Chapter 289: Do My Best

“In this case, it is impossible for the five of us to perform the task of contacting the herdsmen, so only Ye Jian can go in, and the Uncle Chen she mentioned earlier…”

G3 lifted his gaze. He was about to express his opinion, but he was held back by J5, who gently shook his head, indicating that he should continue to listen to Q King Xia Jinyuan’s arrangement.

In terms of operational command, Q King indeed had talent that was incomparable to theirs.

As Xia Jinyuan adjusted the whole plan to be more perfect, Ye Jian, who was in the tent, stopped Principal Chen from igniting the oil lamp. She whispered, “I saw Captain Xia and the rest; there were five of them in total. Something bad might have happened in the village; the Tibetan Mastiffs at the outermost tent aren’t barking. Uncle Chen … Strangers have entered the village, and Captain Xia and his team are chasing them.”

“Now, they need to know how many herdsmen and tents there are in the village. I’m afraid we need your help. We also need to protect the safety of the herdsmen. Do you think we should inform the herdsmen so that they will be mentally prepared?”

Just as Xia Jinyuan thought, Ye Jian’s delicate thoughts had made their plan even more perfect and thorough.

Ye Jian was doing her best to help them. Although she didn’t quite understand who she was dealing with, from the serious attitude those few men from the military had, she determined that the enemies must be tricky … They might even possess firearms.

If there weren’t any firearms, Xia Jinyuan and the others wouldn’t have to be as careful and cautious.

Principal Chen had performed tasks in the Tibetan area before, so he immediately understood that the people who entered the village weren’t easy to deal with. He solemnly said, “It’s not a good thing to meet Captain Xia and his team here. The people that arrived here aren’t easy to deal with. Lass, prepare our equipment.”

The bag that carried the sniper rifle had always remained inside Ye Jian’s clothing luggage. After taking the bag out, Ye Jian, who had been well trained by Uncle Gen on how to feel the various parts of a gun, quickly assembled the rifle in the dark.

The rifle bolt, the case, the barrel, the grip, the butt … All the parts were quickly assembled to form the sniper rifle in less than a minute. Finally, the night vision scope was installed, and a sniper rifle that could function in the dark was constructed.

After finishing the readjustment of the plan, Xia Jinyuan and his comrades quickly found the second tent in the 9 o’clock direction. He sent a secret signal outside. Then, Principal Chen lifted up the curtain and walked out. “The lass is assembling the gun inside, how serious is the situation? Also, I was told that the village official’s wife in the outermost tent is injured, so it’s a bit troublesome for her to move.”

The official’s injured? No wonder there’s anti-inflammatory powder there!

Xia Jinyuan’s gaze slightly moved. He whispered, “There are a total of seven people, light weapons, three M4A1-XM carbine rifles, four Ingram M10 submachine guns, and one IMI Barak pistol per person. Second-level firepower.”

Xia Jinyuan didn’t hide these findings from Principal Chen. Since they needed Ye Jian’s help, it was a must to inform Principal Chen about the situation inside. “Uncle Chen, I want to know how many herdsmen and tents there are in the village.”

After listening to Principal Chen’s reply, Xia Jinyuan had a solemn expression as he spoke to his nearby comrades, “There are 14 tents, 72 herdsmen, 23 children, and 19 old people. It’s unrealistic to collectively transfer them as it’ll alarm the  mercenaries.”

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Mercenaries? Principal Chen’s gaze froze. He instantly knew that this matter was trickier to handle than the usual ones.

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