sure that they aren’t the hostages.”

“Yes, besides the hostages, you can kill everyone.” Xia Jinyuan laughed at the excited Ye Jian. He pulled out two things from the first-aid bag and handed them to Principal Chen. “If you can light up the lamps, then do it first. It’ll allow us to see the setup inside. This is an anti-inflammatory drug and a hemostatic drug. They would need these.”

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After handing over the medicine, Xia Jinyuan’s low voice became much more cruel, “When we were chasing the enemy earlier, I spotted a herdsman that had already been killed. The anti-inflammatory drugs that he carried had been taken away by the mercenaries.”

This meant that some mercenaries had been injured, and drugs like anti-inflammatory drugs were needed urgently.

Upon learning that a herdsman had been killed, Principal Chen’s face darkened as he took the medicine. Glancing at the tent, he whispered, “Given the current situation, the mercenaries won’t carry out a massacre in the village for now. They’ll rest for the night and leave the next day.”

Would there be a massacre? Given the current situation, the likelihood of it was low. But would there be one after they were fully rested and were about to leave? No one knew, so this problem had to be resolved immediately.

Ye Jian’s lips tightened, and her black eyebrows wrinkled as she spoke to Xia Jinyuan, “Uncle Chen’s knee has been aching recently, so I’ll go…”

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