Chapter 287: Hey, My Wild Little Fox

However, it was impossible to kick him! His title as the Almighty King wasn’t achieved easily. He could flirt with other ladies, but his eyes … were like lightning, observing every corner.

He flirted as he kept guard of his surroundings. Doing both of this at the same time was a considerably difficult task. It was true that only the Almighty King could do it.

G3 glanced at him and Ye Jian as he pondered. Single men like us … Is it because we’re usually not rogue enough or bad enough, girls don’t look for us?

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What if during my day off, I switched to a tough guy style and walked like a rogue?

But I guess it’s impossible to learn and exhibit the kind of roguish behavior Q King has when he pursues girls.

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Besides, it would surely be impossible to find … another sly girl like his girl, so there’s no point to think about this boring matter!

Ye Jian wasn’t as thick-skinned as Xia Jinyuan, so her face turned completely red after being substantially glanced a few times!

Her fist fell on Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder. “Xia Jinyuan, I’ll get angry if you don’t get up soon!” Gently and quietly, her breath was like a blue orchid, touching the tip of his nose, vaguely attracting others.

“Yeah, I’m getting up, I’m getting up. Of course, I must get up. There, I’m standing up now. Oh, I actually get to see you here, at such a faraway place. I’m overjoyed. I think I’ve gone crazy,” Xia Jinyuan slyly replied. His eagle eyes never relaxed as they stared at the tent in front of them that had slight movements coming from it.

His slow movement when he got up made Ye Jian once again feel like kicking him, but she calmed herself and asked gently, “Why did you guys sneak into the village? This is a remote district. Only herdsmen live here. Did something happen?”

Upon asking if there was anything wrong, her eyes shone with a dazzling light that was brighter than the stars.

“You want to know?” Finally getting up, Xia Jinyuan half-squatted on the ground and observed the surroundings. He took a glance at Ye Jian, who clearly wanted to follow him. Then, a smile appeared on his refined and handsome face, “Well, no can do. The people in there aren’t the same men whom we encountered last time.”

Some things just couldn’t be exposed easily.

Ye Jian simply twitched her lips and nodded, without further concerning herself with the issue.

“Good.” She’s so obedient to me, like a cub looking for a hug to ease her heart. Xia Jinyuan’s heart softened as he raised his hand and lightly patted her head.

The iron-like him had poured all his tenderness to this obedient lass in front of him. “Go back first. I’ll meet you later.”

In actual fact, the sharp Ye Jian could vaguely guess that the people with Xia Jinyuan were most likely to be from a special team, just by seeing them how well-equipped they were. In addition, during the meeting she had had with Han Zheng last year, he had vaguely mentioned this to her.

After more than a year of training, Ye Jian, who knew more now, immediately understood the situation. The special team was different from other troops. Even if she had seen them in action, it didn’t mean that she could ask why they were here.

So … Captain Xia was flattering himself too much.

“At nine o’clock in my direction, the third tent with a Tibetan prayer flag. I’ll be there if you need me.” Ye Jian didn’t delay Han Zheng and the other four men. They had already started the operation, so she couldn’t hold Xia Jinyuan back any longer.

He didn’t stop me during the dangerous operation in Australia previously. This time … He had directly rejected Ye Jian in a light-hearted manner. This meant that the risk was higher than what it was in Australia.

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