Chapter 231: Star Road Anomaly

Slightly increasing his speed, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist gradually got rid of Xiahou Shi.

Xiahou Shi grinned and laughed softly, “If I can kill him, my martial dao conviction and fate would be even stronger right?”

Legends state that when killing a prodigy, you would rob the opponent’s fate. There was no way to prove this saying, but plenty of people believed in it firmly.

Xiahou Shi was one of them.

There were a number of individuals with king class potential in the East Unicorn Continent. If he wanted to ascend to the pinnacle, he had to kill a prodigy that had an extreme potential. With sufficient kills, he would sooner or later surpass those 6-star bone frames and heaven defying 5-star bone frames, becoming the king of all prodigies.

The formidable Star Road qi field was causing Li Fuchen’s speed to gradually become slower.

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If there were separate classes in a violent gale. The current Star Road qi field was just like a violent gale that was similar to a flash flood, strong enough to cause a person so sway unsteadily. If it was a frail individual, they would be trying to swim and escape the flood, making it impossible to sprint.

Enduring the ‘violent gale’, Li Fuchen was running slowly, every step was filled with resolution and force.

Traces of sweat began to soak his clothes.

Unconsciously, the visibly fatigued Li Fuchen arrived at the third stage of the Star Road, the third isolated island.

The first stage of the Star Road was the Roar of Thunder, the second stage was the Eyes of Mist, while this third stage was the Saber of Will.

A person with a weak spirit would immediately faint from a single cleave of the Saber of Will.

It would be straightforward and there would be no room for a struggle.

As Li Fuchen took his first step onto the isolated island, a formidable pressure rushed into the sky and congealed.

From the responses of Li Fuchen’s spirit will, a saber appeared in the void, a phantom saber.


When the saber cleaved downwards, Li Fuchen felt his spirit will violently distorting.

‘It seems like a high cultivation level is useless in this place. It is entirely reliant on one’s ability to withstand one’s spirit will.’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

The Saber of Will still wasn’t able to deal with him, it might be possible if the power was increased by two folds.

Resisting the Saber of Will, Li Fuchen saw another Monument of Names.

Similar to the Monument of Names at the second stage, only those that arrived here on their first attempt were qualified to leave their names on this third stage Monument of Names. If it was the martial artist’s second attempt, they wouldn’t be able to see this Monument of Names.

At this third stage Monument of Names, there were less than half of the markings compared to the second stage. There were only a few of those from the second group that could be found here.

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Although the markings were less, there were more groups now, a total of five groups.

The first two groups were mostly those from the first group of the second stage monument. The latter three groups were mostly from the second group of the second stage monument.

Which meant to say that the Monument of Names on the third stage sorted the markings more delicately. This was the place where the gaps between prodigies would be displayed.

The Brush of Names appeared and Li Fuchen drew the outline of his own ‘Sword’ mark.

Once the ‘Sword’ mark was formed, it flew towards the Monument of Names.

Fifth group, fourth group, third group…

First group.

As expected, Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark flew onto the first group. Apart from the dimmed marks on the first group, there were only a few dozen marks that were still bright. Among those bright marks, there was only less than ten of them which belonged to the young generation.

Perhaps those marks felt the existence of Li Fuchen, as those young generation marks began to attack Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark.

But the ‘Sword’ mark made by Li Fuchen wasn’t an easy target. Releasing its prowess, it repelled all of the attacking marks.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Li Fuchen’s potential surpassed all the owners of those marks as a single individual.

The main reason was that Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark was just branded and was still forceful. What’s more, Li Fuchen was still here.

The struggle lasted for a split moment.

After that split moment, as Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark took its position, radiating brightly on the Monument of Names. At this same moment, there was a bolt of golden lightning that flashed in the starry skies of the Star Road.

This golden lightning was unfathomable. In the tens of thousands of kilometers of the Star Road, the golden lightning swept across it, appearing in everyone’s vision. That tyrannical pressure caused everything to tremble with fear.

“What happened?”

Han Feng who was still struggling on the third segment of the Star Road lifted his head and was stupefied to see the skies covered by the golden lightning.

“Could it be him again?”

“Impossible. We are not the only ones venturing Star Road. There must be others, it cannot be him.” Han Feng immediately shook his head and denied this thought.

Different from Han Feng, Xiahou Shi was certain that it was Li Fuchen.

“Star Road Anomaly. He is actually able to trigger the Star Road Anomaly. This person must be killed.”

Xiahou Shi licked his lips, while a flash of horrifying killing intent flashed in his eyes.

According to what he knew of, only those that branded their marks on the first group of the third stage Monument of Names would trigger the Star Road Anomaly. Which meant to say that Li Fuchen’s mark was in the first group.

First group. Xiahou Shi didn’t even know if he could put his mark into the first group.

But it didn’t matter, the potential was ultimately just a potential, he would take everything back.

Four more portions of Star Road energy surged into his body. Li Fuchen now had seven portions of Star Road energy.

Seven portions of Star Road energy had such power. Li Fuchen felt that even the bottleneck for the 5th level of Earth Realm began to loosen, there was now a crack in the bottleneck of the 4th level of the Earth Realm.

Now that the crack appeared, it meant that Li Fuchen could breakthrough it at any time.

“I will see to it once I exit from this place.”

The Star Road was too dangerous and Li Fuchen didn’t want to breakthrough in this place. To him, even if he advanced by one level in his cultivation level, it wouldn’t be beneficial to him on the Star Road.

Spirit will and cultivation. Li Fuchen’s spirit will be of more importance right now, hence his cultivation level didn’t matter unless he could advance by two levels which might provide some help.

‘The fourth segment of the Star Road. I wonder how violent it would be!’ Li Fuchen looked at the fourth segment of the Star Road ahead.

This segment of the Star Road looked somewhat different.

It was dusky and dark, even the air looked like it was distorting, just like a road towards hell.

To a regular person, courage was needed to take a step onto the fourth segment of the Star Road.

Not long after Li Fuchen passed the third stage of the Star Road, Xiahou Shi arrived too.

Resisting the Saber of Will, Xiahou Shi began to form his mark for the Monument of Names.

Once the mark was formed, it flew towards the Monument of Names.

Xiahou Shi had this smiling expression. His mark was actually branded onto the second group, it didn’t make it to the first group.

“Interesting, interesting!” Xiahou Shi lifted his head and looked at the first group.

There were only a few dozen marks that were still bright. Among them was this huge ‘Sword’ mark that attracted Xiahou Shi’s gaze.

Staring at this ‘Sword’ mark, Xiahou Shi reached out his right hand and wiped his neck.


“Such a violent Star Road qi field.”

Walking on the fourth segment of the Star Road, Li Fuchen felt like he was walking through a hurricane.

A violent gale might be strong, but it wasn’t enough to make a person fly, while a hurricane could.

This horrific hurricane wasn’t merely able to send a person flying, it could break trees and destroy houses.

The strength of the Star Road qi field here was two folds stronger than that of the third segment of the Star Road, which meant that it was eight folds that of the first segment’s. Moreover, the beginning of a segment of the Star Road was two folds weaker than the ending of the segment.

Li Fuchen didn’t know if he could reach the end of the fourth segment, but he was going to give everything he had.

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