Chapter 286: Restrain yourself, Mr. Xia

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Three people to stop her! What nonsense! J5 also seemed to be someone who only knew how to spout nonsense. How she wished she could just stick the lips of these two people together with tape!

Surprisingly, it was the truth. J5 and Han Zheng both spoke rather worthless words; therefore, they were the ones drinking and singing usually, causing their other brothers to retreat and leave them alone.

Han Zheng released his hand and immediately stood on alert with K7. Upon hearing Ye Jian softly asking whether she had injured Xia Jinyuan with her kick, he spoke out of habit, “Little miss, you’re still caring about whether he’s hurt. Why don’t you care about yourself a little, too?”

D*mn, why was there a hint of jealousy? … He hadn’t had anyone’s care for him for more than a year already.

The two of them couldn’t match Xia Jinyuan in terms of wordplay. Not only did he, who was always shameless in front of Ye Jian, not get up, but the hand covering her mouth also gently stroked her, and chuckled softly, “Why? Are you jealous? Keep your little thoughts to yourself. The little fox has yet to retract her fangs. I’m afraid if I let go, my little fox might start biting people again.”

“Previously, I was bitten before.”

Bitten last time? Even the calm and collected G3 paused to blink. It has been at least one year since you’ve been bitten, you beast! A year ago, the girl was even smaller!

Ye Jian didn’t initially have any other thoughts. With regards to this dangerous but elegant man, meeting again after a year … to her, it was as though they had reverted to becoming strangers.

…On top of the fact that the situation just now was a little different. He was pressing on her to control her, so how could she possibly have sensual thoughts?

But now that they had said such things, Ye Jian’s face turned red uncontrollably. She hadn’t calmed down yet, but almost immediately, he wiped his thumb on her face. Ye Jian felt as though her brain had just gone “boom” and burst into flames. In front of so many others, she felt so awkward that she wanted to burrow a hole and hide in it.

Xia Jinyuan, even if the others can’t see your tiny actions, I’m still aware of them!

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Afraid of a misunderstanding, and shocked by his little actions, Ye Jian protested, “If it doesn’t hurt, then get up quickly! Did you not hear what they said?”

She twisted her body slightly. However, Xia Jinyuan used his two legs to lock onto Ye Jian’s legs, pretending not to hear what she said, and continued speaking while seemingly laughing, “Don’t make any sudden moves, little fox.”

To Han Zheng and J5, who were closest to him, he whispered, “Not your little fox, it’s our little fox. You can just shout her name, be polite, but don’t speak as though you’re very close to her. She only knows me. Understand?”

Ye Jian’s face started to get hotter. Glaring at him, she barked, “Quickly, you’re heavy!” His little fox? Since when did she become a fox? “Quickly, they’re all looking!”

If he wasn’t going to get up, the little fox was going to be angry, how saddening. He had missed her over this past year. The joy brought from this sudden meeting caused his feelings to blossom like flowers in spring.

What a shame, with one look of the little fox, he could tell that she didn’t miss him one bit.

Major Xia, who was deep in thought, demonstrated through his extremely slow movements how unwilling he was to get up.

Even K7, who was disinterested in most things, was looking at them with interest.

Tsk tsk, Xia Jinyuan has started to become disobedient … He had an uncontrollable urge to kick him.

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