Chapter 285: She’s My Little Fox

When she recognised Han Zheng’s voice during her struggle, her heart jumped for a second.

It was also this second that gave Xia Jinyuan, who was clinging on to her ankle, a chance to retaliate. He murmured a word, “offend” before he pinned Ye Jian with his entire body, his hand covering her mouth tightly.

Ye Jian, “…” You guys, at the least, have to let me say something, don’t you?

In the eyes of the 5 members of the Elite Platoon, however, it was that they finally subdued this retaliating Tibetan girl who had the aggression of a beast.

She was crushed; she was covered. Ye Jian, who was heavily pinned, saw two shadows wearing battle helmets appear in her vision; familiar attire, familiar breath … pinning her to the ground … familiar people.

Ye Jian, whose mouth was covered, let out sounds of “wuwuwu”, meaning, “Xia Jinyuan, let go.”

Just as Ye Jian found out who the person pinning her was, Xia Jinyuan, too, found out…

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At this instant, Xia Jinyuan wanted to let go, but at the same time couldn’t bear to let go.

So close … Her light yet fragrant scent, like flowers brushing across the tip of his nose, made his heart beat quickly, inducing his nerves.

This second, he wanted to grab on tightly to that scent, so how could he bear to let go so quickly?

Furthermore, this was the second time that he had pinned the little fox under his body, as for feelings … It had to be mentioned, she had developed pretty well from when he last saw her a year ago, especially in her chest area … He was wearing a combat uniform while she was wearing a Tibetan chuba … Yet, he could still feel the softness.

“Little fox, you couldn’t have given me a bigger surprise.” Xia Jinyuan’s eyebrows raised lightly. A gentle glow was present in his dark eyes under the starry sky. It was as though a star had fallen into his eyes, shimmering with a gentle light. He grinned, “We meet in a very special way. Five people to capture just you alone, young lady. You’ve hurt our pride.”

As soon as he started talking, K7, who was on alert, had his attention diverted a little. Little fox? Who?

Han Zheng shuddered in the dark … Damn, so cheesy! What do you mean by ‘little fox’, why not little girlfriend?

“Q King, that’s enough, do you not see that we’re all here? Can you get up first? Pinning a girl down, can you be more aware of your behavior? You don’t feel ashamed, but she does! A fine lass getting crushed by an old man like you. You’re taking advantage of her!”

Continuing, “My sister, you could have just spoken some Mandarin.” Han Zheng let out a long sigh, letting go of Ye Jian’s shoulder, “Little sister, what are you doing running out here in the middle of the night instead of sleeping.”

“I thought that the call of the Tibetan Mastiff was a little weird, so I came out to have a look,” Ye Jian was starting to get a little embarrassed, continuing softly, and asked Xia Jinyuan, “Does your shoulder hurt? I was quite forceful with that kick just now. Try moving your shoulder and see if there’s any injury to your bones.”

She was a little upset. How would she know that it was Xia Jinyuan and company who had entered the village? If she’d known, sigh … Wait, something’s not right. If they’re still here, then who was the person in the tent? It couldn’t have been one of them, could it?

However, to have run into him at this place was indeed an accidental surprise.

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J5 also reacted, and after letting out a quiet “oh”, he released his hand and whispered slowly, “Little fox? Nah, more like little snow wolf. You were so aggressive – it was to the point that it needed three of us to stop you.”

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