Chapter 288: Take Care Of My Back

Truthfully, Ye Jian wasn’t 100% confident to take part in the Xia team’s operation.

Just earlier, she could see the gap between her and them. She was subdued in just a moment, with no chance to escape.

Therefore, she should be more aware of her skills.

“You guys be careful. There are strangers in the tent, but they have disposed of the Tibetan Mastiffs that were guarding outside. I didn’t hear any gunshots or smell any blood … I suspect that some of the strangers are burying the Tibetan Mastiffs now.”

She was reminding them that there were still people outside. Her delicate reminder once more softened Xia Jinyuan’s heart.

He didn’t let Ye Jian leave immediately. He secretly gestured towards her, then both of them hid behind the Mani stones.

As soon as Ye Jian squatted down, she was guarded behind Xia Jinyuan’s left arm. This seemingly small action made her heart slightly tremble.

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He was an ambidextrous person, but she knew that his left arm was the more flexible one. His left arm’s shooting speed and attack strength were faster and more agile than his right arm.

Being protected behind his left arm was safer than being protected by the other. At the same time, Ye Jian had two shields in front of her: one was the Mani stones and the other was … his body.

“Hold this well.” Xia Jinyuan pulled out a 54 pistol from his combat gear. Then, in a low but joyful voice, he said, “You’re in charge of taking care of my back, you sly little fox.”

I’ll let her observe the surroundings with me for the time being. This is alright. Hey, I’ve no choice. Looking into her eyes, I really can’t bear to reject her.

Ye Jian raised her hand and gently pushed his left hand away. “I’ve got a gun. Before coming here, Principal Chen prepared a 54 pistol for me, and … a sniper rifle.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “I also have the bullets, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Ye Jian couldn’t possibly let Xia Jinyuan worry that she wasn’t well-equipped when he was protecting her.

This sly little fox would never be stubborn in front of him. Xia Jinyuan, who clearly understood the situation, smiled. He sneakily told G3 and K7 present in a nearby tent, “Two individuals are burying the Tibetan Mastiffs outside. How’s the situation on your side?”

“Q King, the situation isn’t good. There are four hostages.” G3’s cold voice sounded from his headset. “You can settle the two people there first, but be careful.”

Ye Jian waited for him to cut off the communication before she approached him to say, “I can go back to ask Principal Chen how many villagers and tents there are. How about you wait for me here while I go back and ask?”

It would be more favorable if they understood the situation of the village soon.

With Xia Jinyuan’s slight nod, Ye Jian’s figure disappeared into the darkness like a real wolf walking in the snowy mountains.

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Xia Jinyuan waited for Ye Jian to leave safely, then he held his gun and moved closer to Han Zheng and the rest.

“Ye Jian will be cooperating with us to find out how many people and tents there are in the village. We have to slightly change our plan now.” The scattered team gathered together; they needed a more detailed plan. And at the same time, they had to ensure the safety of all herdsmen.

“They also have a lot of bullets. If they decide to fight with us, the consequences will be brutal.” Xia Jinyuan was tender in front of Ye Jian, but when facing the enemy, he was fierce and cold, filled with bloodlust. His eyes turned cold as he whispered,  “First, check the situation inside the tent. Make sure that one person enters the tent to protect the hostages.”

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