Chapter 230: Xiahou Shi

Chapter 230: Xiahou Shi

Not bothering about the figure in the front, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist maintained his own tempo and carried on running.

After passing the second stage of the Star Road, Li Fuchen’s body had even more Star Road energy now.

If the first stage provided one portion of Star Road energy, the second stage provided two portions of Star Road Energy, making it a total of three portions.

With these three portions of Star Road energy supporting Li Fuchen’s body, he could feel the bottleneck at the 4th level Earth Realm loosening incredibly. If it was steel in the beginning, it had now become brick.

Li Fuchen had a feeling that as long as he spent some time, he would advance to the 4th level of Earth Realm in a short period of time.

What was the concept of advancing to the 4th level of Earth Realm? With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and the Black Iron Sword Essence, every increase in his cultivation level was a huge improvement for Li Fuchen’s ability, it was an explosive kind of improvement. When the time came for him to try out the three floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, it would be as simple as having a meal or drinking some water.

A few kilometers might not be far, but it wasn’t entirely near either. Li Fuchen’s speed might be slightly faster, but was impossible to catch up in a short period of time.

Especially when the qi field of the Star Road grew stronger as Li Fuchen ran further down the Star Road.

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It began as a gale, but it was gradually becoming a violent gale now.

For a regular person, it was already difficult enough to walk in a violent gale, let alone running.

Li Fuchen was not at the state where he found it difficult to walk, but running was indeed rather strenuous for him, causing him to decrease his speed again.

Although Li Fuchen’s speed was dropping fast, the figure at the front was becoming slower at a faster pace.

When Li Fuchen caught up with him, that individual spoke, “I am Xiahou Shi, a clansman of the Xiahou Clan. May I know which sect did this sire come from?”

“Xiahou Clan? Is it the Doulin Clan?” Li Fuchen asked.

Xiahou Shi nodded, “Yes it is.”

“A clansman of the Doulin Clan. I am Li Fuchen, Azure Water Sect’s disciple.”

Li Fuchen didn’t need to guess to know about it. Since this person was a clansman of the Doulin Clan, then he was definitely one of the Doulin Ten Greats.

Even if the Doulin Clan was an influential force at the pinnacle, a regular clansman would never be able to come to the third segment of the Star Road.

Only the Doulin Ten Greats had this level of potential.

Among the Doulin Ten Greats, there might not be any 6 star bone frames, but there were two heaven defying 5 star bone frames.

Xiahou Shi’s cultivation was at the 6th level of Earth Realm, which wasn’t high. Hence, it made his potential even more prominent.

Li Fuchen estimated that he should be one of the two heaven defying 5 star bone frames of the Doulin Ten Greats.

As a heaven defying 5 star bone frame and at the same cultivation level, Xiahou Shi was much superior when compared to Emotionless Sword Xue Feng. It might even be possible for him to instantly kill Xue Feng.

“Azure Water Sect, huh?” Xiahou Shi was trying his best to search for information of the Azure Water Sect in his mind.

In just a few blinks of the eye, Xiahou Shi recalled something regarding the Azure Water Sect.

The Azure Water Sect was just a regular sect, but there was a slightly more superior sect beside them called Heaven Fiend Sect. But when compared to the Doulin Clan, they were still much more inferior.

“A disciple from the Azure Water Sect. It’s my honor to finally meet one!” Xiahou Shi laughed and had on this passionate expression.

‘Why is this person filled with such pretense?’ Li Fuchen frowned in his heart.

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His manner of speech might seem to be passionate, but with Li Fuchen’s acute senses, he was able to use a single glance to differentiate between a real passion and fake passion.

Sensing that Xiahou Shi might have ulterior motives, Li Fuchen had a short conversation with him and didn’t say anything else.

But, it was obvious that Xiahou Shi wasn’t going to let him off, “Li xiong, since you are able to come to the third segment of the Star Road. You must have some kind of artifact on you. Why not let me take a look? Don’t worry, I will not tell anyone. I, Xiahou Shi has always kept my promises, you don’t have to worry about this point.”

Li Fuchen replied indifferently, “The Star Road Hidden Domain has such mystical powers. Would there be any kind of artifact that allows you to cheat? Xiahou xiong must be kidding.”

Xiahou Shi replied, “It seems like Li xiong still doesn’t trust me. This isn’t good. On the path of martial dao, an additional friend is an additional arm to assist. We should be open to making more friends and not selfishly hug on to a treasure by ourselves. I believe that Li xiong understands what I am saying.”

Li Fuchen knitted his brows, “I don’t have any artifact. Xiahou xiong can choose not to believe me.”

“Keke. It seems like Li xiong truly doesn’t have any artifact. If that is the case, I shall believe Li xiong.” Xiahou Shi’s expression didn’t change. He continued, “If Li xiong is able to step on the third segment of the Star Road without any artifacts, it is truly admirable. If there is an opportunity, let’s have a drink together. I am willing to make Li xiong a friend.”

Li Fuchen spoke half-heartedly, “Xiahou xiong is too polite.”

“Eh? Someone is catching up from behind. Seems like it is a lively day at the Star Road Hidden Domain!” Xiahou Shi turned back to look.

Hearing as such, Li Fuchen turned around to have a look too.


Suddenly, Xiahou Shi sent a punch towards Li Fuchen.

This fist contained a resplendent yellow qi and looked extremely ferocious and dominant. It felt like it could crush mountains and split boulders.

Xiahou Shi naturally didn’t have the intention to be friends with Li Fuchen.

When he started off by asking Li Fuchen’s sect, he was afraid that Li Fuchen might have a strong backing and if he wasn’t able to kill Li Fuchen, he might stir up a lot of troubles.

Afterwards, he asked whether Li Fuchen had any artifact to assist him.

If Li Fuchen had any, then there was nothing else to say. He would definitely make a move to kill Li Fuchen and plunder that artifact.

But if Li Fuchen didn’t have any artifact, then all the more reason for him to kill Li Fuchen.

If a mere 3rd level Earth Realm was able to come to the third segment of the Star Road, he must definitely be of king class potential.

There were plenty of king class potential individuals in the East Unicorn Continent, but most of them were now martial experts. And… there weren’t many youths that had a king class potential.

To him, it was better to have lesser of them.

This fist had his entire strength put behind it and it was extremely fast. One his fist was executed, a biting cold fist intent locked onto Li Fuchen.

A fist that was executed by a 6th level Earth Realm like him, was sufficient to kill anyone that was weaker than him, let alone a sneak attack.

He believed that Li Fuchen was dead for sure.

Grinning evilly, Xiahou Shi could see the image of Li Fuchen being penetrated by the fist.


This fist struck nothing but air. The yellow punch force was like a furious dragon that rushed forth. The fist intent exploded only at this moment.

Li Fuchen was like a phantom that suddenly skimmed to the front.

Turning around, Li Fuchen said in a cold and detached tone, “I knew you were going to sneak an attack on me. It was as expected.”

When Xiahou Shi mentioned that there was someone behind, his senses told him there was nobody behind them. He had just pretended to turn around and go along with Xiahou Shi’s plan.

Why did he need to pretend? It was to test the opposition.

He wanted to see on his judgment of a person’s character.

Failing to kill Li Fuchen in a single punch, Xiahou Shi let out a faint smile like it was nothing, “Li xiong is truly a cautious person. You have been guarding against me since the beginning. That isn’t the way to treat a guest.”

“If I didn’t guard against you, I would be dead just now.”

“Perhaps I am just playing around with Li xiong. How would you have known that I already predicted that you would be able to dodge it and I was just testing your potential.”

“I am not worth your effort. Farewell.”

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to speak to him anymore. There wasn’t a need to.

Of course, he didn’t think that Xiahou Shi’s nature was shadowy, hence, would destined to become a minor character.

The future achievement was not related to a person’s nature.

Some people with a ruthless nature would still be able to become a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

There were some hypocrites that were able to become Reincarnation Realm martial artist too.

One’s future achievements was related to the conviction in the martial dao. As long as one had a strong conviction in the martial dao, even a devil would be able to pry into the great dao.

Which was why, in the eyes of Li Fuchen, Xiahou Shi was a dangerous individual.

This kind of individual liked to talk cheerfully and wittily. They were able to kill like it was nothing and were able to laugh it out even if they failed a sneak attack. He was most definitely an abnormal person.

But even if the enemy was cunning, Li Fuchen wasn’t stupid either.

He had to make himself invulnerable, and these dangerous individuals served to temper him.

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